Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1251: Saying goodbye to the tears of the past

As the flame died down and the crimson red flames receded, Tengu City was left in a chaotic state.

The mysterious fire came under control a little too late. Buildings were burned down and the streets were charred black.

Even with Realizers, reconstruction of Tengu City won't be easy.

The wilderness away from the city escaped relatively unharmed. However, there are still spots that were licked black by the raging flames.

This is the perfect place for Wu Yan's plot.

He carried Origami's parents while teleporting around to find a place to stash Origami's parents. He manifested a whip made of magic and he whipped the ground.


In an instant, he dug a huge hole with magic. Dust clouded his vision for a second before he blew them away with magic once more. He had created the hole and it was big enough for the purpose of stashing away Origami's parents.

He squatted down.

"Sorry, guys, I am going to need you two to sleep for five years. It is for your sake and your daughter's sake. Please forgive me..."

Wu Yan used Alrescha Glacies to freeze them. He did this after waking up his sleeping vassal beast.

Chilling mist fell from his palm and covered Origami's parents. In almost no time at all, he encased her parents in permafrost. The two individuals got frozen up in an ice block about the size of cars.

He threw the two blocks of ice into the hole. He is going to hide them for five years.

Wu Yan will return to the present after the Yod Bet's power runs out. However, he can't bring them home with him so this is the alternative he thought of.

When Origami sees her parents after five years...

Wu Yan sealed the hole with magic soil and rocks. The two blocks of ice are now effectively hidden from the rest of the world.

Wu Yan tapped the ground as he grew plants over there. It was like he didn't dig a hole here in the first place.

Nobody would think a couple was buried here.

He also set up multiple barriers and cloaking wards. He didn't want spacequakes or other people to detect or compromise this hideout. He wiped away his sweat with a bitter laugh.

"Alright, now I need to go back and explain myself."

Wu Yan's time ran out and a time portal opened up to consume him.

"Anyway, that was how I did it."

Wu Yan patted the two five-year-old ice blocks. He grinned bitterly.

"Yes, what you saw in the footage was real, I did attack your parents."

"But, you only killed two illusions?"

Kotori sighed.

"You sure went out of your way..."

"So, you went back and the past didn't change."

Kurumi mumbled.

She had other thoughts.

"So, we learned that going back in time won't change the past as the present will change in unpredictable manners. In the end, you still have to live with the present and embrace history..."

The spirits looked at Kurumi with worried looks. She smiled when she sensed the concerned looks.


Origami touched the ice blocks.

"My parents can still come back..."

Origami stared at the ice blocks like she needed an anchor to reality. She kept her eyes on the blocks lest they disappeared once more. Wu Yan lowered his tone.

"Your parents were never dead."

"Th-they are alive..."

Origami stared at the ice blocks like a broken doll. She became overwhelmed with emotions.

"Yes, your parents are alive."

Wu Yan watched as Origami grabbed his shoulders using her slightly frostbit hands.

"Hurry! Let them out!"

Wu Yan  nodded and he pointed his palms at the ice blocks.

A magical blue light covered the ice blocks. Slowly, the magical ice melted away.

Without any cracks or accidents, the ice blocks melted away. The magical ice evaporated without leaving any trace behind.

Wu Yan used a radiant white light on the couple.

The couple's eyelids twitched after a short while of healing.

Origami glomped them immediately.

"Mom! Dad!"

The couples woke up.

They looked around in a daze, their heads are still hurting for some reason.

"Where are we?"

Origami couldn't hold her emotions back anymore.

"Dad! Mom!"

She sobbed in her parents' embrace. It is like somebody destroyed a dam of pent-up feelings.


Origami cried like the girl she was, five years ago. Wu Yan & co exchanged a look before smiling. Origami completely unlocked the young lady within her heart as she cried her heart out.

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