Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1305

“Looks like we won’t get an answer like this.”

Rebecca surmised after giving Eco one last look. She crossed her arms while Ash blushed because he saw her mighty divine mountains.

“Looks like I have to call in an expert to study her.”

“Study her?!”

Ash gasped, Eco also jumped up in fright.

“No no no! I won’t let doctors or researchers study me! Whoever tries to do so will be stomped to death by me!”

Wu Yan & co didn’t think Ash and Eco would react so passionately to being rendered into test subjects.

However, when they recalled how a rogue scientist went overboard trying to study Eco’s physiology. She even kidnapped Eco and planned to dissect her but Ash saved her just in time from that gruesome fate.

Silvia helped Ash find his Pal too. That deranged scientist woman didn’t stop there. She enrolled as a lecturer in Ash’s class. Since then, she always eyed Eco and Ash for more chances to “hang out” with them.

The two of them are probably still traumatized from the event.

“Forget about it, Rebecca.”

Wu Yan dissuaded Rebecca.

“Since Eco is unwilling, we shouldn’t force her to go through a study. Her strength will probably come in handy someday. Let her be for now.”


Rebecca acquiesced.

“Rowan has a point. Her abilities are useful.”

Ash and Eco sighed in relief at the same time. They looked like they had just escaped hell much to the amusement of the others here.

“However, the timing was bad.”

Rebecca sighed.

“If it were not for the appearance of the Necromantia, Rowan and I could have gone on a date.”


Wu Yan spat out the black tea in his mouth. Ash became wet from this sudden tea burst.


Wu Yan apologized.

“Where did that come from?”


Silvia turned red.

“Th-that is so sh-shameless, as the president…”

“Oh dear, me…”

Cossette chimed in.

“Is the princess tempted?”


“It isn’t shameless, Princess…”

Rebecca replied.

“This is his reward for coming in first during the Aries Dragon-riding festival.”

Wu Yan & co recalled the reward she mentioned.

“Man, I would have let it slip if you didn’t bring it up.”

Wu Yan said. Rebecca seemed visibly hurt that he would say something like that.

“I didn’t think my reward would be so forgettable…”

Rebecca is very popular among the students. She is like a goddess to the male students.

When she announced she would go on a date with the winner of the race, her popularity is one of the reasons why so many people made a ruckus.

Although she is feigning sadness, the confusion in her heart is palpable.

Silvia, Ash, and Eco gave Wu Yan the look of approval.

“That is how a knight should be, always steadfast against the temptations of the other gender.”

“Rowan, you’re a man among men, to be unswayed by Rebecca’s beauty.”

“Maa, at least, compared to this dog of mine, you’re better since you don’t go into a heat because of the presence of other females.”

The three praised him in different styles.

Wu Yan bitterly laughed. Rebecca got closer to Wu Yan’s ears before teasing him in a low tone.

“When are you going to claim the reward of your victory?”

“Who? Me?”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“Anytime. As long as you’re free.”

“Then, tomorrow!”

Rebecca smirked.

“I am looking forward to our date.”

Wu Yan and Rebecca set their date in front of other students. Ash looked like he was a little envious, Eco snorted while Cosette grinned. Silvia is also looking a bit glum.

Silvia isn’t sure why she has this uneasy feeling.

Maybe it is because Wu Yan is the only one who called her out on her weakness, called her by her name, and helped her when she needed it, that is why his position is more than just friend in her mind.


Silvia turned toward Wu Yan.

“I promised I would help you on a favor if you won the race.”

“Ah, yes, we did wager on that didn’t we?”

Wu Yan blinked. He beamed at her.

Then, he said something that shocked everyone.

“Silvia, I want you to give Cossette to me.”

The air froze.


Ash’s jaw dropped.


Rebecca turned into a statue.

“Gi-give her?”

Silvia started trembling.

She is outraged.

“Lo-lord Rowan.”

Cossette also backed away with a red face.

“Do-don’t tell me…”

“Hey, get your minds out of the gutter.”

Wu Yan knew they got him wrong. He tried to explain himself.

“I just want Cossette to help me out in the morning.”

“Help you out with your morning?”

They gasped again.


Rebecca sighed.

“I know you men have that physiological issue where a certain extremity of yours becomes energetic during the morning but I don’t think you should be enlisting the help of another to relieve yourself of said energy.”


Wu Yan was dumbfounded.

“Cossette is just a normal lady…”

She tried to back away like she was talking to a maniac.

“Even if I am a maid, I can’t do something like that…”

“You brute!”

Silvia approached Wu Yan with her fist raised.

“You’re an enemy of women. I hereby sentence you to death by my hammer fist of judgment!”

“Stop thinking about weird stuff! You monkeys in heat!”

Wu Yan’s arms trembled with anger too.

“I was saying, I wanted to get Cossette to help me make breakfast so I can sleep in. What the hell did you think I would make her do?”

The others turned awkward.

“O-oh, so you meant making breakfast…”

Rebecca shook her head in disappointment.

“I-I knew Rowan isn’t that kind of man…”

Silvia turned her head the other way with a red face.

“Oh, I see. Well, you can count on me for that.”

Cossette acted as if nothing happened. She smiled happily.

“I will definitely make breakfast a feast for Lord Rowan.”

Wu Yan finally caught on to their thoughts. He almost choked on his own saliva, he couldn’t believe the dirty minds these people had.

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