Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1316: Unexpected outcome? A confession?

Ansullivan city, commercial district...

"Woah, that chick is super cute."

"Who is she?"

"Never seen her before, did we have a beautiful lady like her in town?"

"Who is that guy near her?"

"Probably her boyfriend."

"Look at her, she is hugging his arm, definitely lovers."

"Ooh, I am so envious..."

The pedestrians nearby stopped to admire Rebecca's beauty.

They stared wide-eyed, some of them even pointed at her like elated monkeys. However, when they saw Rebecca walking shoulder to shoulder with Wu Yan, they felt like God had poured cold water on their enthusiasm.

They also pointed at Wu Yan but they were basically lamenting why aren't they lucky enough to go on a date with Rebecca.

Wu Yan ignored the envious masses. He glanced at Rebecca who is happily hugging his arm. He had a slightly bitter expression.

Wu Yan felt confused rather than troubled.

He is a bit frustrated since Rebecca's jugs are basically wrapped around his arm.

Wu Yan felt carnal flames boiling within him. He is walking like he was tipsy because most of his ram was allocated to calculating the softness of Rebecca's giant marshmallows.

He is also puzzled over Rebecca's attitude.

Rebecca is unusually friendly with him.

It is almost like she is devoted to her current act as a lover. She doesn't mind glomping Wu Yan despite people gawking and pointing at them.

The strongest student council president, paramount of academic prowess and martial ability.

Her fervent attitude is a stark contrast to her usual cool and gallant student council president appearance.

Wu Yan can be forgiven for his confusion.

Plus, this is the first time he saw this side of Rebecca.

He stretched an arm out to rub her head while comparing her heat to himself.

“You’re not having a fever…”

Rebecca slapped Wu Yan on his shoulder. She gave him a slightly upset look.

“Do you know what you just did? That was rude.”


Wu Yan rubbed his aching shoulder.

“I just didn’t think you would be so ecstatic during this date.”

“It’s only normal to behave differently when engaged in an intimate setting like this compared to normal interaction with the other gender. This kind of behavior makes it easy to resonate with the romantic partner and elicit a favorable response.”

Rebecca grinned.

“This is basic knowledge when it comes to dating.”

“I mean, you’re right.”

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

“That only applies to lovers and couples that have feelings for one another. Are we lovers or anything close to that?”

Wu Yan half-jokingly told her.

“If you’re this passionate then you’re going to make me think you have feelings for me.”


Rebecca gave him a cheeky look.

“You mean I can’t harbor feelings for you?”

“It’s like you’re giving me the green lights to go down your route.”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

“We just knew each other for about a month, don’t tell me you already have feelings for me?”

“A month, huh?”

Rebecca turned taciturn.

“True, it does sound unbelievable.”


Wu Yan gave her a puzzled look.

“What was that?”

“You’re an unknown alien who suspiciously appeared after the Astral Explosion event. Yet, I am dating a shady and suspicious person like you.”

Rebecca looked at Wu Yan.

“Isn’t this a bit preposterous?”

Wu Yan paused.

“If you know I am a suspicious guy, why are you still so close to me? Are you not afraid that you’re being the moth drawn to the flames, right now?”

“A moth to flames?”

Rebecca bitterly laughed.

“That’s an accurate summarization.”

“Are you not?”

Wu Yan lowered his voice.

“I might be an inhabitant from a hostile nation like the Empire. I might be here on motives and agendas that will harm the students of Ansullivan Academy and the populace of the Lautreamont Knightdom.”

“I could also be a spy here to infiltrate and obtain confidential information on dragons and the Lautreamont Knightdom.”

“No, you’re not a foreigner.”

Rebecca shook her head.

“You have a Star Brand and Pal. You’re obviously a dragon breeder. That alone proves that you’re a Lautreamont resident. The Dragon Mother will never entrust her offsprings to people other than the Lautreamont Knightdom people.”

“There are always exceptions to generally established rules. According to what I read, the Mother Dragon once gave a Chevron citizen a pal.”

Wu Yan retorted.

Rebecca shook her head again.

“That was because that person is still affiliated through the principal and vassal state relationship between Chevron kingdom and Lautreamont Knightdom. Plus, the Mother Dragon won’t entrust her offspring to someone who would harm the knightdom.”

“What if I am not a dragon breeder?”

Wu Yan tried to provoke her.

“What if my Star Brand is fake. You have never seen my Pal, have you?”


Rebecca conceded.

“Even so, I am willing to risk getting close to you like a moth drawn to flames.”

Rebecca defiantly said.

“I know I stand on shaky ground here but I subconsciously trust you. I guess you could call it a woman’s intuition?”


“This doesn’t sound like something the competent student council president would say.”

“I am still amazed at myself even now.”

Rebecca beamed at him like a sun goddess.

“You are mysterious, to say the least. But, you’re not a dodgy character. One day, I will pry all your secrets from your tightly-clenched fists. You won’t be able to hide any more secrets from me.”

Wu Yan gasped. Rebecca’s confidence struck him before he burst out laughing.

“That sounds like a confession to me.”

“More like a declaration of war.”

They chortled at the same time before once again embarking on their little date much to the admiration and jealousy of the pedestrians around them.

Ansullivan Dragon Academy, Epona dorm…

Under the golden glow of sunset, Wu Yan escorted Rebecca back to her dorm. He sighed after taking another look at her breath-taking mien.

“Although this is just a date. Honestly, I don’t know the city well enough so I only dragged you around the city. Let’s just say I am way more familiar with the layout of the city now.”

“I guess you can call it a warm-up practice to the next date.”

Rebecca approached Wu Yan with a naughty smile.

The next thing he knew, she stood on tiptoes before pecking him on his cheek, her soft lips making a soothing sound when she did that.

Wu Yan’s eyes went wide.

“Ending the date with a kiss, that is also a common knowledge for people going on a date.”

Rebecca giggled as she turned around. Leaving him with that parting wisdom, she entered her dorm.

Wu Yan touched his cheek. He shouted out loud at Rebecca.

“Remember to kiss me on the lips next time!”

“We will have to see how you do next time!”

Rebecca responded with her usual heroine-like flair.

Today ended quite nicely, Wu Yan waxed thoughtful.

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