Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1315: Agreed

Ansullivan city, Saint Dalam plaza...

This is a special plaza.

It has a statue standing proudly in the middle of the plaza.

The statue is modeled after the first Knight King of Lautreamont Knightdom. This statue is known as the Saint Statue, an incredibly significant relic of Ansullivan City.

It is unanimous, the first place a traveler should visit is this plaza.

This is also why this plaza is one of the busiest places in Ansullivan city. It is also a landmark people use to start their dates.

Including Wu Yan.

"Ah, I came too early, didn't I?"

Wu Yan looked at the sky before grumbling. He is dressed for the occasion, not too fancy and not too shabby.

"Cossette chased me out in excitement when there is still an hour before the date. Why would Rebecca go to date so early, anyway?"

As the number 1 most popular lady in Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, she is probably just dating Wu Yan to prove that she is keeping her promise.

It might sound bad but Wu Yan did win the right to a single date with her. Rebecca is probably taking a nonchalant attitude to this date.

Although she might be tardy, arriving an hour early doesn't seem likely.

At least, that's what Wu Yan thought.

Then, he saw something that changed his mind.


The plaza turned silent.

The people stopped chattering. The men, women, old people, and young kids all stopped as they looked in one direction.

Wu Yan also looked in that direction. He was stunned.

A noble lady is currently strutting toward him.

She was the source of this disturbance.

She is just too blindingly beautiful.

She was wearing a white shirt that only served to maximize her already voluminous meaty Howitzers. He could also see her curves and slender waistline. She wore a black mini-skirt that, when combined with her black knee-socks and black leather boots, gave her a presence that took away the colors from her surrounding.

Her red hair was tied up in a white ribbon. Her ponytail is resting on her shoulder. Those green jade eyes of hers are weapons that can capture people's souls.

With her boots making audible thuds in the plaza, the lady walked over with a radiant smile, all while the other people here are gawking at her.

When she spotted Wu Yan near the statue, her eyes lit up. That renewed glow caused a palpable increase in blood pressure of the guys present in the plaza.

She quickened her steps. She teased him when she saw Wu Yan's flabbergasted look.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

Wu Yan blinked in aftershock.


"Ah, you lost your memories again?"

Rebecca quickly took another verbal jab at him.

"Well, at least the time I spent to doll myself up was worth it. Your look is priceless..."

Wu Yan shrugged after recovering.

"You have some serious skills there. I almost didn't recognize you as the student council president and strongest student."

"Well, I bet this is the first time you saw me in anything but my school uniform."

Rebecca said the line that would make the minds of sagacious wizards wander.

She sized Wu Yan up.

"Not bad."

"Thanks to Cossette."

Wu Yan felt his strength leaving him when he mentioned the OP maid.

"She is even more excited than me, I don't know why."


Rebecca turned toward Wu Yan.

"Right, she became your maid during the mornings, I hope you didn't take the chance to do anything weird, right?..."

"Hey, is that bias I am sensing?"

Wu Yan replied.

"You don't know her abilities. If I tried anything funny, I bet I would be sleeping in the drains already."

"Oh, you underestimate yourself..."

Rebecca quipped.

"Maybe she won't turn you down."


Wu Yan chuckled.

"I just got to know her for like a week. We don't even see each other that often."

"Is that so?"

Rebecca teased him again.

"We just met less than a month ago, look at us, aren't we on a date right now?"

"This is just a reward from the Aries Dragon-riding festival."

Wu Yan sighed.

"Imagine if I tried to woo you near your dorm with flowers in hand. Would you even say yes?"

Rebecca thought about it seriously before giving him a radiant smile.

"If it's Rowan, then that's a definite yes."


Wu Yan couldn't believe his ears.

"You sure?"


Rebecca nodded.

"You're the first guy to actually talk to me like a lady."

"How so?"

Wu Yan frowned.

"I mean, look at those guys over there... They're practically drooling over you."


"Rather than looking at a lady. They are looking at me as the salient student council president or Arch Dragonar."


Wu Yan gave Rebecca a light knock on the head.


Rebecca rubbed her aching head. She didn't think Wu Yan put tap her on the head like that.

"You're also underestimating yourself."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"Even if you're not an Arch Dragonar or the student council president, you're plenty beautiful yourself!"

Wu Yan pointed at the people around them.

"Their gazes are the proof."

Rebecca roamed her gaze over the other people here. She saw looks of admiration and adoration.

Due to her make-up and attire, the people here hadn't identified her as the student council president yet.

They are gawking at her because she is just too beautiful.

Rebecca giggled when Wu Yan pointed this out.

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