Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1300

Necromantia: Level 72

Wu Yan analyzed the opponent’s stat while half-kneeling on Lancelot. He also had Silvia who is so terrified she couldn’t open her eyes. He looked at Rebecca with a praiseful look.

Wu Yan didn’t see the entire battle.

However, Rebecca did pound the overwhelmingly bigger dragon into the ground, he saw that.


The main reason Rebecca can smash the dragon into the ground was that the undead dragon was significantly hampered by its apparent lack of intelligence. That and Rebecca had the help of Arc Armor and a Maestro. Her opponent also couldn’t fight like a proper level 72 foe.

She still did an impressive job of bringing down the Necromantia.

Had Ash not stopped her she would have probably blown the undead to kingdom come.

As expected of the strongest student in Ansullivan.

Wu Yan silently assessed her abilities. He sighed when he took another look at the frightened Silvia.

Compared to the Red Empress, the Icy Princess isn’t as popular or as well-liked.

They had an astonishing gap in strength and their mental capabilities were different too.

However, Silvia also did a good job by raising her dragon to Maestro level before the age of 16. She also grew up in a safe environment so her fighting experience was restricted to mock fights. He was expecting too much out of the sheltered princess.

Nobody can expect every princess to be like Sylph.

Granted, Wu Yan doesn’t mind popping her first fight cherry.

Now looks like a great time.

“Open your eyes.”

Silvia’s shoulder twitched.

She opened her eyes while hugging Wu Yan’s neck. Her dangerous howitzers are also pressed up against Wu Yan’s body.

Wu Yan isn’t planning on cupping a feel.

Not right now anyway.

“Look at you, cowering in fear before this wimpy dragon. You seem to forget just how powerful Lancelot can be if you just kept growing with it.”

Wu Yan closed his eyes and he connected with Lancelot’s consciousness. He merged his senses with the Maestro.

Lance is an immature Maestro.

Its abilities and size are far inferior when compared to Cu Chulainn.

Naturally, this was reflected in its level.

Lancelot: Level 64

Lance is only around the middle realm of the 7th Tier in the power classification system.

Even if dragon magic can be used to enhance the dragon’s stat, the dragon is still far from being anywhere close to the tier 8 Necromantia’s power.

Necromantia might be a dumb undead meat doll but it is still a powerful tier 8 foe.

However, Dragon Riders are special existences.

They can connect their consciousness with their Pals. Complementing the dragons’ weakness with human innovation and tactics.

Excellent dragon riders can bring out the dragon’s true abilities and use it to enhance the dragon’s fighting capabilities.

Rebecca and Cu Chulainn’s pairing is such an example.

Weak riders will not be able to use their Pals to the fullest extent, dragging the dragon’s performance with wrong tactics and erroneous orders.

Wu Yan is another example of a cheat-like dragon rider.

With his Eternal Arms Mastery, he can bring down foes levels beyond him. If he merged his psyche with Lancelot, his Pal will definitely experience a massive boost to its abilities.

Maybe, even allowing it to challenge an opponent above its tier.

Wu Yan taught the dragon how to fight and use its abilities.

He taught the dragon how to efficiently use its energies and how to trace the fastest path. He also shared his bountiful fighting experience and his combat techniques.

Like Lancelot’s other half, he took control of the dragon’s potential and brought them out.

Wu Yan grinned.

“Hang on, don’t get flung off now…”

Silvia flinched. She didn’t get it.

Next, she realized what Wu Yan meant.


Her Pal covered itself in a coat of magic power. Then, it shaped the coat into an aerodynamic design resembling bullets and jets.


While Silvia shrieked, Lancelot shot forward at almost 10 times its highest speed.

Silvia felt her blood rushing to her head. The immense G-force caused air to gush into her lungs when she accidentally opened her mouth.

Is this really Lancelot?

Isn’t this speed too scary?

“Don’t speak, you will bite your tongue.”

Wu Yan grabbed Silvia tighter. He looked down at the Necromantia.

“Let’s go! Lancelot!”


As if the dragon was waiting for this order, it shot straight for Necromantia like an arrow.

It manifested a blue magic circle that had burning dragon breath spewing out from within.


The Necromantia also conjured multiple magic circles to counter Lancelot.


The two opposing waves of energy breath attacks hit each other.

Hot shockwaves started hitting the area. A dark figure cut away the dragon's breaths as it slammed into the Necromantia.



The Necromantia sounded hurt. It bounced off like marble and hit a nearby hill.

The massive dragon fell into the hill, carving its shape into the hill.

The cannonball-dragon spun into the sky after that body slam.

It was Lancelot.

Silvia was shocked.

Ash gasped.

That drill-body-slam attack was performed by Lancelot.

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