Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1297

Ansullivan, Seventh Dragon Dorm…

In Lancelot’s room, a dragon with white fur lay on the floor. It is currently enjoying a massive chunk of beef meat while slobbering. It is apparently in a very good mood.

Silvia in her school uniform is currently rubbing the dragon’s torso while struggling with her own internal turmoil.

Lancelot isn’t a gluttonous dragon, the dragon is also a picky eater, no normal food can make it so happy.

However, the dragon waits for its food like an excited puppy. It is also veritably anxious whenever its food is slow to come.

Due to this, its performance during drills improved drastically, Silvia can tell.

Lancelot’s carefully designed and cooked food regime is the main cause of this improvement.

And, the cook is none other than Wu Yan.

Lancelot became a loyal fan of Wu Yan’s culinary skills. Everything he cooked, Lancelot would gobble up like no tomorrow.

Lancelot was also seen leaving its dorm during meal time to go take its food. Then, it would proceed to dine on its food in its room with relish.

The guards and helpers around the dorm don’t know where Lancelot went to get its food but they turned a blind eye since it would always leave and return peacefully without causing a ruckus.

Silvia knows Lancelot has been hitting Wu Yan for fresh food ever since it got a taste of Wu Yan’s cooking.

Cu Chulainn is also doing the same thing. It would leave its stable to go get its daily fix from Wu Yan.

In other words, at least half of Lancelot’s growth can be attributed to Wu Yan’s fod.

Silvia’s heart sank a bit when she realized this.

She lost once more.

Her own Pal is growing because of Wu Yan’s influence.

He is far better than her at almost anything she could think of.

Compared to Wu Yan, she is like a child.

Wu Yan slapped her after she caused a Strada to rampage in a vain attempt to prove her ability to ride other Pals. She caressed her cheek, she can feel the sting from then.

Silvia knows she has no particular talent.

She isn’t fixated on riding other people’s Pal only. She finds her dragon-riding skills inadequate.

All citizens of Lautreamont are required to undergo the Orphan’s rite around the age of seven. They are sent into the Albion Forest to see if they can catch the Mother Dragon’s fancy.

If a talented kid gets the Mother Dragon’s seal of approval then they would be engraved with a Star Brand which is the sign of a dragon breeder.

The Mother Dragon will not appear before someone who has no talent.

In normal cases, that failed candidate can only bow out.

However, Silvia has a Maestro and a Star Brand. This can only be reconciled by going back into the past when she failed the Orphan’s rite but still got a dragon anyway.

She got Lancelot because a certain someone helped her get it.

She tried to recall what he said at the time.

“Why must you become a dragon breeder?”

“Because I must have my own pal… Higu…”


“B-because I want to become a mighty Dragonar…”

“A dragonar, eh…”

“B-but, the Mother Dragon didn’t choose me. I let my parents and my siblings down. I can’t become a dragonar anymore… Ugu…”

“Ugh… Fine, don’t cry.”


“Jeez, stop crying, you want a pal, right? I can just give you one.”

“Gi-give me one?”

In the dimly-lit forest, he pressed a mysterious ball of light into her juvenile body. In an instant, Silvia felt something within her. Her body changed.

Then, a Star Brand appeared on her.

“I-I have a pal now?”

“Yea yea, now you have a Pal, stop crying, will ya?”

“Is this okay?”

“I don’t need it anyway. I am giving it to you since you need it more than me. Alright, I am going now, wipe that snot off your face…”

“W-wait! Brother! Who are you?!”

“Who? Ah, I am…”

“Wu Yan…”

Silvia recalled the name she swore to never forget. She thought about her own performance and behavior. She couldn’t help but mock herself.

“If that brother saw me he would be very disappointed, right?”

Silvia had an extreme thought.

If he gave Lancelot to someone else, Lance might be living a better life right now, yes?

Maybe, Lancelot would be far more powerful than it is right now.

A cold voice scolded her in her mind.

“No matter which dragon you ride, it is always better to watch your Pal grow up, don’t you understand?”

“If you want to be stronger, you don’t need anyone but Lancelot, he is your partner!”

“If being strong means riding other people’s Pal and forgetting what is truly important then you should pack up and just go back to being a princess…”

The cold voice was the cold water of clarity needed to wake Silvia up.

“No, I can’t think like that.”

Silvia cut that self-beating crap right out of her mind.

“He’s right, Lancelot is all I need. He is my Pal and the proof of my ability as a Dragon Breeder!”

“I will become stronger!”

Silvia’s eyes were lit with the flames of motivation.

“I cannot disappoint brother, he gave Lancelot to me. I must become stronger.”

Kaboom Crackle

A deafening explosion shook her newly-found resolve


The sudden turn of weather made her pale. She is also a lady who is afraid of thunder and lightning.

It’s hard to believe the Icy Princess is afraid of lightning.

Lancelot stood up and growled at the sky.

It is as if the dragon saw an oversized maggot in the sky.

Silvia finally noticed the dark clouds outside. That isn’t a normal thundercloud. It is a pitch-black cloud of magical forces.

“Wh-what is that?”

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