Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1310: Bargaining with the Mother Dragon

The Mother Dragon emitted a wave of oppressive aura. The air shook when she did this. Wu Yan also took on a more serious attitude.

The Mother Dragon mentioned the twilight of dragons like a poignant historian, impartial and almost eerily nonchalant.

However, when he mentioned the blood of the Avalon Imperial Dragon descendent, she immediately took an antagonistic stance.

She is gearing up for combat.

Wu Yan reckoned he must have offended her.

The Mother Dragon ordered him to leave.

"Leave at once!"

It growled.

"There are still children waiting for me. Our talk ends here."

Wu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"May I know why?"

"I don't know how you found out that I am going to entrust the scion out. But, since you're obviously here for her, I must treat your actions as those of an enemy."

She growled.

"Leave now and we can pretend nothing happened."

"You were calm when you talked about the death of dragons. But, when I mentioned the Avalon scion, you took a hostile stance."

Wu Yan frowned.

"It seems like she is more important than the twilight of dragons."

The Mother Dragon closed its eyes.

"The survival of the dragons depends on the Avalon scion."

Eco's visage came into Wu Yan's mind.

He isn't sure why Eco was born a humanoid.

Is it because of her unique bloodline?

No, that can't be it.

Wu Yan came up with another theory after digesting the Mother Dragon's word.

Eco's humanoid form is to make it easy for her to mate with her human male partner. She is banking on procreating with humans to keep the dragons in existence.

Humans have the most Astral of all the races. A hybrid born of a dragon and a human might just be able to sustain itself without taking Astral from another human.

Wu Yan is sure he got this theory correct.

Eco is like the last hope of the dragons.

It looks like getting Eco's blood isn't going to be easy.

But, Wu Yan noticed another chance.

Wu Yan loosened up.

"I just want a drop of the scion's blood. I will not harm her, you have my word."

"Go back at once!"

Frustrated, Wu Yan continued.

In the case...

"I am not going to get her blood for free. I propose a trade."

"Return now!"

The Mother Dragon is furious.

"Your items cannot be put on the same level as that child."


Wu Yan grinned.

"Okay, what if I offer you more time? To stretch your lifespan longer than your waning time?"


She changed her attitude.

Wu Yan took out a green gem after making a hole in space. The green gem appeared on his palm.

It was no bigger than a thumb, it looked like a tear-shaped green gem.

Breath of life: Can only be used on living things. A crystallization of life energy-rich soil. With a materialization rate of 1%, this item allows the user to extend the target's lifespan by a flat one-fold.
Cost: 15,000 item points

"It is called the 'breath of Life'..."

Wu Yan continued.

"It can increase the lifespan of the lifeform by one-fold. I believe you know the importance of such a thing?"


The dragon looked at his item.

"I've never heard of something like this. Where did you get a treasure like this?"

The Dragon didn't question Wu Yan's claim. She fielded him a question.

That is because the Breath of Life's thick vitality invigorated the Mother Dragon's body just by being near it. She can feel its revitalization properties.

She can feel her body crying out for that item.

This is why she is stunned by this item.

"I said it before, I am just a passerby in this world."

Wu Yan grinned.

"You can't find it in this world. What about other worlds?"

"Other... worlds?"

The Dragon Mother fell into confusion.

"I will restate my offer, I only want a few drops of the scion's blood, I don't have any other agendas."

Wu Yan begged the dragon to reconsider.

"I cannot divulge why I need her blood but you have my word that I will not use it to the detriment of the lifeforms on this world. Please, say yes."


Wu Yan made her hesitant.

If just giving Wu Yan a few drops of blood can mean a longer time in this world and search for more alternatives, it just seemed like a deal too good to turn down.

However, she can't rule out that Wu Yan might harm her child.

Unless she can guarantee her eternal existence, the dragons will die if something bad happens to Eco.

Hesitance is holding her back.

"To me, the death of dragons will be a tragic outcome."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Help me and I might return the favor when the scion is born in the distant future."

"I am just a traveler between worlds, if I cannot assure you with this then that is it for me. You get the final say."

She looked at the Breath of Life Wu Yan had while wrestling with her own emotions.

Wu Yan waited for her answer. With an unhatched dragon on one of his palms and the Breath of Life on another, he stood like a statue.

The area turned silent.

"Very well..."

She sighed while looking at Wu Yan.

"I accept your offer."

Wu Yan beamed again.

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