Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1309:

The bloody mist around him faded when it seeped back into Wu Yan. The sapling is also still shivering in terror near Wu Yan’s palm. Otherwise, it would have been all too easy to dispel the scene as a hallucination.

The air turned still. Wu Yan held the dragon sapling in his hand. He recalled something before sighing.

Near the shrine, the Dragon Mother stared straight in Wu Yan’s direction. In a flash of green light, the Mother Dragon transformed into a humanoid female.

She had waist-length green hair and an ethereal glow that made her look like a woman who can only exist in dreams.

She looked 25 at most, her floral scent and priestess attire made her look like a person of immense serenity and tranquility.

She also retained her massive horns.

The horns branched out to form a crown-like accessory.

Wu Yan flinched.

“You’re the Mother Dragon?”

The Mother Dragon nodded.

She responded with her soothing ancient voice.

“My young child just got rejected by you, how did you push it back out?”

The trembling orb of light is the unborn dragon baby the Mother Dragon tried to give Wu Yan.

This thing is like an unhatched egg.

Wu Yan could have guessed it from the vibrant life energy this thing had. He bitterly laughed after the Mother Dragon confirmed his suspicion.

“I don’t know the exact reason but I think my rowdy partners inside my body didn’t take kindly to the forced addition of a weak existence such as this one here.”

“Rowdy partners?”

The Dragon Mother used a cold tone with him.

“You, who are you?”


Wu Yan grinned.

“Just an ordinary Lautreamont kid citizen.”

“You are not of the knightdom.”

She denied.

“The near-extinction of dragons made the dragons and humans enter into a contract. The dragons can obtain Astral from humans to continue existing…”

The Dragon Mother spoke of the dragons’ plight with a sad tone.

“But not all humans are benevolent creatures. We chose trustworthy humans to partner with. This is why I chose the citizens of the Knightdom and created the Lautreamont Knightdom. I made a place my dragons could call home. With the wisdom of the sage dragon’s magic, Albion, I can obtain information on anyone in this knightdom. I use this information to choose the dragon breeders and assign Pals to them…”

She stared at Wu Yan again.

“I am sure you’re not a citizen.”

“Yeah, why did you give me this unhatched dragon?”

Wu Yan raised his palm.

“I should have been disqualified from the outset, right?”

“Not exactly.”

She shook her head.

“My magic allows me to obtain information across the land. I can see the details of Lautreamont citizens more clearly than people from other places. I also gave a dragon to a certain Chevron citizen because I wanted to see a change from that girl.”

“Yet, I cannot read anything on you.”

The Dragon Mother said.

“It’s almost like you’re not of this world.”

Wu Yan’s eyes glimmered for a second. He silently praised this dragon.

Looks like he underestimated this dragon adoption and redistribution system known as the Dragon Mother.

Forget her powers, for now, her wide knowledge and analytical ability gave her identity as the mother of dragons.

Wu Yan put on his poker face.

“You couldn’t even identify me?”

Wu Yan chuckled.

“But, you decided it was a good idea to give me an unhatched dragon anyway?”

“I decided to take a chance since I couldn’t read you.”

The Dragon Mother continued with a grave tone.

“After all, the dragons will become extinct soon enough”


Isn’t she taking the joke a bit too far?

“Dragons are powerful and they can live for a long time. But, death comes to us all the same.”

She said.

“I too…”

Wu Yan said nothing.

The dragons revamped their own genesis. They let the Dragon Mother choose the people they partner with and signed humans into contracts with Star Brands.

The dragons lost their productive abilities other than the Mother Dragon. Gender ceased to matter to dragons.

With the mother Dragon approaching the end of her lifespan, this means the dragons are looking at another extinction event.

It looked like extinction is once again on their minds.

The Dragon Mother seems to be lamenting this.

“The magic known as Albion only ties the fate of dragons to humans. In a way, we are only delaying the inevitable.”

The Dragon Mother commented.

“I cannot read you and that is why I don’t know if this move will lead to a favorable or adverse outcome. For our race, this is a risk I am willing to take compared to the alternative of dying out. Perhaps, you might be the key to our salvation.”

She looked at Wu Yan.

“I gave that hatchling to you because I was betting on you. It seems like something unexpected still happened.”

“So, who are you?”

The air turned still once again.

Wu Yan looked at the dormant orb of life near his palm. He sighed again.

“Yeah, it is as you said, I am just a passerby in this universe.”

“A passerby?”

“I have something I need to ask you.”

The dragon mother allowed Wu Yan to continue.

“Please give me some blood from the Avalon imperial dragon’s descendant.”


The dragon mother immediately unleashed a torrent of aura.

This aura had fighting intent in it.

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