Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1299


Nearby houses and buildings were demolished by the undead dragon’s deafening bellow. The debris got blown into the distance as well.


The giant dark dragon landed heavily on the ground. It brought with it the stench of corpses.

“What the hell is that?!”

“Good god!”


The people started running in all directions. Even the guards and soldiers weren’t foolish enough to face the dragon. Instead, they focused on getting the citizens away from the dragon as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The citizens ran for their lives while some unlucky fellows got stepped on after falling in the midst of this chaos.

Everything was messy.

Rebecca who just arrived gnashed her teeth in anger when she saw the destruction wrought by the vile wyrm.

She started channeling magic as her aura spread out.

A golden glow appeared near her head. It was a golden magic circle.

“Appear! The one-shot-one-kill spear…”

Rebecca reached into the magic circle to pull out a spear.

That is another unique feature of Arc Armors, the magic equipment.

If spirits in Date A Live had Angels as weapons and Astral Dress as Armor then the Arch Dragonars had Arc Armors as armors while their magic equipment are the weapons.

Gae Bolg!”

She cast her spear out with all the magic she stored up.

Gae Bolg emitted a sharp shrill as it pierced the undead dragon’s head


The magic spear easily destroyed the demonic dragon’s head. The decapitated dragon was smoking from the magical attack.


Rebecca relaxed for a second before she turned dark.

After the smoke settled, the undead dragon was still standing. It wasn’t bleeding, it just had chunks of undead flesh.

The undead stump regenerated quickly. In mere seconds, the undead dragon had recovered.


Rebecca couldn’t believe it, that thing regenerated its wound.


The undead dragon was enraged. It whipped Cu Chulainn with its massive tail.

Rebecca raised her arm. No, she isn’t about to grab the undead dragon’s tail.

Doing so would probably result in her getting smacked into the ground and being inflicted with heavy injuries despite her Arc Armor.

The undead dragon appeared to be more mature than Cu Chulainn, even so, it is not about to shy away from the competition.

Rebecca connected her psyche with her Pal. Then, she merged her sense with her Pal’s magic.


Her pal raised its arms to initiate a defensive stance. It also emitted a giant magic circle covering it.


The tail whip hit the magic circle while other buildings around Cu Chulainn collapsed in the aftermath.

Arc Armor is the differentiator between Dragonars and Arch Dragonars.

Arc Armor isn’t just a magical construct for the dragon’s owner, it is a conduit of power to allow augmentation of Pals too.

It also had a snowballing enhancement effect on the Pals.

This is why Arch Dragonars are so much more powerful than mere Dragonars.

Even if the undead dragon had superior strength, its attack was still blocked by the dragon.

The undead dragon also got staggered.

It fell on the ground with a booming thud.


The ground cracked under its immense weight.

“Cu Chulainn!”

Rebecca readied another attack. She wanted to exterminate the vile enemy.


“President Rebecca, stop!”

Rebecca paused before she saw a guy in her school’s uniform flailing his arms on the ground.


“President Rebecca! Please don’t attack it directly!”

Ash begged for leniency.

“Eco… She was absorbed by that thing!”


Rebecca gasped.


The demonic dragon got up on its feet once more. It opened its mouth to charge up a breath attack.


Ash said.

“Damn it!”

Rebecca also turned grave.

The undead dragon fired a dense shot of laser breath that covered a wide area, easily enveloping Rebecca and her Pal.

That is the dragon’s innate skill, the strongest weapon in a dragon’s arsenal, the Dragon Breath.

She gnashed her teeth while channeling magic to raise a barrier against the attack.

Before the beam attack can hit, another breath attack mitigated the undead dragon’s shot. It came from high above.

Another dragon breath.


The two breath attacks smashed into one another in chaotic bursts that emitted magical shockwaves and strong winds.

Rebecca and Ash winced at the same time. They looked at the new player on the battlefield.

The familiar dragon with white fur appeared outmatched given its relatively smaller size.

They also saw the two individuals standing on the Maestro known as Lancelot.

Rebecca and Ash couldn’t be happier to see reinforcements.

“Rowan! Princess!”

Wu Yan and Silvia arrived in time to help Rebecca out.

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