Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1255: I don't have time to play with you

Tengu City, on a certain street...

On a busy street, a slender woman is running through the street at inhuman speed. She is running in a certain direction.

This person is none other than Mira who escaped Ratatoskr.

She is making her way to the AST JSDGF base.

She suppressed her Territory to her skin and sped up her movements through magical propulsion and friction reduction.

She wants to make it back before Ratatoskr catches up with her. This is the only way she can guarantee her safety.

She sneaked out when Ratatoskr's defense was at its weakest. However, once the people with power, the people she is terrified of, gets wind of her escape, she will be captured in no time at all.

Ellen felt very bitter.

As the strongest magician, she never imagined the day would come that she would have to scamper around like a rat.

But, what can she do?

Itsuka Shido, Minamiya Natsuki, Kotori Shido, these 3 people can defeat her with margins to spare. She felt like a helpless baby in front of them.

As much as she hated it, she had to endure this humiliation. She is just not strong enough to do anything about it.

Even at her current speed, it is highly doubtful if she can make it back to the base before her enemies find her.

"I have no choice..."

Ellen ducked into an alley and within seconds, burst out in her Pendragon CR-unit. Then, she took the sky like a jet and went straight for the AST base.

Her Pendragon allowed her to reach speeds several times her usual speed. She recalled the thing Wu Yan told her

'You have two choices.'

'Tell me where is Westcott and I will beat him up but he will be alive at the end of the day."

"Second, you can stay quiet and I will find Westcott on my own. Once I do, you best have a funeral plot ready."

That threat is clear. Ellen couldn't take his words lightly.

She flew away at a faster speed.

Tengu city, AST's base...

Westcott sat on his luxurious sofa without his smug grin. This is a feat that would seem scary to those who knew him.

This isn't his usual attitude.

His most powerful aide just got captured by Ratatoskr.

This is a serious blow.

He is someone who can handle anything reality throw at him. However, this time is different.

Westcott is acting out of his usual range of behavior.

Westcott's feelings are easy to guess.

Alas, he sensed someone approaching and he put on his usual shit-eating grin.


At the same time, someone kicked the door open in a very rude fashion. Her forehead was drenched in sweat. It is easy to see that she used up a lot of her energy just to reach this play.

"Oh~ You're back."

Westcott laughed as he welcomed her back.

"As expected, even Itsuka Shido can't keep you at bay."

"No, he only talked to him, he wasn't directly involved in the prisoning process."

She calmed herself.

"Isaac, I need to tell you something..."

"Itsuka Kotori, is it?"

Westcott leaned back against his sofa.

"Yeah, the magicians already told me about it. I didn't think she had the power to defeat you too."

Ellen sighed.

"Isaac, what do we do?"

"Shido, Kotori, and Natsuki are people we can't defeat, their powers are beyond our levels. Can we really catch these people?"

"Truly, this is abnormal."

Westcott's eyes had a sharp glint.

"It seems like those spirits around Shido got stronger, they exhibited powers beyond our initial estimates. I think Shido has something to do with this."

Ellen nodded. He had a point.

DEM fought multiple times against spirits. Ellen also fought against spirits before. However, her previous experience cannot compare with the fights she had with Wu Yan & co. The spirits around Wu Yan are on another level.

It makes Westcott and Ellen suspect that Wu Yan played a role.

DEM noticed that Wu Yan somehow reached the spirits before them and sealed the spirits too. Wu Yan also attached himself to the lesser-known Ratatoskr organization.

Wu Yan's name appeared in every incident report that resulted in an operational failure. It is immediately obvious that Wu Yan is the key tripping stone stopping Westcott and Ellen from their objectives.

"That man, he is special..."

Westcott rubbed his chin.

"If we can unveil his secrets..."


Ellen raised her voice.

"I know what you're thinking. However, that man is too dangerous. We cannot do anything about him."


Westcott felt frustrated. However, he laughed it off.

"In another way of speaking, aren't we supposed to go after powerful spirits?"


Ellen wanted to retort but she recalled Westcott's true objective.

"It's fine..."

Westcott assured Ellen with a grin.

"Powerful people have weaknesses. Spirits have weak spots too. We will find his weak spot sooner or later. We also have more people on our side. They only have Ratatoskr backing them up. Even if that Baldwin guy is helping them..."

"Just wait."

Westcott's sound echoed in the room.

"We just can't find the gap yet. If the chance presents itself, we will seize it..."

"I am used to playing the waiting game anyway..."

A playful snide remark entered his ear at the same time.

"Too bad for you, I don't have the time to play with you..."

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