Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1306: Finally working on the first quest

At night…

Wu Yan returned to his dorm room. He didn’t dive into his bed the first chance he got. Instead, he closed his eyes to pour his will into his psyche.

He started moving his attention to the powers he stored within him.

Inside him, he had three supernatural borrowed powers.

The three powers were represented by three Magatamas (jade jewels).

He focused on one of the jewels there.

Wu Yan chanted.

"Activate First Red Jade."

The leftmost magatama lit up underneath his shirt.

"Red Jade mode, activated..."

The red magatama sank into Wu Yan's body.


The red Magatama imploded as a mysterious power suffused Wu Yan.

Wu Yan's clothes turned dark as magical veins steadily created intricate circuits on his new clothes. Soon, Wu Yan was in a fancy coat of black and red hues. The clothes also had supernatural resilience and defense.

Wu Yan opened his eyes to reveal a golden clock had taken the place of his left eye. He looked like a fiend with that weird eye of his.

Wu Yan stretched out his arms. He is trying to adapt to his new powers.

Wu Yan entered Kurumi's Red Jade mode for the second time.

The first time he used this power was when he tried to fight a Longarm Ape in the Giant Beast Forest. Back then, he was investigating the birth of the Beast King.

After that, he didn't use this mode.

He isn't having a hard time adapting to Kurumi's power per se. His bloodline ability, the Red Jade mode is as natural an ability to him as breathing is.

He is just not used to the Reiryoku flowing within him.

However, he adapted to the Reiryoku energy soon enough. His eyes brimmed with light as he called forth his Angel.


Space distorted behind him and a gigantic clock appeared behind him. The space reverberated with Spirit ripples when he called forth the Angel.

Transcript world: Seikoku no Dragonar

Quest theme: Procurement

Mission 1: Enter Kurumi's Red Jade mode, and use Zaphkiel's Twelfth Bullet to go back in time. Obtain the Avalon Imperial Dragon Scion's primordial blood before it is entrusted in the Albion Forest Orphan's Rite by the Mother Dragon.

Mission reward: x10,000 Equipment points, Item points, Ability Points, and Summoning points

Mission 2: Locked

Mission 3: Locked

He confirmed his mission objective once more before manifesting two antiquated guns. He already got the date from Ash.

Inhaling deeply, he infused his Reiryoku into the guns.

"Let us begin..."

Wu Yan pointed his gun at the twelfth digit on the clock.

"Zaphkiel, Twelfth bullet."

The clock shook when infused with that torrent of Reiryoku. His room started shaking as dark wisps of power poured forth from the XII digit. It flowed into his flintlock pistol. The powerful energy of time threatened to explode as Wu Yan contained it in his gun.

Going back in time, this power is usually a forbidden power as it messes with the natural order of things. Time flows forward not backward.

Wu Yan is about to disrupt this world's events by going back in time. This aberrant ability caused the current reality to warp.

if Wu Yan didn't focus on his gun. The ensuing Reiryoku explosion will probably take this entire place into oblivion in one grand explosion.

How did Kurumi send herself back in time under such enormous strain?

Wu Yan controlled his powers before pointing it at himself.


The dark bullet hit Wu Yan as his figure got drawn into a giant spiral in space.

Finally, he disappeared from the room.

Albion Forest...

This is a special place.

It doesn't have treasures in it nor great evils sealed in it. This place hosts the spawning pool of the mighty dragons, a critical venue for  Lautreamont Knightdom and the entire continent.

The Dragon Mother resides in this forest.

Because dragons can't get Astral themselves, they have to get the life force from other creatures. The dragons employed the Sage dragon emperor's magic,  Albion, to revamp the dragon's reproductive cycle. The Dragon Mother is in charge of handling procreation while all other dragons lost their reproductive abilities.

The Dragon Mother is the mother of all dragons.

Outside the forest, there are ancient buildings strewn all around, relics of a distant past.

There is also a church that had obsolete architecture.

This is the Albion monastery.

There are Albion knights here, including those pages training to become said knights.

They are tasked to protect the Albion Forest.

Kids around the age of 7 are expected to undergo their Orphan's rite in the forest.

The Albion knights also helped gather kids to send into the forest in batches. Organized in terms of birth months, these kids are then directed to go into the forest to try their luck.

The knights are tasked with looking after the kids while they go through the Orphan's rite. They gave them food, lodging, and healthcare so these future dragon breeders can be gathered and sent to dragon breeding schools for further education.

Kids were sent here in carriages. They were enrolled at the monastery for processing.

A kid with black hair and red eyes mixed himself into the crowd and signed up just like the other kids. He waited patiently for the day of the Orphan's rite.

This kid had a different air compared to the cheeky and playful kids around him, he had calm eyes and an adult's demeanor that suggested he was years beyond his physical peers.

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