Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1231: Settle the duels? Declaration of victory?

Tengu city, Itsuka residence.

In the living room, Yuzuru sat on the sofa while Wu Yan used her lap as a pillow. He's taking it easy with a beautiful girl giving him a lap pillow.

Wu Yan enjoyed the moment as Yuzuru fed him food.

"If I can get this kind of treatment every morning then I don't mind waking up early from now on."

Yuzuru faintly smiled when she heard Wu Yan's comment. He chuckled as Yuzuru blushed. She turned the other way much to Wu Yan's amusement.

He examined Yuzuru once more.

It is safe to say Yuzuru is very well-endowed. Her looks are also absolutely stunning, her beauty is on par with almost any member in Wu Yan's harem.

Wu Yan got to fourth base with her last night. That experience gave Yuzuru a glow that only served to magnify her charm. She is now a lady that can enslave souls with her beauty. Her personality is also very attractive.

Don't let her low-energy vibe fool you. She likes to compete with Tohka and make a ruckus with Kaguya. Yuzuru has cheerful energy in her bones.

This soft and warm side of hers could be seen in their current situation.

Unlike Kaguya, she isn't that prideful or Chuuni, or a loudmouth. Yuzuru is very gentle and elegant. She is a very soft and warm girl.

Like right now, she's feeding Wu Yan food like a nurse.

Wu Yan exhaled slightly after taking another look at Yuzuru's charming face.

If he knew dragging Yuzuru into the sheets would mellow her out like this, he would have hastened the seizure of her clam fortress.

Although Shiori is a significant deterrent. The Yamai Twins stuck around him almost 24 hours a day so he could have pounded them if he wanted to. He regretted not doing the twins earlier.

The living room door creaked open as Kaguya marched into the room like a zombie. She swept her gaze around the room before noticing the two lovebirds on the sofa. She is immediately annoyed.


Kaguya pursed her lips before snorting. She stood before the lovebirds with arms akimbo.

But, when Kaguya looked into Yuzuru's eyes, the twins furtively looked away. They shared the same shade of red on their faces.

Evidently, the twins recalled the saucy scene where they became pole twins as they served Wu Yan.

Despite their relationship, the intimate contact between them created awkward air around the twins.

Kaguya lowered her head only to see the lewd wolf who banged her and her twin sister last night lazily relaxing on Yuzuru's lap.

Wu Yan interrupted her.

"What? You want to be fed food while enjoying Yuzuru's thigh too?"

Kaguya lost her angry look, she wavered for a second.

But, Wu Yan dispelled any notion of that in another bold declaration.

"Yuzuru belongs to me today!"

Wu Yan said.

"I will not allow you to rob me of her presence."


Kaguya was enraged.

"To mess with me, even if it's Master, you will not be pardoned!"

Wu Yan grinned. He beckoned Kaguya with his hand.

Kaguya blushed after realizing his intention. She glanced at Yuzuru who nodded with a warm smile. She obediently approached the couch.

Kaguya doesn't spot a callipygian behind but she is still cute.

She is built lean and lithe. She looked very youthful and energetic. Wu Yan couldn't shift his gaze away as she meekly walked over.

Kaguya's heart raced under Wu Yan's intense gaze. She lowered her head to avoid gazing at them.

Kaguya asked Yuzuru with a small tone.

"Yuzuru, did you also get bullied by him last night?"

Yuzuru blushed. Wu Yan took the twins at the same time. He already made them blush multiple times today. However, Yuzuru still answered obediently.

"He didn't just bully me last night, he also bullied me this morning..."

Embarrassed, Yuzuru still replied.

"Point, Yuzuru thinks it was Kaguya's fault for getting it on with Master in the living room yesterday. I got dragged into the ensuing meat slapping battle."

"I-is that so?"

Kaguya believed Yuzuru instinctively.

"I didn't know Master would suddenly get horny. He started it..."

"Yes, it is master's fault!"

Kaguya frowned at Wu Yan.

"If Master didn't fondle me I wouldn't have ended up like this."


Wu Yan was speechless.

The twins tried to seduce him multiple times. They washed his back, sneaked into his bed, and did various things to him only to blame him when they got what they wanted.

Wu Yan admits he lost control of his animalistic self when the Yamai Twins didn't do anything last night. Shiori's absence was also a major factor.

With the right time, place, and people at his disposal, he would have never forgiven himself if he didn't do them.

"Well, you two are so cute, what attentive slaves you girls are..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"It's your fault for being so cute!"


The twins went red once more. Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

He is sure the twins shifted the blame on him to chase the awkward air away.

When the twins got past their initial embarrassment, the two spirits returned to their usual states.

"Anyway, the Children of Typhoon are the ones closest to Master now!"

Kaguya crossed her arms.

"Tohka and Yoshino can forget about stealing the race from us."


Yuzuru nodded.

"We must inform the losers of our victory and dominion over Master!"

Wu Yan couldn't ignore that.


Wu Yan laughed.

"Can we not do that declaration of victory part?"


The twins retorted.

"We must let the defeated rivals know who won. This is very important!"

"After 83 duels, we, Yuzuru and Kaguya prevailed over Tohka and Yoshino."

"Yeah! Today is the after-party of the festival, no?!"

Wu Yan jumped up. He changed the subject to get out of this situation.

"The festival is the most important thing now! Let's go!"

Wu Yan ran out of the living room as the twins exchanged weird looks.

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