Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1313: The scariest maid in history

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Apollo dorm...

The room experienced a spatial distortion, the space warped to form a time portal.

That portal expanded to form a black hole-like tear.

Then, that hole spat something out.


Wu Yan looked at the dragon doll in his hand. He bitterly laughed.

"Almost disappeared in front of a kid. That was close."

Thinking about the gains waiting for him, he got excited.

"I am going to pump myself up to the peak of tier 9 upon returning.

Wu Yan opened up his menu

Character: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 31,100

Item Points: 150,000

Ability Points: 21,000

Summoning points: 51,000

Level: 85

Transcript world: Seikoku no Dragonar

Quest theme: Procurement

Mission 1: Enter Kurumi's Red Jade mode, use Zaphkiel's Twelfth Bullet to go back in time. Obtain the Avalon Imperial Dragon Scion's primordial blood before it is entrusted in the Albion Forest Orphan's Rite by the Mother Dragon.

Mission reward: x10,000 Equipment points, Item points, Ability Points, and Summoning points

Mission 2: Get a drop of blood from the Avalon imperial dragon scion's immature state

Mission reward: x30,000 Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points

Mission 3: Locked

Wu Yan bitterly laughed when he saw the second mission.

A drop of blood from the immature dragonoid?

The system is telling him to go get Eco's blood.

Isn't this too easy?

"Mission 1 wasted a lot of my time. Mission 2 seems easy, I can't believe the System is going to give me so many points for an easy mission.

"But her blood, eh?"

Wu Yan started hoping for good outcomes.

"I wonder if her immature blood has the same effect as her primordial blood. If it can raise me to demigod level..."


Wu Yan sank into his own delusions. He slapped his own cheek to return to reality.

He looked at the doll in his hand.

He grabbed the doll because he was pressed for time. Is he going to walk around with a dragon doll in his hand?

Maybe go run a lap around the school?

That would give him another title other than Godly Rider.

Throwing it away is just as undesirable.

She earnestly gave something of value to him.


Sighing, Wu Yan scratched his head.

He placed the doll down near his bed.

"Man, people are going to think I have a maiden's heart or something."

Wu Yan closed his eyes as he lay down. He went to sleep.

Wu Yan felt like he was floating in the sky. He stirred between the realm of consciousness and unconsciousness. He can hear faint chatter.

"Is this one okay? No... Ooh, this one looks good, maybe a bit too flashy?"

The sound felt like a buzzing fly to Wu Yan. He woke up annoyed by the noise.

Radiant sunlight pierced his eyeballs, dispelling his drowsiness.

Wu Yan looked up to see a purple glow near him.

"Lord Rowan, you're awake?"

Cossette is standing dangerously close to him. She had a bright smile too. Her purple eyes were looking back at him. Her youthful beauty would make any male fall for her. But, Wu Yan isn't charmed.

He is still a male with libido but the current situation didn't allow him to enjoy this scene.

He wasn't aware until now, but, he is somehow standing in front of Cossette with her hands peeling his clothes away.

Wu Yan skipped past asking how he developed the skill to sleep and stand. He raised his arms like he was surrendering.


Wu Yan wasn't sure how to continue.

"If you want to do it, you can just ask, yo-you don't have to resort to this kind of measure."

"Nope, you misunderstood me."

Cossette cut him short.

"I am just helping you change."

"Helping me change?"

Wu Yan looked back to see his bed covered in piles of clothes.

"What the..."

Wu Yan's jaw dropped.

"I don't remember buying so many clothes?"

"I bought it when I considered the possibility of making the princess crossdress, you lucky guy, you got these clothes for free."

"Wh-why did you bring so many attires here?"

"Ah, you forgot you had a date with Rebecca today?"

Wu Yan  finally recalled his wager.


"In order to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, I brought these clothes over at my own discretion.  I also decided to try them on you while you're asleep.

"Wait, that last part..."

Wu Yan couldn't laugh it off.

"How did you get me to stand up without waking up?"

"Don't sweat the details, your charms will drop if you do that."

Cossette teased him.

"As a maid, how can I not have special skills?"

"Maids are scary..."

"Please, this is  nothing."

"Oh, I am not praising you."

Wu Yan said.

"How did you enter my room? Why are you helping me change?"

"Ah? You also forgot about this?"

Cossette blushed, she swayed left and right while holding her hands to her cheeks.

"I am Lord Rowan's maid from now on, although only in the morning."

"I-I only needed you to help with breakfast."

Wu Yan said.

"Are you dissatisfied with my service?"

Wu Yan awkwardly chortled.



Cossette reached around him.

"Alright, let's not keep Lady Rebecca waiting, hurry and change..."

Cossette viewed him like a toy. Wu Yan realized how he had screwed up by requesting her service.

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