Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1308:

In the Albion Forest, fresh air was in plentiful supply. It didn’t feel like summer inside the forest.

The tall trees that looked like they can stretch into the trees also gave the forest a slightly humid air.

Combine that with the scent of soil and trees then the forest becomes a place of olfactory and visual stimulation.

Bugs flew everywhere and birds chirped.

He couldn’t smell the typical rotting leaves and stench associated with decaying biomass in a forest. The air here is different.

From this point, Wu Yan could tell Albion isn’t the same as other forests.

The slightly divine aura gave the kids the courage to enter the dark forest.

Albion forest is also known as the holy land because of this attribute.

The holy aura is probably the main reason why the kids aren’t afraid of walking around in a dark forest. Wu Yan isn’t sure if this is due to this location or the presence of the Mother Dragon.

Wu Yan looked around as he tried to look like an anxious kid looking for the Dragon mother.

He made sure to follow Ash.

His primary objective is to locate the Dragon mother.

Plus, he isn’t a kid. Hence, after following the kids around, he decided to leave them behind as he tried to probe deeper into the forest.

The lush forest blocked out most of the natural sunlight. This made the forest dimly lit.

Wu Yan continued forward.

He wished the dragon mother would appear already.

He doesn’t have a lot of time. He needs to find her, communicate, and bargain for Eco’s blood to complete his mission.

He used up all of his present Reiryoku to stay for the maximum duration.

For other spirits, exhausting their Reiryoku meant death.

After exhausting all his Reiryoku, his Red Jade mode disengaged so he can’t use it for a single day.

Exhausting his Reiryoku also reduced his Red Jade mode active time to 0.

This discovery was important because if he fought another person and ran out of power, he would be in trouble if his Red Jade mode disengaged suddenly.

Ring ring

A clear noise entered his ears. He stopped.

Ring ring

He can feel magical vibrations around him.

Those vibrations are the source of this noise.

“This sound…”


A blinding light enveloped him, he saw only light around him.

Shutting his eyes in reflex, he was shocked to see himself in another place after opening his eyes.

He wasn’t in the forest anymore. He looked like he was inside an ancient cavern.

The cavern walls had pillars built into them. There are also orbs of light flying around.

Wu Yan felt like this played out accordingly.

“I am…”

Wu Yan frowned.

He was standing in a shallow lake. He can see the bottom of the lake since the water is so clear and pure.

In front of him is a massive altar-like structure built into a giant tree with vines creeping all over it.

Inside the shrine, there are murals that looked ancient.

Wu Yan couldn’t tell the painting from this distance.

Wu Yan knew what just happened.

The dragon mother is here.


Then, the magical fluctuations around him intensified.


A giant gale assaulted him. He tried to block.

After letting the wind sweep by him. He finally recognizes it as a gust generated by something giant flapping its wings.

When the winds stopped, Wu Yan looked up once more.

There is a giant dragon near the holy shrine.

That dragon is easily bigger than any dragons Wu Yan ever saw.

However, the dragon exuded a tranquil vibe that spoke of its elegance and peaceful nature.

The giant dragon had two massive horns, a green mane, and white scaly skin. It was glowing green while magical blue lights adorned its neck like gems.

The dragon lifted its head after detecting Wu Yan’s gaze. It emitted a loud roar.


Wu Yan knew he had found the Mother Dragon.

Alas, before he can do anything, the Dragon mother emitted a blinding burst of light.

That light enveloped Wu Yan.

He felt something foreign invading him.

He felt an existence brimming with life had been infused into him.


Wu Yan recalled what this meant as he looked at the back of his hand.

A dragon’s head surrounded by a crest.

That is a Seikoku, a Star Brand.

He is now a dragon breeder.


Wu Yan emitted a bloody red mist that pushed the sapling out of him.


The invading sapling got terrified as it got ejected out as a ball of light. It stayed on Wu Yan’s palm while trembling in fear.

Wu Yan didn’t expect this.

The Dragon mother is also shocked to see this.

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