Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1234: Gone crazy? The sad song of the avenger

The cold eyes on Origami couldn't hide her malice and killing intent. The air froze as she emanated her malice.

There are students walking around but Wu Yan & co feels like there is nothing between Origami and them. Wu Yan & co raised their guards immediately.

Something's wrong.

This isn't right.

Something's up.

The girls including Shiori detected this. Wu Yan also sensed this as well.

Tohka, Yoshino, and Shiori who are used to talking to Origami can tell something isn't correct.

With only killing intent and animosity in her eyes, Tohka who saw this specter of vengeance couldn't help but gasp in shock. Yoshino also hid behind Wu Yan in fear.

Tohka and Yoshino knew this look.

This isn't the first time they saw this look.

Tohka and Yoshino continuously appeared in this world and the AST would be mobilized to subjugate them.

As one of the members of AST, the spirits knew her fighting mode when they saw it.

That is the look of someone who hated spirits and wanted nothing less than complete destruction of spirits.

She looks the same as she did when she performed her duties as an AST member.

Compared to her AST-mode, this Origami looks even more menacing, she looks like she is here to raise hell.

This look is also not foreign to Tohka and Yoshino.

Origami took on this persona when Wu Yan & co returned to this universe, causing a spacequake that led to Kotori using  her Spirit mode.


Tohka's body tensed up. If her powers weren't sealed, she would have drawn her Sandalphon by now.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

"yeah, Origami-san..."

Shiori tried to calm the situation down.

"If Shido did something wrong you can always tell me, I will apologize on his behalf..."


Origami growled.

"A measly apology can't make me give up on my vengeance!"

When she roared, wisps of light burst forth, it covered Origami and when the bright silhouette elongated, Origami revealed her transformation to the onlookers.

She lost her uniform. Instead, she is wearing a Wiring Suit and the Realizers for combat known as CR.

Unlike the simple CR she equipped before, she is packing a modified CR that made her look drastically different.

The armor is ashen-grey and her forelimbs are covered, leaving only patches of skin uncovered along her stomach, arm and thighs. There are also floating plates that looked like mechanical wings behind her.

There is an X-shaped thruster behind Origami. She had an oversized Maryoku cannon strapped to her waist.

"What is that?"

The pedestrians around them couldn't believe Origami just pulled a magical stunt in front of them. They gasped and gawked at her.


Shiori also got stunned.

"What the..."

Wu Yan, Kurumi, Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku also gasped because she donned her CR unit in public.

Also, that isn't her usual CR unit.

They could see the similarities between her CR unit and another person.

The person once known as the strongest Magician in the world.


Wu Yan asked with a guttural voice.

"The DEM, you..."

Origami didn't give Wu Yan the time of day to finish his piece. She stretched her hands out as she showered everyone in green light.

The civilians were all wrapped in her Barrier Territory, including Shiori.

Then Origami aimed her Maryoku cannon at Wu Yan. The cannon enlarged further before concentrating energy in its barrel.

Wu Yan released the seals of every spirit here.

Origami pulled the trigger without hesitation.

A brilliant light suffused the area as the Maryoku laser hit Wu Yan squarely.


The shockwave spread outwards, the civilians were also pushed away although they are unharmed due to the Barrier around them. Smoke and dust shrouded Wu Yan from view.

If Origami didn't shield the civilians then 30% of the normal humans here would have died from the attack.

"Oh god!"

The civilians started panicking as they fled in all directions. After they distanced themselves from the area, the barriers around them disappeared.

"What the hell was that? What just happened?!"

"There was a huge explosion..."

"Look! Smoke!"

"A gas leak explosion?!"

Tengu City Central Plaza fell into chaos as the civilians ran to a safe distance. Meanwhile, the curious pedestrians near the area also started approaching the combat zone.

Away from the two-meter deep, 5-meter wide crater, Origami stared at the site of impact, the long trails of dust and smoke told everyone this isn't a dream.

Wu Yan's hand glowed with magical power.

He used a hand to block Origami's cannon attack.

Wu Yan is shielding Shiori by wrapping his arm around her waist. She is still glowing with the Barrier Territory's power but she is scared out of her mind.

Wu Yan is angry to see Shiori's afraid of this sudden attack.

For Shiori, she must have looked death in the eyes despite the shield around her.

Wu Yan yelled at Origami.

"Do you know what you just did?"

"I don't need you to remind me..."

Origami took aim once more. She didn't hesitate as she announced her intention.

"After killing you, everything will be over..."

"Including me..."

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