Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1233: The collapsing peace

"Oh~ That looks good. Shido, let's go there!"

Tohka dragged Wu Yan along while drooling.

"That apple looks delicious. It is sticky and red just like blood..."

Kurumi said while licking her lips.

"Erm, I-I want to try that shaved ice thing..."

Yoshino said with a red face and puppy eyes. Nonetheless, she held onto Wu Yan's hands.

"What a bunch of kids. Don't be fooled by food. Use your superhuman abilities to win all the prizes at the stalls, that is the best show of power, isn't it?!"

"Agreed, while the food looks delectable, they can't hold a candle to Master's finesse in dish preparation. Choosing the high of victory over simple pleasures is the rational decision."

"As expected of Yuzuru, your vision goes so far."

"Retort, Kaguya is more competent than Yuzuru. You suggested the idea before Yuzuru."

The twin spirits tagged behind Wu Yan like bodyguards while belittling the other spirits.

"Well, I think just being together with Darling is the best. I am up for anything really. With so many cuties around me, this is pure bliss..."

Miku rubbed the cheek of the mask she is wearing. The chatty spirits formed a semi-circle around Wu Yan, they surrounded him from all directions except the front.

So, it looked like Wu Yan is walking around with an entourage of beautiful ladies. This scene earned the fury of the onlookers around him.

"I don't why I suddenly feel like burning someone..."

"I don't know why but I want to light a fire..."

"I have this itch to tie someone up..."

"You mean on a cross right?"

"Yes, you got me, brother..."

"Well, I have ropes..."

"And, I have gasoline..."

"Oh, dear, why is there a lighter in my hand?"

The pedestrians and store owners near Wu Yan started floating dangerous ideas.

Wu Yan isn't sure how to balance his attention between the spirits and the jealous crowd around him. He acted like a robot while chanting a mantra.

"Get used to this... Get used to this..."

Shiori looked on with pity.

"Shido, you're... so... sad."

"Ara, Shiori-san, did you say something?"

Miku appeared behind Shiori like a phantom. That caused Shiori to jump in shock.

Shiori knew about Miku's identity as the super-popular idol. She isn't comfortable walking around a hot topic like miku.

"N-no, it's nothing..."


Miku nodded. She didn't care much for what Shiori had to say. Underneath her mask, her eyes shone brightly with ulterior motives.

"Actually, I got my hands on some good tea leaves. I heard I can make killer tea with it, would Shiori-san mind joining me for tea?"


Miku sounded like a dodgy punk trying to trick girls into drinking alcohol with them.

Shiori likes tea and she doesn't hate Miku but this isn't the first time she extended an invitation to her.

When they first met, Miku also invited Shiori for tea.

But, the looks the other spirits gave her made it feel like she is going on a suicide mission. Her instincts told her to turn Miku down.

Even Tohka and Yoshino, her allies tried to distance themselves from Shiori.

Shiori knew that if she ignored her gut feeling then she is going to regret it for the rest of her life.

Shiori felt like Miku gave off the same vibe as Origami.

So, Shiori let Miku down gently.

Miku isn't a quitter. She continued bombarding her with lame requests to drink tea at Miku's house much to Shiori's dismay. Wu Yan couldn't help but respect Shiori.

As expected of the protagonist, despite her gender being reversed, she still has good luck with the ladies. Origami is constantly scheming to get her to the side of the Lillies while Miku kept targeting her.

Miku's strike zone is wider than Origami who has laser focus on Shiori. She is like a certain individual named Kuroko who constantly lusts after Lady Railgun.

Naturally, Origami isn't as perverse as Kuroko.

Or, at least, he thinks so...

Wu Yan's expression of nonchalance faded when he thought about Kurumi's case.

He felt agitation upon hearing Origami's name.

This is the same anxiety he felt after the meeting with Woodman.

Did he overlook something regarding Origami?

Wu Yan noticed that after the last hostile encounter with Origami over who killed her parents, he never paid her attention after that.

With her determination to exact vengeance. She is probably still digging for the truth, right?

I wonder what she found out...

Wu Yan's anxiety grew. He felt an ominous feeling.

"Something wrong?"

Kurumi noticed Wu Yan's furrowed eyebrows. She giggled near Wu Yan.

"You know you can tell me anything that is bugging you, right?"

"More like venting frustration than sharing..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"It's not a troubling matter, my thoughts are just in a disarray."

"I see..."

Kurumi wanted to say something when Wu Yan stopped abruptly. He looked in front with steely eyes.

"What's wrong?"

The spirits noticed his sudden action. Then, they saw the individual in front of them.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes while the others gasped.

"Tobiichi Origami..."

Origami lifted her head to reveal a pair of eyes that were filled with hatred and killing intent.

Wu Yan & co's hearts stopped.

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