Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1321

Ansullivan Dragon Academy,

Today, Veronica will be arriving in this city. This is the first stop of her tour around the knightdom.

The mayor, the city council, the board of directors, and other bigwigs arrived to welcome Veronica and her cohorts.

Ash, Eco, and Rebecca stood at the front with the other bigshots since they are a part of the student council.

They stood tall and proud because they are welcoming royalty.

There are about 20 people here. All of them basically run the city.

The kids have never seen so many VIPs in one place.

Even if this was a welcoming reception for the first princess, this treatment was still considered lavish.

Obviously, her achievements garnered her this attention, her title is only the icing on the top.

Ash made it very clear this was his first time in a reception like this.

He was sweating and he looked like he couldn’t stand still.

To divert his attention, Ash looked away before inhaling deeply. He wanted to steady himself before Veronica arrives. Eco, completely calm, couldn’t fathom this grand reception for a single human female. Ash asked her.

“Hey, Eco, are you sure you want to do this? Welcoming the princess, I mean?”


Eco growled.

“You got a problem with this?”


Ash shook his head.

“I thought you hated humans? Why do you want to see Princess Veronica?”


She snorted with arms akimbo.

“Since you guys are joining, a pure and highborn dragon like me should be joining too. It’s only right.”

“Where did that come from?”

Eco’s out-of-this-world logic shocked Ash into a state of tranquility.

“With Eco here, is it fine if Princess Silvia is a no-show?”

Rebecca bitterly laughed after hearing Ash.

“You saw how she reacted, we can’t force her to attend when she is that scared of Veronica…”


Ash said.

“I just feel that it isn’t right, Veronica is her sister after all.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that.”

Cosette chimed in, she appeared like a phantom behind the two of them.

“I am sure she will be here.”


Rebecca asked her with a slightly worried look.

“You sure?”


The maid replied.

“I have an ace up my sleeve.”

“An ace?”

Rebecca and Ash were puzzled.

“Yeah, he’s going to make sure the Princess shows up.”

Cossette touched her lips.

“Otherwise, I would have ended up paying for nothing.”


Ash couldn’t connect the dots.

Who was she referring to?

Rebecca knew who the maid was referring to. She looked around with an amused look.

“I see, I almost forgot he’s not here yet.”

Ash and Eco exchanged a look. They couldn’t deal with the ambiguity anymore, they wanted to know who she was talking about.

Someone interrupted them.

“She’s here!”

The people looked up when the surrounding dimmed down.

They were in the shadow of something huge.

A large flying object covered the sky. It was a gigantic airship fashioned after a giant dragon.

It looked like a giant Maestro. It is easily a hundred times bigger than Cu Chulainn the biggest Maestro in the academy.

It had a silvery-white glow and the exterior seemed to be made of steel. There are bright red lines and plates of armor plating covering the airship. It boasted elegance and sturdiness. There are rows of cannons that served to emphasize that this airship isn’t for social events. It is purpose-built for war.

This giant shadow was caused by the airship.

There are also guard dragons around the airship. The dragons had armored knights commanding them.

They are all Dragonars with Maestros.

“No way…”

Ash gasped when he saw the giant airship.

The VIPs also started clamoring when they saw the huge airship.

“Sh-she’s here.”

“Is that Veronica’s airship?”

“It looks like something the Zepharos empire would make.”

“So our Lautreamont Knightdom can also make something like this?”


“That’s the personal combat airship of Princess Veronica.”

Rebecca said after giving the airship another look.



Ash and Eco looked stunned.

In the sky, Silvanus and the escort dragons slowly descended. They landed on the designated spot reserved for them, taking up most of the space of the venue.

The dragonars all descended before forming a neat formation. They took out their arming swords before standing still like statues.

There is also a knight captain-like individual with a gallant look. His armor is pulsating with magic, he is apparently an Arch Dragonar.

The same as Rebecca.

“All hail Princess Veronica!”

Silvanus’ door opened up.

A figure emerged from within.

Clack clack clack

The sound of steel boots hitting the floor reverberated in everyone’s ears.

The air became heavy when she made an appearance.

The iron-blooded Valkyrie finally appeared, the character spoken in legends.

Her golden hair shone brightly under the sun. Her porcelain white skin also made a very salient.

Her armor only covered the vital parts, leaving much for the feast of men’s eyes. She had an awesome cape that went well with her battle graves, pauldrons, and vambraces.

More than that…

Her eyes are as sharp as the sword she is carrying.

It felt like she was a hawk staring down at helpless preys.

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