Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1311: A special item? Miraculous effect?

"So this is the scion of the Avalon Imperial Dragon?..."

Wu Yan is in the temple with the Mother Dragon. They stood in front of a giant ball of light. His eyes flashed with intent.

The scion is manifested as a giant ball of light compared to the palm-size orb of light Wu Yan had.

Although they looked to be the same, the difference in size couldn't be more obvious.

The giant ball of light is almost as big as Wu Yan. Also, the giant ball of light had a more solid aura than the ethereal orb of light Wu Yan had.

The scion is bigger than Wu Yan's current child-like physique.

It looked like a miniature sun. Despite being in an unborn state, its magical power is already tremendous, he can feel it from a distance. It is easy to imagine a powerful magical being will be born if they are already this powerful in an infant's state.

Wu Yan finally understood why Eco had enough magic power to construct a mimic Arc replica.

Her potential is far different than an average dragon.

"So this is why that brat is so cocky..."

Wu Yan mumbled his own thoughts.

"Looks like she had the strength to back it up"


The Dragon Mother frowned.

"That brat?"

"Ah, don't mind me."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

When it looked like Wu Yan tried to divert the topic, she decided to give the notion up.

"You said you can extract blood from the unborn dragon. Go ahead and try."

The Dragon Mother kept her steely gaze on Wu Yan.

She had her guard up.

The space rippled as magical fluctuations reverberated around him. It felt like he was being stared at by two giant eyes.

This is a pseudo-space created by magic. Every move he makes, the Dragon Mother will know.

This is draconic magic. It is like a space overlapped with reality, a mix of magic and reality, a mix of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Wu Yan isn't aware of the full effects of this pseudo-space, however, he conjectured that it had something to do with keeping an eye on him.

The scion is far too important to the dragons to risk any injuries or adverse events.

The air turned sticky as he reached out to touch the giant orb of light.


Wu Yan commanded the System to gather the blood.

"Obtain blood sample."

Wu Yan's System responded and started operating.

" Blood obtained, x1 Avalon Imperial dragon emperor's scion's blood."

Avalon Imperial dragon emperor's scion's blood: Blood extracted from the emperor dragon's scion, primordial blood that had its effect enhanced when extracted by the System. If consumed by a vampire, that vampire will get his/her abilities enhanced greatly. If consumed by a True Ancestor, level will be increased by 1. Note to user: Only vampires related to the user can use this blood. The max level that can be raised is limited to Level 89. This blood will be ineffective when consumed at Level 90 and above.

"Mission 1 completed, obtained x10,000 Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points, and Equipment points."

The system told him about the miraculous effect of the scion's blood.

Special item? Enhanced effect?

True Ancestor can increase their levels by one.

He couldn't believe its effect.

He is a true ancestor.

This blood can increase his level by 1?

He can use it before he hit Level 90.

Wu Yan told the system to gather more blood.

"System, gather more blood."

A few notifications followed that command

" Blood obtained, x1 Avalon Imperial dragon emperor's scion's blood."

" Blood obtained, x1 Avalon Imperial dragon emperor's scion's blood."

" Blood obtained, x1 Avalon Imperial dragon emperor's scion's blood."

" Blood obtained, x1 Avalon Imperial dragon emperor's scion's blood."

He couldn't be happier with this result.

He withdrew 5 drops of blood from the scion. That's enough to raise his level by 5.

Granted, he won't be able to use the blood past level 89 but this is tantamount to giving him instant level-ups to level 89!

That is already the peak of tier 9 power!

One more level and he would be a demigod already.

Wu Yan couldn't calm himself down. He resisted the urge to laugh out loud. He withdrew his hand.


Wu Yan gave the Mother Dragon a thankful look.


"No need, this is only business..."

The Mother Dragon silently let down her guard.

"Now that you're done, please leave."

It is as if she didn't want Wu Yan around the scion any longer. The pseudo-space closed in on Wu Yan before spiriting him away from the place.

When Wu Yan disappeared, the Dragon Mother caressed the scion's orb.

She sighed in relief once again after realizing that the orb is fine.

"Luckily, the mysterious man isn't a liar."

The Dragon Mother is still wary of danger even if Wu Yan already got sent away by her own powers.

This is how anxious she is when Wu Yan touched the scion.

If not for the Breath of Life, the Dragon Mother would never risk the scion's status.

"Seems like the existence of the Avalon scion is already known. To decrease further risk, I should stop keeping her here."

The Dragon Mother looked in a certain direction.

"Fortunately, there is someone with a chalice. He isn't the first choice but he will do..."

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