Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1257: Venting one's anger, I won't go easy next time


Ellen’s Maryoku circulation got disrupted due to this psychological shock. This caused a momentary weakness in her blade strength.

Origami’s eyes shone for a second.

Ellen felt a shift in the Territory near her. She noticed her lowered guard before quickly reacting with a quick sword draw.


Her defensive slash intercepted Origami’s slash. Sparks flew between the two swordswomen.

Her poorly-coordinated slash failed to completely parry Origami’s slash. She flew back from the shockwave.

Gnashing her teeth, she used her thrusters to stop herself. She tried to put some distance between herself and Origami. However, an invisible wall stopped her.

A Territory was summoned between her retreat route and her back.


Ellen looked back with sharp eyes.

“Don’t underestimate me!”

Ellen expanded her Territory to smash the blockade away.

This is why she lost.

“It’s the end of the line for you…”

Ellen looked up to see Origami flying toward her at full speed.

Ellen’s Territory has the densest concentration among magicians.

Even Origami couldn’t possibly cut open Ellen’s poorly-constructed defensive barrier.

However, Ellen expanded her barrier too much.

The density of a Territory is inversely correlated to its effective area.

The larger a territory, the less dense it is. The smaller the territory, the denser the ensuing Territory.

Her defense weakened when she expanded her barrier.

Ellen screwed up when she expanded her Territory. Her normal barrier would have been able to defend against Origami despite a full-powered attack from Mordred.

Origami already split open her defensive barrier. Origami had her blade on Ellen’s neck.

She finally lost to another Magician.

Ellen couldn’t believe what had transpired.

“You let down your guard…”

Origami spelled out the reason for her defeat.

“I didn’t think the world’s strongest Magician would be naive enough to let her attention be diverted in a fight. You are stronger but your temporary weakness led to your downfall. I am not kind enough to let a chance like that slip by…”


Ellen wanted to resist but the cold blade near her neck drew a thin red line on her neck, she is bleeding slightly.

“You can’t even control your emotions when you lose?”

Origami asked.

“Don’t move. Calm down, don’t embarrass yourself further.”

Ellen hated being talked down to like this. However, she can’t afford to move rashly. Wu Yan still has Westcott.

She is in no position to worry about another in this situation.

As Westcott slowly suffocated, Ellen started panicking. At just the right moment, Wu Yan released his iron grip. Westcott fell down panting at his feet.


Westcott coughed but a kick sent him firmly into the ground.


Ellen’s eyes turned bloodshot.

Westcott never got hurt during Ellen’s tenure.

However, even if she is present, she can do nothing to prevent Westcott’s abuse at the hands of his captor.

Ellen almost lost her cool again.

She has failed her job.


Westcott felt like someone just smashed an entire mountain into his chest. His face turned red and the capillaries in his eyes expanded, giving him red eyes.

However, he laughed.

The maniac still can laugh.

“This feeling… I can feel Death drawing closer…”

Westcott looked up at Wu Yan. He still had that nasty grin despite the pain inflicted upon him.

“How long has it been? How nostalgic… this feeling…”

Wu Yan couldn’t fathom the guy’s logic. He asked Origami.

“Hey, do I look so harmless? Why is this man laughing when I am beating him up?”

“It’s probably personal.”

Origami calmly reflected.

“DEM’s MD can laugh in the face of Death, that is what we established…”

“I see…”

Wu Yan rubbed his chin.

“So, we can’t let him die or we will just be granting his wish.”

“He is not afraid of death.”

Origami ignored her captive.

“At least, If I were him, I would rather die.”


Wu Yan stomped harder on Westcott. Westcott still maintained his grin despite having a grown man stomping his chest.

“Hmm, I wonder how I should vent my frustration?”

Westcott wants to say something but without oxygen, he couldn’t utter a single word.

Westcott continued wearing his sarcastic smile.

Disgusted, Wu Yan unleashed a magic beam with an arm swipe.

The magical beam cut into Westcott’s shoulder.

With a nasty sound, Westcott’s entire arm got chopped off.


Blood spilled everywhere as Westcott got literally disarmed.

He yelled in pain.


Ellen rushed towards Isaac despite being caught near Origami’s sword.

Origami did a roundhouse kick on Ellen’s stomach.


Ellen got sent near the shrieking Westcott with that kick. He is definitely wincing in pain now.

Wu Yan looked at Westcott who squirmed in pain near his feet. Disinterested, he turned around to leave the room.

“I won’t go easy on you the next time.”

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