Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1301: The shining piercing dragon breath

Dragons are adept at using their physique to fight.

However, Ash and Rebecca didn't think they can pull off that spinning attack. Lancelot just rammed into the Necromantia with its torso.

A dragon would normally not resort to something like that.

It might look impressive but there isn't a dragon rider in his right mind that would do something like that at the risk of flinging themselves off their Pals.

However, Wu Yan's calm look told Rebecca and Ash that he can do it.

This isn't just an astonishing display of dragon-riding skills, this is an impossibly high-level technique unthinkable to even expert riders like Ash and Rebecca.

Silvia who was near Wu Yan got a front-row seat too.

She is still dizzy from the attack. Resisting the urge to vomit, she wrestled with her own disbelief.

Is this Lancelot's power?

Can a rider actually bring out her Pal's abilities like this?

Is it because she is weak?

So this is what a capable rider can do.

She understood now. She wasn't afraid of the Necromantia's power. She was just scared of the dragon's malevolent appearance.

She just excused this weakness by saying Lancelot isn't the dragon's match.

Silvia's heart turned dark with frustration.

She is just a coward.

"We must always move forward."

Silvia's body shook when that familiar voice entered her ears.

"It is because of our weakness that we strive to improve ourselves. It is because we are weak that desire strength."

"If you want to grow stronger, you must first acknowledge your flaws. To develop your resolve, you must first accept your soft side."

"Isn't owning up to your mistakes and then taking corrective actions something your Lautreamont family espoused?"

Wu Yan's words pierced Silvia's heart like a sharp sword.

Indeed, her family thought her to be accountable and make amends for their errors.

She is already going off her own moral compass.

Light returned to Silvia's eyes.

Wu Yan smiled when he saw this renewed strength.

Looks like he didn't waste his time for nothing.

The Necromantia is slowly climbing out of the crumbled hill. Wu Yan put on a bloody grin.

Now that the princess' problem is solved, the Necromantia can be retired now.



Lancelot inhaled deeply.

Trails of concentrated air went into Lancelot like flowing water.

An icy blue formation expanded in midair. Halo adorned that magic circle.


The air vibrated at high frequencies. He is infusing the power of concentrated air in his magic circle.

Is Wu Yan using the same Return to Horizon Waltz on his magic skill? The same skill that brought Cú Chulainn down?

Wu Yan grinned again.


Lancelot unleashed a dragon breath from the enchanted magic formation. It was aimed at the Necromantia.

However, the dragon breath looked highly compressed and it had shiny halos adorning the spiral dragon breath.


The Necromantia piled multiple magic formations to retaliate. It fired a concentrated dragon breath too.

The two dragon breaths smashed into one another.

The Necromantia couldn't infuse magic power into its breath at a quick enough pace. The spiral dragon breath parted its weak breath as Lancelot's breath hit the Necromantia.

The spiral breath minced the upper half of the Necromantia.

In no time at all, the undead dragon got shredded. It didn't even get a chance to whimper.

That attack was on par with Rebecca's Gae Bolg attack.

However, Lancelot pulled it off with just middle realm tier 7 power.

Rebecca, Silvia, and Ash widened their eyes while Wu Yan chuckled.

The Return to Horizon Waltz relied on emitting a sword beam with concentrated air and vibration.

Wu Yan applied this concept to Lancelot's breath. Giving it a spiral shape and multiple halos.

In practice, this gave Lancelot's breath superior piercing abilities and enhanced output.

He named this technique...

"Piercing Dragon Breath Waltz, completed."

"Piercing dragon breath waltz?"

Silvia mumbled.

"What power..."

Rebecca and Ash exchanged a look.

"Now, for the finishing strike."

Wu Yan readied another piercing breath to incinerate the undead dragon. But, Ash stopped him.

"Wait! Rowan!"

Ash cried out.

"You can't! Eco is inside! You're going to kill her too!"

Wu Yan and Silvia paused. Lancelot also stopped.


The Necromantia regenerated its upper torso.

In no time at all, the Necromantia recovered.

Before Wu Yan, Rebecca, and Silvia can react, the dragon fired a breath attack at Ash.

"Watch out!"

Wu Yan, Silvia, and Rebecca gasped. The dragon breath hit Ash.


Ash started shining. The armor dispersed the dragon breath.

Wu Yan & co paused. When the light dissipated, Ash appeared in a shiny set of armor.

It had magical undulations.

"An Arc Armor?"

They all exclaimed.

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