Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1298

The clear unmarred lake-blue sky turned dark all of a sudden. A dark vortex thundercloud appeared in the sky.

Red lightning flashed as thunder boomed all around.

Wu Yan who is reading up on vague legends related to the Dragon Emperor and Avalon Dragons collected by Cossette looked out the window.

He frowned before standing up from his bed.

“Something is wrong…”

The strongest student council president also thought the same.

Wu Yan saw Rebecca mobilize her Pal as it stood between the school and the swirling clouds. Her jade-green eyes were trained on the storm clouds.


Wu Yan was called by Rebecca as if she anticipated his readiness.

“Can you feel it?!”


Wu Yan nodded.

“Yeah, that’s not natural. Someone is doing that.”

“I thought so.”

Rebecca turned stern.

“I, Rebecca Randall, command you to forge me a Ray Armor.”


Cu Chulainn shone bright red. Two magic formations appeared as they enveloped Rebecca.

The magic circles covered her in an instant.

The magic circles made her clothes go away while replacing them with a red and tight leather armor.

When the intense red lights faded, Rebecca was wearing her Arc, a specially designed magic armor that accentuated her voluptuous body.

Rebecca Randall: Level 70

Cu Chulainn: Level 70

Wu Yan watched as Rebecca turned into a martial goddess. Wu Yan can confirm she attained aura and magic that wasn’t present before the transformation.

“Ah, I see, so that’s the Arc Armor.”


Rebecca grabbed onto Cu Chulainn.

“I am going first, grab a Pal from the stables if you want to join. Something tells me this isn’t going to be as simple as it looks.”

Rebecca flew over to the dark clouds in a blur of red lights.

“Borrowing a Pal, eh?”

Wu Yan felt a bit helpless.

“Rebecca forgot about my ‘Pals’. Just as well, Hei Long Bai Long aren’t suited for this event.”

Wu Yan jumped out of his room. He landed on the ground deftly before dashing forward…

Rebecca is riding the strongest Maestro in the school. There are very few dragons that can compete with a dragon in Cu Chulainn’s tier.

However, there are four other Maestros in the school.

He can’t release his “Pals” but he would prefer using stronger dragons for this defense operation.

He had to get himself a Maestro.

Wu Yan went straight for the Seventh Dorm, the special dorm for Maestros only.

There is already a lady in there.


Wu Yan asked.


Silvia was looking at the sky with a grim look. She turned awkward upon identifying Wu Yan.

Wu Yan slapped her just a while ago. It was odd to be around Wu Yan again so soon.

Wu Yan wanted to say something when he detected a change in the atmosphere. He looked at the sky.

The swirling clouds stopped as a sudden shockwave spread across it.

A dragon about two times bigger than Cu Chulainn appeared. It had dark fur and scales, it was also rotting all over. It looked like an undead dragon had emerged from the storm clouds.


The demonic dragon’s cry rang across the sky. Wu Yan and Silvia can hear it even from this distance.


Silvia couldn’t believe her eyes. That scary giant dragon caused her to back away in trepidation.

“What in the world is that?”


Wu Yan clicked his tongue. He gave Silvia an order.

“Silvia, ride Lancelot and take me there.”


Silvia shook her head frantically.

“No! I don’t want to.”


Wu Yan is angry to hear her response.

“Why not?!”

“Th-that monster…”

Silvia’s shoulder trembled non-stop.

“I don’t want to get close…”

Wu Yan clenched his fists.

“I thought you liked butting heads. I didn’t peg you as a chicken who would run away from fights. Are you sure you’re the princess of Lautreamont Knightdom?”

“What did you say?”

Silvia froze.

“That dragon is obviously hostile and threatening to Ansullivan city.”

Wu Yan looked at the dragon which is currently spewing its dark breath all over the town.

“Your citizens are in peril and you, the princess would sit and cower in fear like a chicken. You have truly opened my eyes…”


“Forget about it, I will go by myself.”

Wu Yan walked over to Lancelot.

“Lend me Lancelot.”

“Lend you?”

Silvia shook her head again.

“No, how can Lancelot defeat that thing? He’s way bigger than Lancelot!”


Wu Yan smirked.

“You would also project your weakness onto your Pal. Magnificent…”

“It’s not like that.”

“You know Lancelot the best, no?!”

Wu Yan chastised her.

“Is Lancelot so weak he can’t even beat a crawling bug like that?”


Wu Yan sighed. He patted Lancelot’s head.

“Lance, come with me, let’s show your owner what you’re made of.”


Lance immediately kneeled down for Wu Yan to get on.


Silvia didn’t think her Pal would be so eager to obey Wu Yan.

“Now’s not the time to zone out.”

Wu Yan hoisted Silvia up onto Lance.

“Come see with your own eyes!”

“See for yourself, the might of Lancelot!”


Lancelot pounced into the sky with a giant leap. Then, it took flight…

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