Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1240: You said, you desire power?


The stalls were demolished when Origami got smashed into them.

Wu Yan sighed after confirming he buried Origami in the stalls.

"Now, will you calm down? We need to talk this out..."

"Ugh... Cough..."

Origami pushed away the debris covering her. She tried to stand up but couldn't find the strength to do so.

She used her Territory so she's relatively fine. However, she did take some damage.

Wu Yan used two punches to almost put Origami out of commission. The first punch shattered her barrier and pierced her, the second punch almost knocked her out.

Wu Yan already held back. However, his punches are still very powerful. His body has been tempered beyond belief. After transforming into a True Ancestor and being baptized in the miraculous pond of strengthening and purification, his pure strength isn't something a human can hope to block.

Origami is strong in her own right. She paid the price for this power so of course she became stronger than Mana. But, she still falls short of Ellen. Against Wu Yan, her odds of winning is 0.

Origami lifted an arm as she stared at it in frustration.

She couldn't care less about her condition.

Her heart hurt more than her body.

This is the power she used her lifespan to gain?

This is the power she thinks she can use to defeat all the spirits in Tengu City?

Even now, vengeance eludes her.

What use are her powers if she still can't defeat other spirits?

She trembled as she fell into darkness. Like a light-seeking devotee, her eyes grew dark.

I need power.

I need more power!

I need the power to exact revenge!

She sacrificed her youth to train like nobody's business. She put herself through arduous training for more power!

She sacrificed sleep to get better at using CR-units, she refined her technique, and accepted dangerous assignments to become stronger.

In the pursuit of power, she gave it her all.

Now, she threw away her life, dignity, and she even cast her identity aside in front of the person she loves the most to gain more power. Yet, look where that got her...

Lying in a pile of trash after being beaten down by Wu Yan. She can't even win against her sworn enemy!

Why is she still alive? What is the point of living?

"What... am I living for?"

Origami cast her eyes of despair in the direction of the sky. Her arm fell down.


"I need power..."

"I need more power to fulfill my wish, I need the power to get my revenge..."



Origami's eyelids slowly closed as she repeated that line.

"You said, you want power?"

When Origami is about to fall unconscious, a mysterious voice called out to her. It sounded like a heavily-edited voice where the gender of the speaker can't be discerned.

She opened her eyes in an instant.

Origami saw the speaker.

It was an unfathomable existence.

No, she is in the presence of something.

She couldn't describe the entity further, it is just there. A patch of mosaics floated in front of her. It appears to be looking at Origami.


Origami addressed the entity.



'It' giggled.

"I am the one who can grant you power."


Origami's eyes lit up.

"Yes, power."

The entity laid down her offer.

"You want power? I can give you tremendous power..."

"Tremendous power..."

Origami only focused on the important part of the offer.

More power.

The old Origami would have been wiser. She would have raised her guard against this obviously dubious offer.

However, the entity chose the most opportune moment to appear before Origami.

Origami answered subconsciously.

"Power! Give me power!"

origami yelled out loud.

"I don't care what price I have to pay, I don't care what I have to sacrifice! Just give me absolute power! Give me the power to exceed everyone! Exceed all spirits! Exceed Itsuka Shido!"

Origami's yell turned hoarse. That yell should have echoed throughout the plaza. But, no echoes could be heard, it is almost as if this conversation is only between them.

The entity smiled.

Origami can sense it.

The entity smiled.

"Very well, it is yours..."

The entity extended an arm.

There is a crystal glowing brightly there.

"Take it, it is the power you seek..."

"I want power..."

Origami reached out. She held her breath as she hesitated.

"This can give me power?"


"Tremendous power?..."


"Powers that can defeat Shido?"

The entity paused briefly.


The shining crystal had a siren-like allure to it. Origami continued reaching for the gem.

As if the entity got tired of Origami's slow actions, it passed the Sephira Crystal to Origami by floating forward.

At the moment when Origami almost touched the gem, a black figure burst into this mysterious world between two individuals.

The intruder grabbed the entity's hand.

The entity and Origami got stunned. They didn't think this would happen. The intruder spoke up.

"I am still here. Treating me like air, this is a first..."

A gigantic wave of magic power surged forward.


He used that magic power surge to smash the entity away.

The entity was like a cannonball being fired into the lines of stalls. The entity drew a deep gorge in the ground before steadying itself past the nth stall.

Wu Yan's grin was the first thing the entity saw when it lifted its head.

Wu Yan had the entity's white Sephira crystal. It is emitting a soft glow in his hand.

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