Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1249: to save or not to save? A whim...

Origami is a sad and pitiful girl.

She lived a happy and peaceful life until one day, her life went up in flames. Her parents got engulfed while she escaped death. How is an 11-year-old supposed to cope with something like that?

Naturally, reality can be cruel but nothing can be done if her parents already died. If this event didn't come to pass, perhaps Origami could avoid her tragic journey down the slippery path of vengeance.

Most unfortunate of all, she saw her killer.

That gave her the motivation to pursue this path of mutual destruction.

Hatred, that is the dominating concept that drove Origami for the past 5 years.

She turned herself into the specter of vengeance after seeing the deaths of her parents.

To exact vengeance, she walked a path no other girls her age should walk. She became a superhuman magician.

For vengeance, she threw herself into constant battles and training unimaginable to other humans just so she can get her hands on the power to pursue her parents' killer.

She turned herself into a hunter of monsters.

She invested the time, the energy, and every ounce of her soul to walk this tragic path.

That isn't even the saddest thing.

Wu Yan who is familiar with the original work knew what lay at the end of her road of vengeance. The real killer in the original work wasn't any spirit she knew, it wasn't Kotori, it was her.

The future Origami killed her own parents.

Wu Yan recalled how Origami met the Phantom and got her hands on a Sephira crystal.

Then, she requested Kurumi to send her back in time to find and prevent the deaths of her parents by killing Phantom whom she mistakenly assumed to be the killer. She misfired and killed her parents.

That drove her over the edge.

Due to accidentally killing her own parents, she completely lost her mind.

The killer she was chasing was herself all along.

Who would have thought the killer she swore to kill was herself?

She chased power and put herself through hell for five years only to see her future self kill her parents.

Wu Yan saw this when Phantom tried to give her the Sephira Crystal. He interrupted and stole her gem. He didn't want to see that happen to Origami.

By changing that, he somehow modified the course of time and history and made it look like he killed her parents instead.

Without the power of spirits and Kurumi's help, he denied her the chance to even become her parents' killer. However, things still developed outside of his expectation.

This is the second reason he came back to the past.

One: To prove he isn't the killer.

Two: To verify that Origami didn't become her parents' killer.

Luckily, he read Origami's mind and got her old house's location.

Like an arrow of light, he charged straight for Origami's house.

Tengu city is big but Wu Yan still arrived at the destination without much trouble.

He is currently hovering over Origami's house.

The house is up in flames while smoke blurred his vision.

Wu Yan can tell this building wouldn't last any longer than it is. There is a middle-aged man covering a woman near him. They were running out of the house.

Origami's parents.

Wu Yan couldn't help but sigh in relief.

Her parents aren't dead yet.

Then, something happened.

A pillar fell under the heat and the building started collapsing.

Her parents won't make it in time to escape.

Wu Yan waved his hand and blew away the structure using his magic.

He was a step too late.

One of the debris hit her father.

Her parents passed out when the debris hit them.

Wu Yan almost zipped into the collapsed building to save her parents but he realized something.

Would this change the future?

If he allowed them to die then it is just an accident, right?

She won't have to live in vengeance if an accident killed her parents, right?

The problem wouldn't be solved in the end if Kotori got blamed for her parents' death. She might turn her aggression towards Kotori.

Fine, then he just has to rescue her parents.

This could still come back and bite him in the butt.

At least, in the present, her parents are already dead. That is why Origami became a magician.

If he saved them then she would probably not become a magician and cause a lot of disturbance down the road.

Now, he is faced with two options: save her parents or not. Time isn't going to wait for Wu Yan to make a decision. Her parents are going to die in that fire if he delays too long.

Do I save them or not?

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