Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1230: A beast? Another bi?

In the dawn, the cold of last night lingered.

The sun is just showing its brilliance while a few stars still defiantly glittered in the sky. The trees are dowsed in sparkling dews, waiting for the golden sun to rain down its golden radiance.

With the sun dying the dawn red and yellow, countless homes in Tengu City started cooking as plumes of smoke could be seen coming out from their vents.

In the Itsuka residence, Shiori is usually the one who wakes up first to make food. After Shiori dragged Kurumi and Tohka into her last-minute preparations for the final day of the festival, the three stayed the night at a student's house near the school.

Yoshino also slept with Reine after shopping an entire day. Lastly, Kotori slept in Fraxinus. Hence, the Itsuka residence is weirdly quiet given the absence of most of its residents.

As for the members who slept here last night, they only woke up after bashing uglies till late last night.

When the intense sunlight hit the window and reflected the light of day onto the messy bed and the three figures tangled up with one another in very suggestive poses, one could easily tell what they were up to late last night.

Wu Yan's eyelids twitched as he stirred into consciousness. He tried to stretch only to touch soft objects. Specifically, he touched the meat howitzers of his women from last night.

Wu Yan immediately woke up as he looked down near his chest. There are two beautiful ladies wearing nothing but their birthday suits tuckered away near his chest.

Wu Yan grabbed his face as he recalled what he did to them last night.

"Right, I banged both Yuzuru and Kaguya."

He bitterly laughed as he revealed a proud smile.


Someone moaned. Wu Yan almost felt carnal flames enveloping him once more when he heard the charming voice. Yuzuru woke up as she took Wu Yan's left side as her pillow and heater.

Her long eyelashes twitched before her mesmerizing eyes revealed themselves to the world once more. She glanced at Wu Yan, after brief consternation, her eyes widened in shock.


Wu Yan grinned as he greeted the well-endowed twin.


Yuzuru blinked as she looked between Wu Yan, herself, and Kaguya who slept next to her. Her face turned red immediately. She used the blanket to hide herself from view.

Wu Yan liked what he saw. He nudged her blanket while teasing her.

"Hmm? Isn't it a little too late to feel embarrassed?"

She replied from within the blanket.

"Anger and shame, Yuzuru was defiled by the beast. I can't get married anymore."


Wu Yan gasped.

"Look, maybe I went down on you girls quite hard but isn't it a bit harsh to call me a beast?"

Yuzuru explained herself.

"Complain, Yuzuru wasn't describing Master's action as those of beasts, Master's performance was akin to beasts..."


"Exclamation, you took Kaguya and Yuzuru at the same time..."

Yuzuru moved around inside the blanket. Wu Yan felt someone caressing his stiff Johnny.

"In the end, not only did Master play us like a fiddle, Master is apparently still not satisfied with his tool of procreation still standing mightily. You're like a voracious beast!"


Wu Yan isn't sure whether he should be proud or annoyed. Yuzuru is still grabbing his Longinus.

"Well, it's morning and when we talk about morning, there's that..."

"You mean this is normal during mornings?"

Yuzuru peeked out from within the blanket.

"I thought Master hated waking up and is always plagued by lethargy upon awakening?"

"We are talking about two types of energetic here..."

Wu Yan explained.

"It seems you girls didn't learn much from those special educational videos..."

"Special educational videos?"

Yuzuru flinched for a second. Then, she realized what Wu Yan was referring to. She blushed before lowering her head.

"Embarrassment, Master is so ecchi..."


Wu Yan quipped.

"Hey, I am not the one who bought those videos and played them in the living room."

"Anger, Master is still a big perv..."

Yuzuru looked at Kaguya who is blissfully sleeping with a healthy shade of red on her face. Yuzuru got a bit jealous.

"Yuzuru is fine for now but I can't believe you sullied Kaguya when I was on the phone with Miku. You relished yourself with her slender body, tore her clothes and took her purity away. How I envy you... how I hate you..."

"Okay, let's make something clear here. I didn't tear her clothes off. Also, did you just say you're jealous?!"

Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

"Yuzuru, did you learn your bisexual orientation from Miku?"


Yuzuru showed a brief look of disgust.

"Don't compare Yuzuru with Miku. I will never become like her."

"In other words, you only have the hots for Kaguya..."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"That's sly, I mean, I am not satisfied yet..."

Wu Yan slid his palm down Yuzuru's neck, he twisted the tips of her divine mountains.


Yuzuru moaned immediately. The same pleasure that clouded her thoughts from last night returned. She looked at Wu Yan with those mesmerizing mercury-blue eyes.

With Yuzuru panting and heaving in arousal near him, Wu Yan got turned on. He licked his dry lips before biting Yuzuru's earlobe.


Bitten by Wu Yan, she arched up in pleasure. She writhed under Wu Yan's sly manipulations.

Wu Yan sized up Yuzuru's voluptuous body. Yuzuru had a bad feeling.


Yuzuru clenched the blanket. She stared at him.

"What is Master doing?"

"What am I doing?"

Wu Yan directed his passionate gaze in Yuzuru's direction.

"I want to do a lot of things..."


Yuzuru started twisting around.

"Caution, it is already morning, Yuzuru can't do it again..."

"No, don't say that..."

Wu Yan snickered. He invaded her canyon down under with his demonic fingers.

"Didn't I tell you? I am very energetic in the morning..."

"Pleading, please no..."

Yuzuru tried to yank herself off his demonic fingers. This only increased Wu Yan's lust for her.

Wu Yan turned around as he made Yuzur get on all fours with her butt raised up pointing at his face. He told her to anchor her hands on the bedsheet.

Wu Yan grabbed Yuzuru's slender waist as he plunged forward.


Stabbed by Wu Yan, Yuzuru felt the air inside her lung exiting involuntarily. The room started heating up as Wu Yan pounded Yuzuru's bakery.

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