Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1236: The disturbance and chaos in the sky...

In the skies of Tengu City, Fraxinus...


Kotori laid back against her chair with her commander coat cushioning her. She finished up her tasks at hand.

After an entire night, Kotori finished sorting and organizing the shipments of Realizers ordered by Wu Yan. She processed them.

Now, they just need to wait for the orders to be fulfilled and the equipment to be manufactured by Asgard Electronics. They are going to achieve one of their main objectives soon enough.


Kotori mumbled.

"I hope they don't backtrack and regret what they said last time."

"I don't think those directors will renege on their promises..."

Mana replied while playing chess with Yatsuki.

"Even if it's the DEM, they almost always backed their promises up with actions. If they don't, they are going to lose trust very quickly. Although, I do admit the directors in DEM are also always bickering with one another..."

"Same goes for the Round Table, no?"

Yatsuki took one of Mana's pieces while she's distracted.

"I am guessing that is the reason why the Commander always looks tired out and stressed after a Round Table meeting."

"In any case, we will always stand by Commander's side!"

Kyouhei saw the chance to lick Kotori's boots so he happily jumped at it. He bounced around the commander's seat.

"We were all gathered by the commander. The commander is Ratatoskr to us!"

"Gathered by Kotori?"

Mana looked at Kotori.

"Did Kotori establish Ratatoskr by herself?"


Reine answered Mana.

"Ratatoskr was founded by the members of the Round Table. But, Kotori has her fans in Ratatoskr so she plays a pivotal role in Ratatoskr's operation."

"I see..."

Mana sighed.

"You're popular..."

"Kotori is badass. I can see why people like her..."

Reine said.

"More like, Yatsuki, you were sent here to support Kotori's brother, are you sure you should be talking bad about the people that sent you here?"

"It's fine..."

Yatsuki waved his hand.

"Compared to the HQ, I quite like it here. I disagreed with the actions of a few at the HQ so I agreed to transfer here. The captain is strong, relatable, and likable, I don't mind serving him. I wouldn't go back even if they ordered me to."

"There are always good apples and bad apples in all organizations. Those in position of powers can never avoid the power politics at play."

Mana said as if she had experience.

"Hey, Yatsuki, you never told me you were from HQ?"

"Well, the higher-ups there heard about a certain individual who just entered Ratatoskr with mysterious tools that can seal a spirit's power. Plus, the individual himself was reportedly someone with spirit-like powers so I was sent here to help and spy at the same time."

Yatsuki revealed his past orders honestly.

"Well, I cut off communications and ties with them a long time ago. They probably also forgot about me."

"Well, if they can forget me then I would be so happy..."

Kotori curled her lips.

"They kept asking about the status of sealed spirits without doing their jobs, focusing on non-sealed spirits. They make it very obvious that they want to know where the powers of the spirits went, some of them even tried to set up meetings between them and the spirits. I swear I am going to report their actions at the next meeting!"

The others giggled when Kotori started moaning about the pain of her job.

Then, a red light flashed on Fraxinus' main hologram screen.


Kotori frowned.

"What just happened?!"


One of the Fraxinus operators started tapping away at the keyboard before giving his report.

"There are multiple Maryoku signatures near the spirits who are at the central Tengu Plaza!"

"Something happened near them?!"

Kotori ordered everyone into action.

"Give me visuals."


The operators tapped away at the keyboard before a live video feed was displayed before Kotori. It showed the Central Tengu plaza.

They saw multiple explosions at the scene. There are people running out of the plaza in panic.

Origami in her Pendragon Sister CR-unit, Mordred wreaked havoc, firing her Maryoku cannon at Wu Yan who defended with defensive magic.


Kotori gasped.

"Why is she wearing that thing?! Why is she attacking Onii-chan?!"

"Is that really the Origami we know from AST?"

Reine gasped.

"That astonishing Maryoku count. It is on another level than the previous measurement. She is even stronger than Mana now!"


Mana furrowed her brows. She looked at the CR-unit she equipped.

"Why is she wearing that CR-unit? That is DEM's CR-unit..."


Kotori turned dark.

"You're sure that is DEM's?"

"Of course. I am 100% sure that is from DEM."

"I don't know the exact model but it looks similar to Ellen's Pendragon CR-unit. It is probably something on that level."

"True, Origami can never get her hands on something like that from AST or Ratatoskr. This means DEM supplied her with that thing. But, why is she attacking Onii-chan?"

Kotori decided to ignore that for now.

She can't ascertain why Origami's fighting Wu Yan but a duel is going down.

That means she is an enemy.

Kotori waved her hand.

"Start the engines, full-speed ahead to Tengu Plaza's 15km above ground!"

"Yes madam!"

The operators started doing their jobs as the engine fired up. It turned around for Tengu city's central plaza when...


A sudden explosion shook Fraxinus.

The members had trouble standing up.

Kotori held onto the rail near her.

"What hit us?!"


An operator reported.

"That attack came from outside!"


Then, they saw the assailant.

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