Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1223: The mob is still hunting down the lucky winner-in-life

In the central plaza, students from other schools watched as Raizen High students rushed past them with malicious looks. They exchanged confused looks as they didn't know why the Raizen High boys are out for blood.

When the mob rushed past a certain stall, two individuals poked out their heads to scan the environment. After confirming no Raizen High male students are around, the couple sighed in relief.


Wu Yan sighed.

"I know you don't mind but why did you have to call me 'Darling' in front of so many people?!"

"Maa Maa..."

Miku giggled like a happily-wed wife.

"Since it's a term of endearment, I figured I should use it whenever I can..."

"Can you change it?"

"Of course... no!"

Miku puffed her cheeks.

"Darling is Darling, I won't trade Darling for anyone!"

"I just told you to change the term, not me..."



Wu Yan sighed. He looked at Miku's mask.

"Still, why are you wearing a mask?"

"Hehe, you like it?"

Miku posed in a cute posture while pointing at her mask.

"Cute, right?"

"Yeah, I guess..."

Wu Yan wanted to say Miku looked super cute, instead, he scratched his cheek.

"Did you wear it just because it looks cute?"

"That is part of the reason. I saw the masks at the stalls and since we are at the Tenou Festival, we might as well wear masks..."

Miku turned bitter.

"Actually, the main reason is that without this mask, people would recognize me and I will drown in my sea of fans."

Wu Yan realized how Miku is still a super popular idol despite her mask.

If she caused a commotion with her mask on, imagine the chaos that will ensue if she takes off her mask.

Wu Yan started sweating hard.

"Maa, I don't really care about getting busted."

Miku smiled. She tilted her head at Wu Yan.

"I just didn't want other people to interfere with my lovely date with my beloved Darling."

Miku thought of something, she hammered her palm.

"Right, how about you wear a mask too? I am going to go find a mask that pairs well with this one!"

"No need."

Wu Yan yanked Miku back.

"That might reduce our problems but I am not that famous. Just be careful, don't expose your identity. I don't care about the fallout but I don't want you to be the victim of scandals."

"I see..."

Miku pursed her lips in disappointment. She wanted to wear a fitting mask with Wu Yan.

Miku psyched herself up in an instant. She glomped Wu Yan's arm.

"Okay, since we are short on time, let's enjoy the Tenou Festival!"

Wu Yan can't help but muse out loud when he saw Miku's energetic smile.

"I still remember the first time we met, you attacked me instantly, you hated men so much back then..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Look at you, sticking to me like glue, the contrast just feels so weird..."


Miku stored her smile away. She also mumbled while traveling down Memory Lane.

"If only I sensed Darling's warmth and kindness back then, that would have made me so happy..."

Miku lowered her head apologetically after glancing at Wu Yan through the slits meant for eyes on her mask.

"I am sorry for back then..."

"Don't worry about it, I am not holding that against you..."

Wu Yan rubbed her on her pretty purple head.

"Miku was a selfish kid back then but she's all grown up now. I can forgive the actions of a pouty kid."

Miku allowed Wu Yan to rub her with his big warm hands. She smiled radiantly.

Miku knows what Wu Yan meant by selfishness and growing up. She felt her feelings for Wu Yan growing stronger by the minute. She hugged Wu Yan's arms tightly while placing her head against his shoulder.

"Ah, there they are!"

A shout came from behind the flirty couple.

Wu Yan and Miku turned around to see Raizen High students standing in the street opposite them.


Wu Yan wanted to cry.

Miku also backed away in surprise. This move caused Wu Yan to temporarily lose balance.



Miku felt someone pressing down on her. The two fell in a manner that looked like Wu Yan is pushing Miku down on the street. The couple embraced as they fell.


Wu Yan managed to cover the back of Miku's head before they fell. He frantically yelled at her.

"Y-you okay?!"


Miku isn't used to Wu Yan being this up close and personal with her. She blushed while fidgeting.

"Darling, we are still outside. If you want to do it we can always go find a quiet place and..."

"No no no! I didn't try to do anything! You pulled me!"

Wu Yan facepalmed. He stood up before pulling Miku back to her feet.

Then, one of the guys in the mob squad yelled.

"Th-that is... Miku-sama!"


They searched their memories for this name. Their eyes widened when they came up with the results.

Wu Yan also realized that Miku is missing her mask. It flew to the side when they tripped and fell.


Miku also realized this a second too late. Her gasp summoned the mob back into reality.

"Miku! that's Miku! Izayoi Miku!"

"No way, that's her?!"

"Holy shit, I am her biggest fan!"

"Yeah, she's real! I memorized her look when I saw her on TV last night, that's her!"

"She is also in Rindouji High uniform, that's her alright!"

"It's Miku..."

Loud murmuring echoed throughout the area.

Wu Yan grabbed the mask and he put it on himself.

Crap, I can't let them see me...

Wu Yan grabbed Miku's hand. He swung her around in a Princess-carry as he dashed away.

"Ah! Don't run!"

Now, students from other schools joined the mob squad.

"Kya! Darling! You're so handsome right now!"

Miku screamed in elation as she wrapped her arms around Wu Yan's neck. This is despite the mob pursuing them from behind.

Miku moaned out loud.

"Don't call me Darling in front of so many people!"

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