Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1242: Clamor, healing, and confinement

Tengu City, Fraxinus...

"Recovery efforts at 80% completion, estimated time left, 3 hours."

"Erasing memories from affected individuals, searching for remaining civilians."

"The Tengu Central Plaza's disturbance ended peacefully, no further repercussions are expected."

The operators inside Fraxinus started giving their reports. Kotori rubbed her temples while nodding.

"Okay, at least we minimized panic and public outrage."

"Miku did great..."

Wu Yan patted Miku's head lovingly.

"Her Gabriel controlled the people there and smoothened the memory-wiping exercises. She also prevented outsiders from wandering into the Plaza. She is the real MVP today."


Miku glomped Wu Yan's arm.

"Then... do I get any rewards?"

"Rewards, huh?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"What do you want? It will have to be something I can do..."

Miku puckered her lips while touching them with her index finger.

Wu Yan knew what she wanted.

Ignoring the experienced operators here, even Kaguya and Yuzuru knew what Miku wanted. They started protesting.

"She just used a bit of Reiryoku, that's hardly reason enough to earn Master's lips. My Master won't deign to give out such rewards!"

"Agreed, Kaguya and Yuzuru also worked hard. If she is going to get a reward then everyone should get a reward!"


Yoshino blushed. She pulled down her hoodie like an Ostrich hiding its head in the sand.

"Ara ara..."

Kurumi tilted her head. She gave him a radiant smile.

"Although Kotori solved the issue by herself, I still think I deserve a reward..."


Kotori snorted.

"He's the one making bank here..."


Tohka is the only one who couldn't connect.

"What is that reward? Everyone's getting it? Oh, me too!"

"Stop fighting."

Miku pouted.

"Even if you girls want to get some, you need to get in line first!"

"Why's that?!"

"You want to make us wait behind you?!"

"Retort, the order shouldn't be computed this way."

"Ara, I don't mind..."

"A-am I entitled to the reward too?"

Some of the spirits protested just like Miku. Then there is a certain Time Spirit who is just here to play around. Of course, there is also the unaware spirit and the bashful and suspiciously precocious spirit. The spirits started causing a ruckus.


Wu Yan and Kotori exchanged a look before sighing.

"We quelled the disturbance. The after-festival event also got pushed to tomorrow because of an 'on-site accident', I guess we should be fine for now..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"You okay on this side?..."

"What is there to go wrong?"

Kotori pursed her lips.

"After Ellen's defeat, the other DEM magicians couldn't resist. With the arrival of Kurumi, Kaguya, and Yuzuru, none of them escaped."

Kotori glanced at Wu Yan.

"Including the strongest magician..."

"Oh, you caught her?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Westcott is probably panicking like an ant on the burning pan, right?"

"Westcott's reaction is something I don't know neither do I want to know. I just want to know about Origami's situation."

Kotori frowned.

"Why did she come after you? It didn't look like a DEM order?"

"You think she joined DEM?"

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"That is plausible but Origami appears to be convinced that I killed her parents."


Kotori couldn't help chortling.

"Her parents were already dead 5 years ago. You just came to this universe, how would you have pulled that off?"

Kotori knows about Wu Yan's origin so she knew she is correct.

Wu Yan just came into this universe 6 months ago. How could he have killed her parents 5 years ago?

"Did she get deceived by DEM?"

Kotori came to that guess to which Wu Yan responded with another bout of bitter laugh.

"I don't think Origami can be convinced by half-baked proofs. She is not that naive..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"How is she?"

"Still in treatment..."

Kotori answered.

"We disarmed her and locked her up. If you have questions then wait until she recuperates."

"I see..."

Wu Yan raised his hand.

A white crystal with a soft glow lay there.

"That's the Sephira Crystal you stole from Phantom?"

Kotori asked with a stern look.

"Another Sephira crystal, what is that Phantom doing? How many people has she turned into spirits already?!"

"I don't know."

Wu Yan touched the Sephira Crystal.

"The Phantom mentioned that it is looking forward to the births of strong spirits, I couldn't ascertain what she meant by that..."

"Why did you let it escape?!"

Kotori leered at Wu Yan.

"If we captured Phantom then that would have been the best, no?"

"You want me to capture an enemy I can't gauge the strength of?"

Wu Yan said.

"I didn't detect animosity from Phantom but I couldn't stop the Phantom or identify its method of escape, it would be hard to capture her even if I wanted to."

"I figured it was better to get some information from Phantom than risk gaining nothing upon its escape."

"I see..."

Kotori understood Wu Yan's point.

"So you tried to fish for information before Phantom escaped, I am guessing that didn't work well for you?"

"Not entirely, we know Phantom has its objectives and one of them involves creating powerful spirits."

Wu Yan raised the Sephira crystal.

"This crystal is also another bonus. The Phantom said the strength of a spirit created from this crystal depends on the recipient's compatibility with the Sephira Crystal's innate powers. I bet that information isn't in your database."

Wu Yan tapped Kotori's confused head.

"Phantom also said she is not our foe for now. We can keep the Phantom's case in view for now."


Kotori acquiesced.

"As for how this Sephira Crystal should be managed, we will leave that for the future. Now, I am planning on visiting Ellen, what about you?"


Wu Yan smirked.

"Of course, I am tagging along!"

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