Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1303: Magic engineering, the source of Necromantia

"Who goes there?!"

The uninvited guest appeared like a phantom, they didn't even sense him.

Anya and Milgauss immediately raised their guards. Anya guarded Milgauss while lashing out with her whip.

The whip crackled dangerously.

Alas, the intruder caught her whip like nothing.


Anya wanted to pull her whip back but it was like she was trying to pull something heavy. Wu Yan didn't even budge.

Anya couldn't believe it.

She might be petite but she is a Tartaros tribal warrior, a race of fighters. Although they can't fight with dragons, their cunning and might are still something fledgling dragons should be wary of.

Anya is Milgauss' guard.

If she lost to someone wearing an Arc then she would be frustrated but not shocked. The intruder isn't even in armor.

He blocked and grabbed her whip with pure strength.

This intruder is probably on par with Anya if not stronger.

"Talk about a rude first impression."

Wu Yan ignored Anya for now. He addressed the masked guy.

"I am guessing from this reception that you two are linked to the Necromantia attack."

Anya turned grim.

If she had stayed calm, the intruder might not have caught on.

Anya had killing intent in her eyes.

"You know too much, I must ask you to die."

"Know too much?"

Wu Yan shook his head.

"No, not only do I know you're the culprit, you guys seemed to have planned this. By all means, keep talking and tell me more about yourselves..."

"No way."

Anya took out a knife.

"I won't let you get close to Milgauss."

"Ah, so he is Milgauss..."

Wu Yan nodded. Fooled once more, Anya gnashed her teeth in anger.

"You're loyal, at least..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"You remind me of Ellen, loyal to a fault. Now, I need to see if your Lord Milgauss is as disgusting as Westcott..."



Anya started growling when Wu Yan mentioned Milgauss on the same level as disgusting "Westcott". Milgauss stopped her from acting rashly.

Milgauss approached Wu Yan.

"You, your name?"


Wu Yan looked at his uniform.

"As you can see, I am a normal student."

"A normal student?"


Wu Yan grinned.

"For now, that is..."

"For now, you say?"

Milgauss stayed mum.

"Alright, my turn, you will answer my question now."

Wu Yan eyed the dark pulsating sword Milgauss had.

"That blade, that isn't a normal sword is it..."

"This is the culmination of years of magic and mechanical engineering, the stunning result of Zepharos' R&D, a magic sword."

Wu Yan frowned.

"A product made by mixing magic and engineering, this is a blade that can control dragons."

"You're a citizen of that empire."

Wu Yan read about Chevron and Zepharos' war.

Although the two countries are observing a ceasefire, the ensuing cold war lasted some 50 years until now.

Chevron and Zepharos are far from being chummy with one another.

For a Zepharos citizen to appear in the Lautreamont kingdom, this citizen is probably up to no good.

Lautreamont Knightdom is an extension of Chevron kingdom, so the two shared an antagonistic bias towards Zepharos.

It is not hard to see why these two made a Necromantia attack them.

No matter how many they kill, these two will probably not feel a thing.

"Your dragon, it isn't a deviant creation, isn't it?"

Wu Yan mused out loud while looking at the Necromantia that Ash is riding away.

"It isn't just weaker than normal dragons its age and maturity, it seems to have superhuman regeneration. Conventional attacks won't kill it."

"I am guessing that has something to do with your sword?"

"This blade can revive dead dragons by using their ashes as the medium. The holder of the blade can command the undead dragon."

Milgauss answered.

"Your intelligence and knowledge mean you're not just a normal student.  No wonder you're aligned with the descendant of the Avalon imperial dragon."

"Did you just say Avalon dragon scion?"

Wu Yan looked at Milgauss.

"So Eco is the scion."

"You heard of them too?"

Milgauss is curious.

"Normally, people should have forgotten about the Avalon dragons and the imperial dragon family by now."

"You know a lot."

Wu Yan trained his hunter gaze on Milgauss.

"Come with me, we need to talk."


Milgauss took out a metallic object.

He pointed his gun at Wu Yan.

"I am not going."


A gunshot reverberated around the clocktower.

Wu Yan shifted to the side and the bullet hit his afterimage.

"He dodged a bullet?"

Anya gasped.


Milgauss decided running is the best solution. He tried to jump down the clock tower while firing at Wu Yan.

"Running so soon?"

Wu Yan dodged the bullets like he was an ethereal entity. Milgauss got caught when Wu Yan gripped his arm.


Milgauss twisted his arm and his arm came off much to Wu Yan's shock.


Wu Yan examined the prosthetic arm while Milgauss used that brief distraction to escape with Anya, leaving his Tyrfing behind. He jumped down as Wu Yan rushed over. When he peered down, Milgauss and Anya were nowhere to be seen.

Wu Yan looked at the dark magic blade he just looted with a speechless look.

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