Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1250: A plot. The truth.

Saving Origami's parents will change the course of history, the butterfly effect might cause something drastic to happen. It might even affect the bonds he has with his current girls.

Letting Origami's parents die like this also isn't an option as she will still be plagued by her desire for revenge.

Wu Yan isn't going to risk both.

If he had to choose then he would prefer the current status quo over Origami's wellbeing.

Origami is just Wu Yan's classmate. He has no reason to go out of his way to help her. They fought on multiple occasions so he has no reason to play nice with someone like her.

But, somewhere deep down, he knew he needed to do something.

Some might call him out on his messiah complex but he didn't want to see Origami continue on her self-destruction.

With the flames encroaching on Origami's parents, he decided to save her parents.

However, he is going to be smart with this.

He needs a solution that will lead to the optimal outcome.

Wu Yan's brain worked rapidly, he focused on ways to save both Origami's parents and his current present.

He can only stay here for a finite time.

Wu Yan isn't sure how long he has left.

This isn't easy, he is racing against time and saving Origami's parents.

He bitterly laughed after confirming her parents' well-being.

Yakumo probably could find the solution.

Heck, even Shokuhou can come up with a good plan given the constraints.

How to save her parents and preserve the present?

He clenched his fists as sweat came pouring out.

To preserve the future, her parents must disappear for 5 years.

Origami must assume a spirit killed her parents.

Wu Yan needs to save her parents while making sure they won't be in Origami's life for 5 years.

He must also do it while letting Origami see him.

5 years later, he will reveal it to Origami.

He can save her parents and preserve the 5 years up until that point of revelation.

How would he go about doing that?

Wu Yan has a way to make her parents disappear for five years.

How will he get spirits to "kill" her parents?

Get Kotori or Phantom to help?

That is almost impossible.

Wu Yan has to do it himself.

But, he is not a spirit...

Wait, no...

Wu Yan had an idea.

He is a spirit in this world.

Wu Yan made up his mind with a bitter smile.

"I see, so that's how the footage came about.

Wu Yan sighed.

"Dang it, I feel like I just got scammed."

Wu Yan inhaled deeply. He disappeared into the building where her parents were trapped in.

Wu Yan checked their vitalities with his fingers near their noses.

"Ah, they are still alive.

He unleashed white light on the parents and healed their burns and lacerations. It didn't take him long to heal the two humans.

Wu Yan stored his Divine Angel's healing away. In another flash, he disappeared with her parents.

"W-what in the world?"

Origami who had shoulder-length white hair stared in despair as her house turned into ashes and coal in front of her.

"Dad! Mom!"

Origami cried out in desperation. She wanted them to respond.

She is still a kid so she lacked the courage to jump into the sea of flames.

"Dad! Mom!"

Origami kept crying and sobbing. Her desperation and despair became immeasurable. A deafening boom overwhelmed her.

Somebody kicked open the door to her house.

Her father carried her mom by the shoulders as they rushed out.

"Dad! Mom!"

Origami is happy to see her parents here. She wanted to rush over when a pillar of flames descended from the heavens.


The flame pillar engulfed her parents. Origami got sent flying by the shockwave. In her brief moment of pain, she looked away only for her parents to disappear.

They were gone.

There is only a huge hole in the ground.

Her vision shook as her world collapsed around her.

"Wh-what just?..."

Origami looked up to see the culprit that did this. Her pupils shrunk the moment she saw the perpetrator.

It is him!

This godlike individual in the sky killed her parents.

Consumed by rage, she roared at the killer in the sky. She declared undying vengeance against the assailant.

"I will kill you... You!!! I will kill you one day!"


After the flame laser hit the ground, he dispelled the illusion of her parents. He sighed after looking at the young Origami who he had just cast into the abyss of darkness of revenge.

Five years, the price of peace and her parents is 5 years of misery. It pained him that this is the best compromise he can find.

"I hope you will regain your smile in the future."

Wu Yan watched Origami before he suddenly vanished. It happened just as he turned around.

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