Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1245: Traveling back in time, the 12th Bullet, Yud Bet

"Why don't you go check it out?"

Kurumi's idea attracted everyone's attention. Origami is also shocked to hear that.

"Go take a look?"

Wu Yan hesitated.

"You mean..."


Kurumi nodded. She confirmed his suspicion with a smile.

"We can use the Twelfth bullet Yud Bet to go back in time to 5 years ago, when it all happened."

They all held their breaths.

The people here knew about Kurumi's powers except for Origami.

She is the Spirit of Time, she can manipulate time with her Angel Zafkiel. Each of the hour digits on her clock represented a different ability so she had twelve different abilities based on time and using time as the cost.

Her final bullet is the bullet to turn back time, one of the most OP abilities in existence.

The power to return to the past. That is already an ability only gods should have. They still couldn't fathom the concept.

To return to the past...

That feels like a dream.

Wu Yan fought against Kurumi and returned temporarily to the past, 5 years ago. It is because he traveled back in time that he knew it was possible.

Returning to the past is just so ridiculous that despite knowing about Kurumi's ability, the group still had trouble believing in time travel.

Origami who heard about Kurumi's ability also couldn't help but go into shock.

Wu Yan, the one who experienced the time travel, recovered first.

"The Twelfth bullet. Are you sure we should be using it to confirm something like that? Isn't that an overkill?"

"I don't think so."

Kurumi disagreed.

"Hubby-sama said you once returned to the past during the fight with me and you sealed Kotori's powers back then, right?"

Wu Yan nodded.

Kurumi turned serious.

"Then, isn't it possible that you accidentally killed Origami's parents 5 years ago?!"


Kotori retorted.

"You saw how Phantom erased my memories, right? Right until Onii-chan returned to the present, he was with me. He didn't even stray away to commit the alleged murder."

"No, when I returned to the past, there was a brief period where I wasn't by your side."

Wu Yan said.

"I appeared somewhere else and found Kotori after a while. I am by myself up until that point."

"In other words..."

Miku covered her mouth.

"Did you kill her parents in an accident?!"

"I cannot rule that possibility out."

"I don't remember the attack that led me there. I don't know for sure if I did or didn't kill Origami's parents..."


The spirits weren't sure how to respond.

"Thus, we need to go confirm with our own eyes."

Kurumi beamed at Wu Yan.

"Just to confirm if Wu Yan did the deed, I believe we already established the need to travel back in time, isn't that right?"

"Is that fine though?'

Wu Yan hesitated.

"The cost of the Twelfth bullet is extremely big, no? Kurumi, you..."

"Don't worry, the price is great. The price in terms of time grows more expensive the further the time destination in the past. However, with Hubby-sama here, we don't need to worry about the price..."

"But, you said the Twelfth and the Eleventh bullets consumed time and Reiryoku, right?"

Wu Yan frowned.

"The spirits all have to use Reiryoku, if you overuse it and depleted yourself then you might die!"

"If it's Reiryoku, maybe we can chip in?"

Kaguya offered herself.

"We have so many spirits here, isn't it enough to return Master to the past?"

"Agreed, Yuzuru is also willing to supply Reiryoku.'

"Me too!"

"I-I want to help too..."

"If Reiryoku is what Darling needs then I will contribute too!"

Yuzuru, Kaguya, Tohka, Yoshino, and Miku offered their powers without hesitation. Kurumi chuckled when she saw the camaraderie of her comrades.

"I am moved that everyone wishes to help. Don't worry, although the Yud Bet consumes an exorbitant amount of Reiryoku, it should still be possible to return someone to the past 5 years ago as opposed to 30 years ago."

Kurumi recited Yud Bet's abilities.

"Staying in the past also consumes Reiryoku. The longer we stay in the past, the more Reiryoku is needed to stay. However, since we are only exploring the time before and after Kotori's sealing, my Reiryoku is enough for that."

There was a brief moment of silence.


Wu Yan knew there was no helping it.

"I know you said you're going to be fine but don't go overboard, okay?"


Kurumi winked.

"Hubby-sama's concern makes me happy but I won't overdo it."


Wu Yan sighed. He unleashed Kurumi's powers.

Her red and black Astral Dress appeared the moment her powers returned.

She manifested her flintlock and musket.


Kurumi pointed her musket upwards.

"Zaphkiel, Twelfth bullet, Yud Bet!"

The giant clock behind her shined brightly.

Then, the light turned into a blackish-red hue that poured down from the 12th Roman Numeral on the clock.

The dark powers entered her musket and congealed into a bullet with an extremely dense Reiryoku contained within. The bullet contained so much power, it was leaking dark wisps of power.


Wu Yan yelled.

"Don't worry."

Kurumi grinned. She pointed her musket at Wu Yan. She pulled the trigger.


The black bullet hit Wu Yan's body.

The next instant, time twisted.

Wu Yan twisted along with the spatial-time distortion. He fell into that mini-blackhole and as the fissure grew, he disappeared beyond the fissure.

Finally, he disappeared.

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