Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1235: Face-off, deductions, and arrangements

"Killing you will end everything..."

"Including me..."

Origami's steely words caused Wu Yan to click his tongue. His mental CPU started crunching the data.

Why did she turn out like this?

Why is she so hellbent on killing me even at the cost of her life?

Why is she wearing a CR-unit that looks like Ellen's Pendragon?

How did Origami get such a massive boost in power? Where did she get the strength to rival spirits?

Wu Yan wondered about these questions before something clicked. A hypothesis started forming that told him his gut feeling from before was correct.






The spirits all donned their Astral Dresses as they descended near the assailant. With her Sandalphon drawn, Tohka pointed at Origami.

"Tobiichi Origami! How dare you hurt Shido!"

The spirits leered at Origami.

"You mongrel, hurting our masters is a sin that can only be repaid with your life."

"Anger, your actions have turned us into your enemies."

"Nobody is going to hurt Darling, not on my watch."

Origami roamed her gaze over the spirits here.

"Princess... Nightmare... Hermit... Berserkers... Diva..."

Her cold eyes turned colder when she identified her targets.

"Other than Efreet, you're all here. Good, we don't need spirits in this world. I will personally end your existence..."

"Ara ara..."

Kurumi gave her a malevolent grin.

"Just because you got your hand on the newest toy from DEM, you got a massive confidence boost, huh? That cold thing you're wearing can never defeat us. We aren't planning on taking turns to duel you, just to let you know."

Origami looked at Wu Yan. She knew her chances as she turned her attention to the only guy here.

"If I can kill you... that will do..."


Tohka stared at Origami. Wu Yan stopped her from approaching Origami.

He passed Shiori who is currently in a magical sleep to Tohka. He told the spirits to keep an eye on the premise.

"Take care of Shiori, I want you all to stop any intruders from coming here."


Tohka was worried about Shiori's condition.

"What happened to her?"

"I just cast a hypnosis spell on her. I also wiped some of her memories."

Wu Yan answered.

"I am not going to let Shiori get dragged into this spirits versus magicians thing, Kotori tried very hard to prevent this outcome. Girls, go and get Kotori to send people over to wipe the memories of the witnesses today."

"What about you?"

Miku asked.

"Don't tell me..."

"I have to get to the bottom of this."

Wu Yan cut Miku short.

He beamed at Miku.

"I can take care of things here, go..."

"Kotori's been awfully silent. I think something happened over at Fraxinus' anchor point. The intercom is also full of static."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"I already unsealed her powers but I don't think she can handle things alone over there. Split into two groups, I want one group here to guard the area and another group as reinforcements to Kotori."

The spirits obeyed Wu Yan's directives.

"Be careful..."

"I got this."

The spirits took one last look at Origami and Wu Yan before departing.

Origami didn't want the spirits to leave but she can see Wu Yan is still here so she didn't pursue them. She continued leering at Wu Yan with eyes like that of a vengeful demon.

"Itsuka... Shido..."

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He took a step forward while staring back at Origami.

"Looks like you arrived at an incredible discovery during your investigations..."

Origami's increased hostility, killing intent, and the specialized CR-unit she is wearing told Wu Yan all he needed to know. Things became troubling...

He arrived at a conclusion after seeing Origami's vengeful attitude.

"You think I killed your parents, huh?"

"I think?"

Origami bitt her lips. She roared at Wu Yan.

"I know you killed them!"

"I don't know where you got that conclusion and I have my own alibis and defenses. But, judging by your current attitude, I am guessing words won't work."

Wu Yan got into a stance, he used a composed expression.

"Very well, as punishment for causing public disturbance and endangerment, I will talk after subduing you."

"Subdue me?"

Origami replied frostily.

"You think I am the same as before?"

"Try it if you can!"

Origami pointed her Maryoku cannon at Wu Yan. She shot a concentrated laser bolt at Wu Yan.


Tohka stayed with Shiori. Along with Kurumi, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku. The spirits watched the ensuing battle with anxious looks.

"Darling is by himself, I hope he is doing okay..."

Miku grabbed Yuzuru's hand, she held on tightly.

"Can't we do something to help?"

"Hubby-sama should be fine..."

Kurumi calmly told the other spirits.

"Hubby-sama is very powerful. He can take care of Origami without an issue."


Tohka frowned.

"Origami seems more powerful than before..."

"True, and Hubby-sama is still more powerful than her."

Kurumi shook her head.

"Hubby-sama is right. We need to go help Kotori while some of your stop people from approaching the two fights."


Kaguya nodded.

"Master said Kotori is probably in trouble. We should go help!"


Yuzuru look around.

"How do we split into two groups?"

Kurumi decided the line-up in an instant.

"Miku is specialized in crowd control, Tohka can back her up with pure power and Yoshino can support them. You three will stay as the guards. I will lead Kaguya and Yuzuru to aid Kotori."

The spirits agreed with her suggestion.

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