Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1302:A suspicious Eco and the mysterious individuals

The sudden transformation took the fighters by surprise. Even Ash is surprised too.

"Th-this is..."

Ash clenched his fists while examining his Arc Armor.

He felt power suffusing him.

This is draconic power.

He is wearing an Arc Armor.

I have an Arc?

Am I an Arch Dragonar?

Ash was just a dragon breeder a month ago.

Ash can hear someone calling out to him. He looked at the Necromantia.

"Thanks! Eco!"


Rebecca gasped.

"Did Eco give Ash that Arc?"

"How is that possible?"

Silvia asked.

"Making an Arc Armor is something only Maestros can do. She was just born a while ago."

"Plus, a Maestro needs magic power to make Arc Armor. Eco couldn't have gained enough magic power in a month to make an Arc Armor."

Wu Yan mused out loud.

"Unless, Eco isn't a normal dragon..."


Wu Yan sensed someone looking at them.

He looked back.

He saw a tower in the Ansullivan city that towered above the entire city.

On top of that tower is a lithe man with silver hair and a band of red-colored hair marring that silver top. He also had a mask.

There is a petite girl next to him with her hair tied in a ponytail. She wore really revealing clothes too.

That gaze was from that man.

Wu Yan frowned.

"Rowan! Princess!"

Ash dashed over to them in an instant, his Arc gave him the power and speed to traverse great distances.


Ash transformed from a mewling quimm to a combatant after getting the Arc Armor Silvia dreamed of. She wasn't sure how she should feel.

Ash didn't detect Silvia's emotional turbulence. He told them what he wanted to do.

"I want to ride that thing."


Silvia paused.

"You want to ride that thing? Are you crazy?!"

"No! I am serious."

Ash nodded.

"With the Arc and my ability to ride dragons, I can stop that dragon and rescue Eco who is still stuck inside."


Silvia was stunned.

It sounded ridiculous but it is the best shot they have.

Moreover, Ash still has his Arc Armor. He can survive a fall even if he failed.

"Okay, let's try it."

Silvia's hesitance was met with Rebecca's agreement. She descended along with Cú Chulainn.

"Even if Ash can't control the dragon. By attempting to connect with the dragon, he might be able to intercept the dragon's connection and make it stop."

"I see..."

Wu Yan nodded. He thrust Lancelot's leash into Silvia's hands.

"Silvia, you're going to fly Ash over to that dragon."


Silvia turned anxious.


"You scared?"

Wu Yan pressed down on her shoulders.

"Lancelot kicked the thing's butt just a few minutes ago."

"But, you rode Lancelot."

Silvia said.

"I can't do that, I can't ride Lancelot as well as you."

"I am not telling you to fight, just get Ash over there."

Wu Yan stared into her eyes.

"Are you scared even when I am entrusting a delivery job to you?"

"N-no, I..."


Wu Yan tightened his grip.

"Lancelot probably wants you to ride too. He wants you to play a part in this mess' solution."


Lancelot agreed with Wu Yan. She inhaled deeply before agreeing to the job.

"I got it."

Silvia took the driver's position as she made up her resolve.

"I know I can't do it like you but with my name as a Lautreamont, I will deliver Ash to that dragon!"

"That's the spirit..."

Wu Yan and Ash chortled. She blushed before turning her attention to Wu Yan.

"What about you?"


Wu Yan pointed at the tall clock tower.

Silvia and Ash saw the two suspicious individuals on that building.


"Dodgy as heck..."

Wu Yan growled.

"I am suspecting they ordered the dragon to do this. I am going there to confirm my theory."

"By yourself?"

Silvia and Ash interjected.

"Can you do it?"


Wu Yan laughed.

"Who do you think you're talking to?"

Wu Yan jumped off Lancelot and landed firmly on the ground dozens of meters below.

"How did he survive that fall without an Arc Armor?"

Ash retorted.

"Is he even human?"

"Don't know."

Silvia said. She revealed a dazzling smile.

"I know he is one of the good guys..."

If Wu Yan heard Silvia giving him a good assessment then he would have probably made her one of his romantic targets.

On the clocktower...

"Lord Milgauss..."

The tanned petite girl turned dark when she saw Lancelot flying over to the Necromantia.

Milgauss also looked at the sky without any reaction.

"Looks like we encountered some problems..."

Milgauss had a giant black sword more than half his total height.

The blade had red veins on it, it looked like a corrupted holy sword judging by the unholy aura it is emitting.

The blade is also pulsating with magic power.

"The experiment failed, Anya."

Milgauss turned around after seeing Ash successfully landing on the Necromantia and riding it.

"I want you to study that young man and girl."


Anya was confused by her partner's words.

The young man should be referring to Ash, the rider who tamed the Necromantia.

What about the girl?

Is it Rebecca? Or is he talking about the Fourth Princess, Silvia?

Milgauss didn't elucidate Anya's visible confusion. He tried to leave with his demonic Tyrfing sword.

"Let's go."


Anya obediently followed Milgauss.

But, the two stopped when they went for the entrance.

Somebody was waiting for them near the entrance.

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