Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1248: Irrelevance? Observation and surveillance.

Wu Yan lost his consciousness for a second when the Yod Bet hit him.

Wu Yan returned to reality only to be greeted by immense dizziness.

Rather than nausea, it is more like Wu Yan felt his body being folded into inhuman shapes when the Twelfth bullet hit him.

There is also another reason for his apparent loss of coordination.

He is in the air.

Driven by gravity, he is falling head-first.

Wu Yan used a flight spell to stop in the air.


Shaking off the initial time lag, Wu Yan floated in the air with furrowed brows.

"Wh-where am I?"

Wu Yan looked around only to see a city dyed in the golden glow of sunset. The sun also looked blood-red.


Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

"So, it should be around 6 pm?"

He saw multiple buildings, individuals, and cars moving around in the busy city.

Wu Yan can faintly see the figure of Tengu City in this older city.

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"Looks like I got sent back to the 3rd of August, five years ago..."

The day Kotori got turned into a flame spirit.

The same day Origami's parents died.

"I see..."

Wu Yan sighed.

"To think I went back in time again..."

Wu Yan shook away his thoughts. He recalled what he came here to do.

He is here to find proof that he didn't kill Origami's parents.

Five years ago, Wu Yan technically didn't exist yet. He didn't even get the System that changed his life drastically. He was still an Otaku living his normal bland life. How would an Otaku be able to cross universes and kill her parents?

Wu Yan snorted at the notion.

But, Kurmi did raise a good point. He accidentally went back in time 5 years ago.

There is a slight chance he might have misfired and killed her parents.

Wu Yan recalled he only used flight spells back then. He doesn't recall firing anything that could remotely kill civilians.

However, in the footage, it did look like Wu Yan is firing a beam to kill her parents.

Wu Yan can't make heads or tails of what he saw. Otherwise, he wouldn't have wasted Kurumi's time and Reiryoku to come back and confirm something he already knew.

Wu Yan also wanted to confirm one more thing.

He turned into a blur as he went to the spot where his first time travel self will land.

He wanted to check on himself.

He only needs to observe and make sure that his first time-traveling self didn't do it.

Just like back then, he isn't sure how long he can stay so time is of the essence.

Wu Yan flew to that spot when an alarm rang.

It isn't the spacequake alarm, it's the fire alarm.

Wu Yan felt the temperature around him soar as the city turned into a deeper hue of red.

As Wu Yan predicted...

Tengu City got engulfed in a great fire.

Buildings were on fire.

Flames raged everywhere.

Firefighters, police, people screaming, the chaotic sound of people running for their lives, he can hear everything. It looked like a scene from hell.

Wu Yan sighed. He turned his head the other way hesitantly.

With his current powers, wiping out this great fire is as easy as taking candy from a baby.

But, that would change history.

Wu Yan didn't want to cause a dramatic shift in future events by changing an event as significant as this. He isn't sure he can control the future events if the great fire didn't happen. He closed his eyes and flew toward his destination.

Then, he sensed a disturbance in the aura around him. He used an advanced cloak spell to hide himself.

The next second, a familiar guy appeared.

He saw himself, specifically, the him that returned to Tengu city during the fight with Kotori.

Wu Yan followed his past self after he is done freaking out.

He was only a True Ancestor below tier 8 at the time. He is not in possession of the Red Jade mode or the powerful vassal Beasts he has. At the time, his Eternal Arms Mastery and True Ancestor bloodline made him a formidable foe for average tier 8. But, Wu Yan can snuff his past self out of existence in his current state.

He tagged his past self as he trailed him.

Alas, Wu Yan is disappointed by what he saw.

Indeed, his past self did nothing but fly around. He flew to the center of the flames where Kotori is crying by herself.

At this point, this would have debunked the theory that he killed Origami's parents.

He sealed Kotori's power and that was that. He returned to the current time.

But, his past self did as he recalled, he didn't fire any attacks that could have killed mortals. He wasn't anywhere close to the spot indicated in the footage.

Was that footage fake?

Wu Yan observed his past self pacifying the young Kotori and sealing her. He slowly floated into the air as Kotori-chan cried for him to stay. But, his past self disappeared nonetheless.

Wu Yan sighed after seeing Phantom wipe Kotori's memories.

Wu Yan wasn't thrilled to see this outcome.

Just who did kill Origami's parents?

How is he going to solve the other question in his mind?

Wu Yan flew in another direction as uncertainty gripped him.

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