Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1237: Giving the cocky lady a lesson

They saw black dots on the screen like that of maggots.

However, the operators inhaled deeply when they identified the assailants.

The black dots are all humans.

They are donned in advanced CR-units with their thrusters keeping them in the air. They aimed their cannons at Fraxinus.

"This formation... This deployment..."

Mana looked at the magicians.

"How nostalgic..."


Kotori clicked her tongue.

"The DEM? They found us at such an accurate timing, they are as sly as ever..."

Origami faced Wu Yan with her Mordred CR Unit. The DEM also arrived at a suspiciously awful timing. Even if Kotori lost her marble, she could still link two and two.

Kotori wanted to know why DEM is here to mess with Fraxinus.

Are they here to destroy a critical airship from Ratatoskr?

Kotori feels like there is something more sinister to this.

DEM got their branch HQ destroyed. Their ability to resupply and repair their forces got seriously compromised from that. However, they still gathered so many magicians around here.

It would seem illogical to put their forces at risk when they should be recovering. Kotori didn't think these DEM magicians were here to destroy the airship.

Fraxinus can also use Invisibility Territory. It can meld into the environment and evade detection. The only flaw in this mode is that if Fraxinus moved, the slight distortions in the background will give away its position. However, it is still very hard to spot despite this flaw.

That attack came from outside and the magicians probably fired all at once. That attack came after Fraxinus turned around.

Their coordinated attacks suggest that Fraxinus' position had been compromised from the start.

In other words, the DEM knew they were here.

Origami is probably just a distraction for Wu Yan & co.

Kotori tapped her fingers on her armrest in annoyance. Another alert came as Kotori grumbled.

"What now?!"

"There is a..."

The operator bitterly smiled.

"There is a message from DEM."

"A message?"

Mana and Yatsuki waited for Kotori to give her orders. With a frown, she gave them the go-ahead.

"Open it."


Another window popped up. A lady with platinum blonde hair looked into the camera with a cold expression. She carried herself with confidence and that air made the operators here feel like they are being crushed under something heavy.


Mana yelled.

Kotori also looked back at the messenger with displeasure.

"Ah, so it was you. Ellen Mira Mathers..."


The other members went wide-eyed.

A human who can fight and kill spirits, the strongest Magician in the world.

That Ellen?!

Ellen raised an eyebrow.

"As expected of Ratatoskr. Although you're small compared to DEM, you already know about me. Not bad."

Ellen looked at Mana with frosty eyes.

"You're here too, huh? Traitor..."

"Hmm? You don't look like you're surprised?"

Mana felt disgusted.

"You already know about my defection to Ratatoskr?"

"I am perplexed as to why you chose this path."

Ellen raised her chin.

"You were second only to me in DEM. Why would you choose this tiny Ratatoskr to serve? Answer me, traitor..."

"Traitor this traitor that. God, you're so annoying."

Mana snickered.

"As an organization doing unspeakable experiments on humans, I think you should know full well why I turned on DEM and why I left? You betrayed me first!"

Ellen turned dark.

"Looks like you already know the truth. I see, well, don't expect me to go easy on you..."

Ellen turned towards Kotori.

"Kotori, I presume? Unlike your brother, you're much cuter..."

"Save the praise for other people, I am not pleased with your words."

Kotori chirped.

"I am more curious as to how you guys found out about Fraxinus. Did DEM design an anti-invisibility radar?"

"Regrettably, no..."

"We found you because we used all the magicians here to generate a combined net of Territories that covered Tengu City. To do this, we spent an entire night screening the skies..."

"Ah, so you were aiming for us in the first place?"

Kotori snorted.

"For an organization that had its base destroyed, this isn't a move I would expect from Westcott, maybe he's not that sane after all..."

"Isaac is just taking advantage of the situation."

Ellen turned cold.

"With Itsuka Shido tied down, we wouldn't need so many personnel if your airship wasn't here."

Ellen looked at Mana.

"Or did you guys think you could win with the help of that traitor?"

"You're way more chatty than I thought."

Kotori told Ellen.

"State your purpose."

"Fine, we don't have much time anyway. Despite Origami's power, I don't think she can buy us that much time against him, despite him going easy on Origami."

Ellen nodded.

"Our purpose never changed, we are after spirits!"

"Itsuka Kotori, no, Efreet, will you surrender, or do you want to sit there while we pry open this airship and capture you?"

"I see, so it was me, huh?"

Kotori stepped down the platform.

"Commander, what do you think you're doing?"

Yatsuki tried to approach Kotori.

"Don't tell me..."

"Worry not, I won't surrender."

Kotori gave him a grin.

Kotori's eyes started blazing. Her attitude took the crowd by surprise.

"I am just going to teach that lady a lesson. She still retains the mistaken assumption that she is the strongest in this world."

Kotori left the commander's room.

"Her seal has been lifted!"

Kyouhei laughed. He ordered Mana to support duty.

"Mana, go support the commander!"


Mana left the room too.

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