Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1260: A reason? the infinite possibilities for spirits

Tengu City, JSGDF AST base.

A figure emerged out of nowhere near the entrance. His coat fluttered slightly when he landed, giving him a stylish air.

Wu Yan looked around the entrance to the AST base, he took out his phone. He didn’t dial anyone, he just placed it near his ear.

Wu Yan soon heard the voice he was waiting for.

“Do I call you Shido-kun or Wu Yan-kun?”

“I don’t care. Those are my names.”

Wu Yan shrugged. He sighed with annoyance.

“And? You’ve got something to say to me?”

“You told Kotori to persuade me from killing Westcott or Ellen. I am going to need a good excuse or I am going to get very angry, Woodman-sama…”

“Reason, eh?”

Woodman also sighed.

“I have rational and emotional answers, which one do you want to hear?”

“You still have emotional reasons when sparing your enemies? I thought you would know better than this.”

Wu Yan frowned.

“Now, let me hear your reasons…”

“Well, basically, Westcott’s time isn’t here yet.”

Woodman said."That is as far as my rational reason goes, I am afraid."

"I asked why you had an emotional reason."

Wu Yan mused out loud.

"Woodman-sama, you're not trying pranking me, right?"

"No, I am serious."

Woodman replied.

"You will know down the road. However, Westcott is forging a path that is beneficial to us."

"So you want to keep him alive? I gave you fewer credits than is due, strategist..."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"And, why do you want to keep that bastard alive? Emotionally speaking..."

Woodman turned silent. After a short while, Woodman resumed.

"In the past, we were comrades..."


Wu Yan flinched.


"It's a bad habit to snoop around someone's past, Wu Yan-kun..."

Woodman chuckled.

"Just treat it as a request from an old man and his uselessly large heart."

"A compassionate heart?"

Wu Yan laughed.


Woodman also laughed out loud.

"Sparing Westcott's life should be easy for someone as powerful as Wu Yan-kun, no?"

"Not for me."

"There are spirits near me that might not be strong enough to fend off DEM's assault. If Westcott catches them then they will be greatly imperiled. Do you want me to cry a river of regretful tears when that comes to pass?"

"You say that but..."

Woodman chortled.

"It feels like you never treated Westcott seriously."


Wu Yan grinned.

"How so?"

"If you truly felt like the spirits around you are in danger, you would have ignored my advice and killed Westcott, no matter what Kotori said, right?"

Woodman read Wu Yan's mind.

"You swore to act against us should the welfare of spirits be put on the chopping block..."

Wu Yan scratched his cheek. He sighed in frustration.

"You old fox."

"I am just piecing together the few clues on the table."

Woodman replied.

"Granted, I still don't know why you treat Westcott like dust. He is, as you said, a dangerous person who wants to obtain the power of spirits. The spirits are still in danger as he is still eyeing them, the spirits are also not powerful enough to ignore the threat posed by DEM..."

"What makes you so sure you can handle whatever he throws at you?"

Woodman voiced his curiosity.

"Enlighten me..."

"Right back at you."

Wu Yan snickered.

"You will know in due time."

"As mysterious as ever..."

Woodman backed off.

"Youngster, veiling yourself in secrets will do you no good..."

"Well, the explanation is too long so I can't be bothered..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Anyway, the spirits might not be able to stand up to DEM for now. That doesn't mean they can't do so in the future..."

Yes, there is a possibility of growth.

Wu Yan will turn the spirits into his summons. His summons all enjoy unlimited growth and potential.

With battles and EXP, the spirits will grow stronger until each and every one of them becomes stronger than Ellen and DEM. They will become so strong DEM can't touch them.

The spirits can look forward to infinite possibilities.

In the end, Westcott is an obstacle. However, he is a wall that can be demolished.

Even if Wu Yan stays on the sideline, the result will be the same...

DEM will keep finding opportunities to kidnap and capture the spirits. But, little do they know, they are just fodders for the spirits to level up.

Alas, Woodman will also never find out.


Woodman took Wu Yan's words at face value. It is his turn to dismiss Wu Yan's words.

"Anyway, we are more or less done with your massive Realizer order. I will notify you when they are ready for pick up."

Wu Yan psyched himself up. He smiled brightly.

"Thanks, pops..."

"We will hold up our end of the bargain. Plus, this also benefits our side so..."

Woodman accepted his thanks.

"Until we meet again..."


Wu Yan hung up.

"With age comes wisdom and wit, even the kindest fox are still sly foxes..."

Wu Yan mused to himself.

Origami came out of the base. She walked over to Wu Yan with a cold expression.

Wu Yan can detect a faint warmth beneath that cold façade of hers.

"Done with things on your end?"

Origami nodded.

"I will never leave your side now..."


Wu Yan teased her.

"If Shiori heard you then she's going to be confused..."

"It's okay."

Origami replied.

"If it's you then it's fine."

"No, I think it's not."

Wu Yan started sweating. He cautiously raised a question.

"Are you... bi? Like Miku, you're cool going down on both Shiori and I?"

Wu Yan regretted that.

Origami flashed a dangerous look.

Wu Yan stepped back as he sensed danger. Origami grabbed his collar.

"Don't touch Shiori!"


"You cannot sully Shiori!"

Origami declared.

"In return, you may do as you wish with me."

Droplets of cold sweat rolled down Wu Yan's temples...

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