Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1247: Proof, the video is true.

Wu Yan looked bitter.

He looked like he swallowed bitterbugs.

He came back with a dark look.

The spirits all tensed up when they sensed his mood.

Did Wu Yan really do something 5 years ago? Did his actions lead to the deaths of Origami's parents?

The spirits turned grim as Origami stared at Wu Yan with killing intent once more.

Origami looks like she wouldn't mind throwing herself at Wu Yan once he confirms her suspicion. She doesn't care about her own injuries, she will bury Wu Yan.







The spirits weren't sure how to approach this subject.

The spirits except for Kurumi and Kotori were panicky.

"What happened?"

Kotori asked.

"Are you feeling unwell after returning from the past?"

"If you feel bad then just say so."

Kurumi told Wu Yan with that ruby-red eyes of hers.

"I never used the Twelfth bullet so there might be side effects I am unaware of."

"Yeah, Shido..."

Tohka approached him anxiously.

"If you're feeling sick you've got to say, okay?"

"Even the Master of the Children of Typhoon can't help but fall prey to the fangs of pestilence sometimes..."

Kaguya said.

"Relax, I will not mock you because of your fragile health."

"Care, please don't hide Master's plight..."

Yuzuru leaned against Wu Yan's shoulder.

"That would make Yuzuru very sad..."

Yoshino said nothing. She just tugged his hand with a pair of very concerned sapphire eyes. Miku also hugged Wu Yan's arm to show support.

Wu Yan is very happy to see the spirits flock to his side. He beamed at them.

'I am okay."

Wu Yan chuckled while patting Miku's and Yoshino's heads.

"I am not fine."

Origami growled much to the other spirits' dismay.

"What did you do 5 years ago?"

The mood turned heavy once again as Origami interrogated him.

Wu Yan stored his smile away. He sighed.

"I did do something."

Origami bit her lips. She resisted her urge to kill while trembling.

"Did you kill my parents?"

Wu Yan looked into Origami's eyes before shutting his eyes.

"Even if I say no, you probably wouldn't believe me, right?"

Origami clenched her fists while leering at Wu Yan.

"So, you did kill my parents?"


Wu Yan shook his head.

"What you saw in the footage is true."

Origami exploded. She struggled to get up despite her aching body.

"Kill! I will kill you!"


Kotori frowned at Wu Yan.

"The footage was real? What about the truth?"

Wu Yan only admitted to the authenticity of the video, he never admitted the guilt of killing her parents.

"Origami does have the right to believe I killed her parents."

Wu Yan glanced at her.

"But, I didn't kill her parents."

The other spirits turned cheerful while Origami stared at Wu Yan with frosty eyes.

"Even if you say that, I don't buy it..."

"You went back in time, no? Show me the proof."

"You want proof?"

Wu Yan nodded. A blinding white light covered Origami when he pointed his index finger at her.

Origami can feel her injuries recovering rapidly under this white light. Wu Yan healed her and she recovered greatly. Now, aside from fatigue, she feels fine.

He used Divine Angel's ability which belonged to Kanon to heal up Origami.

"You want to know the truth? Come with me..."

Wu Yan left the isolation room with Yoshino and Miku in tow. The other spirits also followed him. Origami hesitated before following him out of the patient's room.

After Origami left, Wu Yan led them to a deserted location in Tengu city. This place had wild plants and trees all over the place.

These kinds of desolated locations are quite common given the spacequake-struck city's history.

But, today, there is no one near this place. They were all probably still busy with the Tenou Festival.

Wu Yan went past the bushes and deeper into the isolated grove.

Wu Yan stopped as he looked around.

"Should be around here somewhere..."

"And, where is your proof?"

Origami cut straight into the heart of the matter.

"Where is it?"

Wu Yan channeled mana as he stared at the plain in front of him.

He swung his magic fist down.


His magical punch blew away the nearby trees and ground. He didn't care about ecological preservation. With another wave, a surge of magical power appeared once more.

Two large ice blocks were extracted from the dust cloud in front of them.

"Blocks of ice?"

The spirits got closer to examine the ice blocks. Their eyes widened in shock.


Origami couldn't believe her eyes.

Origami mumbled in disbelief.

"Mother... Father..."

Encased in the two ice blocks are the parents Origami thought she lost in the great fire five years ago.


The spirits also couldn't believe their eyes.

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