Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1252: Help me. Let me repay you.

'Meet me in the clocktower during the final night Tenou festival.

Wu Yan scratched his cheek as he read the information he got from his screen.

It is now three days after Origami attacked Wu Yan during the Tenou festival.

These three days were ghoulish for Wu Yan.

Phantom appeared, Fraxinus got attacked by DEDM, and they had to clean up the mess Origami created. He even went back in time to five years ago to tie up loose ends and save Origami's parents.

Although it has been 3 days, Wu Yan has yet to recover from the series of events.

Origami and her parents were escorted to the Fraxinus. Wu Yan lost contact after that.

Origami is the one who invited him out, this is surprising because Wu Yan can't tell what that crazy emotionless girl will do now.

The high school students aren't having a good time either.

Although their memories were wiped, the memory that they have to finish the festival stayed intact. They don't remember spirits and magicians but a mysterious explosion canceled their events.

They were so close to finishing the event so nobody wanted to call it quits like this.

The students fervently protested for another chance to finish the grand festival. The spirits also kept bothering Kotori so she pulled some strings and delayed the final day of the festival to three days later.

The students were happy with this outcome. However, they have to wait three days. They are happy that they got to prepare for the final day of the Tenou festival and enjoy it in the end.

The students are still clamoring even as the sun is starting to set beyond the horizon.

Soon, the noise died down and the plaza got locked up. Wu Yan confirmed that the last staff went home before finding entry points. Without an unlocked door, Wu Yan just used his teleport spell to go to the top floor of the clock tower there.

He flashed onto the highest floor. Under the golden glows of sunset, a young lady in a short-sleeved shirt entered his sight. She looked into the distance while holding her fluttering hair at bay. She looked like a total knockout.

Wu Yan thought an angel had descended. Then, the young lady turned around to look at him with those calm blue eyes of hers.

Origami spotted the same expressionless look but her air felt different.

The air around is more vibrant and there isn't suffocating negativity that made people uncomfortable.

Origami unfurled the shackles of hate and pitiful vengeance. She regained her past self.

If there is just one flaw then it is the fact that she still can't smile.

Origami said nothing. Wu Yan also said nothing. They just stared at each other as if they can communicate through telepathy.

It is hard to imagine these two fought to the death a few days ago.

Origami broke the silence first. She approached Wu Yan as she bowed apologetically.

"Thank you... And, sorry."

She thanked and apologized to him at the same time.

It is not hard to imagine why she is thankful.

She was basically given a new lease on life.

Wu Yan chortled while shaking his head.

"Sure, don't worry about it..."

"You saved me."

Origami said.

"I will never forget this."

"I mean..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheeks.

"I think I only remember saving your parents."

"That is the same as saving me"

Origami replied without mincing her words.

"You gave me salvation..."

"I did?"

Wu Yan can't help but feel a bit awkward when someone thanked him earnestly like this.

"Are your parents doing okay?"

"They are more or less back to normal. Due to sleeping too long, their motor skills are a bit impaired but that isn't something a little physical therapy can't solve."

Origami reported with bright eyes.

"Ratatoskr also made up a story about how they were in a coma for five years. My parents will be able to live normal lives after integrating with society once more."

"And, you?"

Wu Yan said.

"Your parents are probably still dealing with how the cute little girl they knew suddenly became a stunning young lady, right?"

"They are still dealing with my apparent emotionless face."

Origami said. Wu Yan laughed out loud.

"Then, just smile more. Don't make people think your parents messed up on your parenting."

"I won't."

Origami said.

"My parents love me all the same."

"Your parents are awesome."

Wu Yan said.

"I can see why you would go to hell for them."

"They are the best parents in the world."

Origami said with a cheerful tone.

Origami suddenly declared out loud.

"I am leaving AST and joining Ratatoskr."

Wu Yan frowned.

"Are you sure?"

"I can't leave my old life behind."

Origami shook her head.

"I want to live like a normal girl but I am not used to living without my magician skills."

Origami got closer.

"Kotori also approved my application. She said I have excellent fighting capabilities and she agreed that this is one way I could pay off my debt of goodwill to you."

"Jeez, Kotori..."

Wu Yan bitterly grinned.

"However, are you really sure about this?"

"I underwent forceful operations to improve my Maryoku. I only have about a year left."

Origami changed the topic.

"Kotori said you can heal my damaged body. I don't want to miss out on my second life with my parents. Please, allow me to be at your service..."

"I am yours from now on."

Origami bowed one more time.

"Please help me and let me repay you."


Wu Yan sighed in frustration. He rolled his eyes att her.

"Don't regret this. I am a man with a magnet for troubles."


Origami sounded happy as she agreed to serve Wu Yan. The sun slowly set, drawing a curtain on this saga.

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