Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1246: My power and my life, I share it with him

When the distortion in the space-time fabric disappeared, the clock also disappeared with the enveloped figure.


Sudden and intense fatigue assaulted Kurumi's mind. She staggered back.


The spirits supported her. Kotori is the first one to catch her.

"Hey, are you okay?!"

Kotori gasped when she saw the lethargic Kurumi.

"I thought you said Yud Bet wouldn't tire you out?"

"Yeah, were you lying to us?!"

"Y-you can't do that."

"Didn't Master tell you to not go overboard?!"

"Frustration, you're going to make Master feel very guilty if he sees you like this."

"You better keep your attitude in check or Darling is going to lecture you. Don't count on me to bail you out later..."

The spirits might have different comments but they still showed concern in their own unique mannerisms. Kurumi giggled when she heard their genuine concerns.

"Yud Bet can send people to the past. I can only set a general time coordinate and not a specific one. To ensure Hubby-sama arrives at the accurate juncture of time, I decided to send him back further so he has time to get his bearings, that was the reason for my extra Reiryoku expenditure."

"Are you okay?"

Kotori pursed her lips.

"We have so many spirits here, you could have borrowed Reiryoku from us, you didn't have to use your own powers. If Onii-san finds out, you won't hear the end of this from him..."

"True, Hubby-sama is too warm..."

Kurumi shook her head. She broke away from Kotori's support. She disarmed her Astral Dress.

"I am just a bit tired, it's no big issue."

The spirits examined Kurumi before loosening up when they confirmed that she is fine other than her slightly lowered energy levels.

Kaguya touched the spot where Wu Yan once stood. She can't help but quip.

"Did Master really go back in time to 5 years ago?"

"If I didn't mess up the time, yes..."

Kurumi tidied up her clothes and hair.

"I sent him back to the day Kotori turned into a spirit, around the same time Tengu city experienced the Great Tengu Fire."

"The 3rd of August!"

Origami lifted her head. Her eyes glimmered with a dangerous light.

She lost her vengeful edge and calmed down greatly. Her personality took a massive turn for the better.

"You sent him to the 3rd of August, 5 years ago, right?..."

Origami confirmed with Kotori.

Kotori snorted.

"Yes, that is the correct date."

"Good, then I sent him to the right time."

Kurumi nodded.

"If there are no accidents, hubby-sama should be back in a jiffy, don't worry about it."

"Question, is he really coming back?"

Yuzuru asked Kurumi.

"He won't be stranded in the past, right?"


Kurumi answered.

"It takes Reiryoku to send someone back and it also takes Reiryoku to keep someone in the past. That time is already decided when I fired my bullet. Once the energy is spent, hubby-sama will return even if he wants to stay there."

"How long did you set?"

Miku asked. Kurumi only giggled in response.

"The time there moves at a different pace. I can't be sure but it probably won't take him more than 30 minutes to return."

"Ah, phew."

Tohka and Yoshino sighed in relief.

"That's good to hear."

The other spirits looked at Wu Yan's time-jump spot. They waited for the one they loved to return.

Origami shouted out loud.

"Tokisaki Kurumi, lend me your power."

Origami's sudden request took the spirits by surprise.


Kurumi gasped.

"What was that?"

"I want to borrow your power."

Origami asked once again, her steely eyes beamed with passion.

"I want you to shoot me with that bullet that can send people to the past."

Tohka, Yoshino, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku were stunned by her abrupt request.

Is this the same expressionless Origami they knew?

Kotori and Kurumi exchanged a look.

"You want me to shoot you with Yud Bet?"


Origami continued looking at Kurumi fervently.

"Help me and I will do anything you ask me to."

"You want to go back in time too?!"

Kotori told Origami off.

"You want to change history and save your parents, correct?"

The other spirits inhaled deeply while Origami balled her palms into fists.

"Changing the past..."

Kurumi looked at Origami with a different look.

Going back in time, changing history...

How similar... It is like she is staring into a mirror.

Kurumi inhaled deeply too. She threw a sharp gaze in Origami's direction.

"If I say no?"

Origami trained her hawkish eyes on Kurumi.

"Then, I am going to make you say yes, no matter what methods I have to resort to."

The spirits could hear Origami's determination.

Given her personality, it is highly likely she would do anything to make Kurumi use her Yud Bet.

Origami is a smart girl, she can stay calm in most scenarios, just not when her parents are involved.

She is someone who would charge into traps if there is even a chance she can kill spirits, sometimes, this means going against her captain's order.

This calm girl will also go crazy when her sworn foe appears. She will attack regardless of civilians nearby.

If Origami's friends saw her, they would probably not recognize her, no?

Who could have imagined that the calm Origami will turn into a reckless fighter when triggered?

Kotori and Kurumi felt helpless.

"I might have helped you out if I was the old me. Even now, while I can use another bullet to send you back and survive the Reiryoku drain..."

Kurumi looked straight into her eyes.

"I will not help you."

Origami's eyes turned dark.


"Because my life isn't mine alone anymore."

Kurumi chortled. She gave her a radiant smile.

"My powers and my life, I share them with my hubby-sama..."

As if he heard her, the spot where Wu Yan materialized once more, space started distorting as an individual popped back into existence.

The spirits were happy to see him. However, upon seeing Wu Yan's expression, they became stunned.

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