Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1307

“Kids, remember to follow the knight Pages assigned to you, okay? Don’t run off now.”

A nun who looked like she was forty years old told the kids. She had a peaceful look that put the kids at ease. The kids also listened to the nice old lady.

The other pages and acolytes around them also threw the kids curious glances.

These Albion knights are still training, they are not full-fledged knights yet.

They might be called knights but they don’t have the auras of properly trained knights. Before they can begin physical training, they needed to build the right attitude and mindset of knights.

This is why these pages aren’t wearing knight armor. They are all wearing priest or nun outfits.

They were also assigned to protect the kids as they go into the forest to do their Orphan’s rites. This also doubles as a learning experience for the pages to learn how to serve others.

Wu Yan tagged behind the kids who were led by pages.

Wu Yan used magic to morph himself into a 7-year-old child. He went back in time 9 years to join this year’s Orphan’s Rite.

Wu Yan wanted to immediately locate the Mother Dragon upon descending in this era but he chose against that move despite potentially completing his mission 1 faster.

By cultural norms, kids were led into the forest by pages to look for the Mother Dragon.

But, nobody has any idea where the Dragon mother actually resides in.

After entering the forest, the Mother Dragon will use her own powers to test these kids. She wanted to weed out the unworthy from the qualified ones. She will appear before those who are qualified.

The kids who weren’t chosen will spend the time fruitlessly looking for the mother dragon before the pages come and pick them up.

Wu Yan will most likely exhaust his Reiryoku reserve before finding the Mother Dragon.

Might as well turn incognito and follow the kids as they do the job of finding the Mother Dragon for him.

As for whether or not he had the talent to become a dragon breeder, he reckons that his True Ancestor body made him an incredible candidate compared to the other human kids around him.

He took out some of his magic to morph into a kid and joined this Orphan’s Rite.

He sighed after looking at the excited kids around him. The intern knights were also pointing and whispering at his group which made him feel uneasy.

He is still an adult male so it didn’t feel right to be mingling among kids while other people are staring at him like an art exhibit.

Wu Yan got lucky. He returned to the day the Orphan’s rite was held. He was afraid his Reiryoku would run out if he went back in time too many days.

They arrived at the forest’s entrance under the guide of the pages.

The pages allowed the kids to enter the forest while they minded their own businesses.

An old man with a long white beard appeared. He looked like he should be fighting a balrog somewhere else.

“Good day, kids…”

The old man’s cheerful voice lifted the spirits of the kids.

“I am the captain of the trainee knights of Albion. You can call me Khazas or Gramps Khazas.”

“Good morning~ Gramps Khazas~”

The kids greeted the old man. They greeted him like how they usually greeted their teachers.

“Good, you are all good kids. I wish you all luck, make sure to do your best to get a Starbrand and become stellar dragon breeders.”

The kids were hyped too. They can’t comprehend the role of dragon breeders and honor right now but they wanted to be praised.

“Alright, listen up, I want you all to remember this.”

Khazas settled the kids down.

“In a short while, you will all enter Albion Forest. This will mark the start of the Orphan’s Rite.”

Khazas pointed at the dense forest behind him.

“In there, you guys are free to roam around for a single day. Nobody will be accompanying you inside.”

The kids looked anxious.

They are just 7-years-old, why wouldn’t they be afraid of going into a dense and dark forest like this by themselves?

“Worry not, the Dragon Mother is inside, no harm will come to you…”

The kids felt assured. But, Khazas wasn’t finished.

“Inside, you guys have to rely on your own wits and instincts to find the Dragon Mother. This is how you become a dragon breeder…”

Khazas didn’t say the Dragon Mother only appears in front of talented individuals.

“Remember, no matter if you get a crest or not, I expect you all to be out of the forest before sunset. If you guys aren’t back then the pages will have to go inside to find you. Now, if you don’t want to spend the night sleeping with the bugs, I suggest you heed my advice and exit when the time is up, got it?”


The kids answered. Khazas told the guides to bring the kids into the forest.

“Lead them into the forest.”

The pages led the kids through the entrance of the forest/

Wu Yan’s eyes brightened up when he approached the lush forest.

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