Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1244: Suggestion, go take a look yourself?

Tengu city, Fraxinus...

Origami sat on her bed in a patient's robe. She glared at Wu Yan who stood near her bed.

"Itsuka... Shido..."

Origami looks like she wanted nothing more than to devour him. Wu Yan felt a bit stressed, he is not pleased with how things turned out.

Origami is sure he killed her parents.

Wu Yan never did anything.

Being blamed like this is very frustrating and felt outrageous to him.

Also, he is being hated on by a cute girl.

He can't reason with this cute girl or hit her. He is truly stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Rubbing his temples, Wu Yan told Origami what he thinks.

"Listen up, I didn't kill your parents."

Origami didn't change her look.

She doesn't believe Wu Yan. That much is clear given her odious look.


Wu Yan sighed.

"How do I get you to believe me..."

"I will never believe you!"

Origami bit her lips. She stared down Wu Yan.

"I saw everything with my own eyes..."

"Where was that? When was that? What did you see?"

Wu Yan wanted answers.

"Even if you're sure I am the one. At least make it clear before executing me? I never did anything and here you are blaming me like you have solid proof."

"That's right."

Tohka yelled at Origami.

"Shido will never do anything like that!"

"If Master killed people he is someone who would own up to it. Plus, even if he did it, you can't do anything against him so he has no reason to lie."


Yuzuru nodded.

"I believe in Master, if he says he didn't do it then he didn't."


Miku continued.

"Darling is so powerful, why would he need to go out of his way to kill a couple? When I accidentally hurt my fans Darling got real mad and taught me a harsh lesson..."

"I-I think so too..."

Yoshino meekly raised her hand.

"Shido-nii-san would never hurt normal humans..."

Kotori and Kurumi said nothing. Their firm trust in Wu Yan told Origami that they didn't buy into the theory of Wu Yan killing Origami's parents.

Origami refused to believe them. She turned her hostility on Kotori, Kurumi, Tohka, and the others.

"You expect me to believe in the words of a bunch of spirits?!"


Kotori grinned.

"As racist as ever, I see..."

"You spirits are the ones who brought disaster upon the world!"

Origami roared.

"Killing you spirits will return peace to this world. There won't be cases like me anymore, people who had their family members robbed from them!"


Kaguya and Tohka weren't pleased by her blatant accusations. Wu Yan stopped them.

"True, Tohka's spacequake destroyed a lot of buildings and brought calamities. However, nobody got hurt or died from her spacequakes. Yoshino's spacequakes were tiny, hardly anyone ever got close to being hurt."

"Kaguya and Yuzuru had the strongest spacequakes but they made sure to manifest high up in the sky where they never destroyed even a single building. Kotori and Miku were turned into spirits. Miku only caused a spacequake once. Other than that, she has been living like a normal human."

Wu Yan inhaled deeply.

"It is wrong to say the spirits created orphans. Sorry, but I can't agree with you on that point."

Kotori, Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku felt warm to their hearts. They couldn't help but smile only for Origami to point out something contrary.

"What about her?"

Origami referred to Kurumi.

"You're going to say she never hurt a soul?"

The other spirits didn't say anything.

Kurumi's spacequake didn't cause casualties because of the exceptional anti-spacequakes alert and counter-measures in place. It is wrong to say she never hurt anyone because it is widely known that she is responsible for the deaths of at least 10,000 humans.

Known as the evilest spirit in existence, can anyone say she is a saintess?

The other spirits couldn't come up with a defense.

Kurumi also didn't look like she cared. Wu Yan opened his mouth once more.

"Kurumi killed scums and punks. She got rid of the tumors plaguing society."

Wu Yan said that with a resolute look.

"Those people can stay dead for all I care."

Kurumi is glad to hear Wu Yan say that. Even Origami opened her eyes wide. She still took a defiant tone with him.

"As expected, I will never believe you."

"I didn't think you would."

Wu Yan waved his arm.

"I just want to know why you think I am the killer."

Origami didn't say a word. She stared at Wu Yan with a sharp gaze. Wu Yan stood up after coming up with an idea.

"Since you're not gonna talk, I have to use a more forceful method."

Before Origami can react, he grabbed Origami's head.

"Your memories, I will be reading them..."

Wu Yan closed his eyes. He channeled magic power and accessed her memories.


Origami wanted to free herself but a magic formation appeared near Wu Yan's palm.

The light turned into an explosion of light that temporarily blinded Origami.

Origami forgot to struggle.

When the light died down, Wu Yan unhanded Origami with a weird look on his face.

"You saw something?"

Kotori asked.


Wu Yan nodded. He looked very confused.

"Origami got footage from Westcott showing the exact moment of Origami's parents' deaths. It looks like I was the one who delivered the killing blows."


Miku stepped forward.

"Did they forge it?"


Wu Yan shook his head.

"Perhaps, but the footage looks raw and untampered."

"Don't tell me you think you killed their parents?"

Kotori frowned.

"You arrived in Tengu City just 6 months ago..."


Wu Yan is still puzzled.

Kurumi opened her mouth.

"Alright, let's go check it out then."

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