Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1317: Changes in attitude

Ansullivan Dragon Academy.

Due to the Necromantia attack, classes were put on hold.

Although the reconstruction of Ansullivan City is well underway, the disruptions caused by the damaged infrastructure persisted.

With business activities resuming, school activities continued.

Students lined up neatly in the assembly hall. They were waiting for this school commencement address to begin.

Of course, calling it an opening ceremony would make this event feel dry to the students.

This is why the school got the most popular female student in the academy to assist with the student address.

“This time, we are proud to welcome four new student council members.”

Rebecca announced with that commanding and crisp voice of hers.

“First, the discipline committee-in-charge, Silvia Lautreamont.”


The firm reply drew the attention of the students present.

She is infamous among the students. Her look is one thing, her incredible stiffness made her a dislikable student among her peers.

Yes, this incredibly beautiful princess isn’t very popular with the students here.

However, the students who were expecting a dry speech from her had to catch their falling glasses and jaws when she started her commencement speech.

“I am the student council member in charge of disciplinary affairs…”

Her tone is warmer and more affable than her frosty tone from previous engagements with the students.

“As a freshman, I know I am still inadequate in many aspects. As such, I will strive to improve myself in order to run the student council affairs as smoothly as possible.”

Silvia beamed at the students before doing a curtsy.

“I hope you will all continue to support me as I fulfill my duties…”

The students couldn’t believe this is the same frosty princess they knew. They were just astounded that she had this soft and mellow side to her.

They don’t know what happened but the unapproachable air around her was gone.

She isn’t the studious, stiff, and cold princess known as Silvia anymore. She has an air of elegance and noble modesty befitting a true beauty of this school.

When she enrolled, her status and her excellence in academics caught the attention of many students. However, her frosty air and no-funny-business air made her extremely unapproachable.

This is the first time people felt she had opened up.

Silvia also didn’t expect the students to give her such a passionate response.

Silvia started panicking as she quickly scampered off stage with a panicky bow.

However, her cute antics still charmed the students.

“Not bad, for once…”

Silvia looked up to see Wu Yan who had a grin of the excrement-consuming kind.

She leered at Wu Yan before growling at him.

“It’s your fault. You said you didn’t like my previous speech so I had to research new forms of speech. Look at them, they are all laughing at me.”

“What are you going on about?”

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her.

“The students are happy to see this change. They are applauding and acknowledging the effort you put in to get closer and open up. I honestly don’t know why you’re pouting here.”

“Rowan is right, princess…”

Ash chimed in.

“You definitely look and sound better than before.”

Silvia blushed.

“I-it’s nothing.”

Ash was also charmed by Silvia’s fidgety look.

Then, Rebecca announced something that made Ash’s grin a stony one.

“Next up, the most problematic student in school, the one in charge of making a ruckus, Ash Blake.”

The hall turned deathly silent.

Ash turned as bitter as a bitter gourd.

“Looks like someone just went up many ranks on the most disliked students list.”

Wu Yan slapped Ash on his back.

“Well, we have seen how Silvia changed. Now, it’s your turn, go get’em, tiger.”

“Don’t put it like that, you make me sound like a witch."

Ash took to the podium after Wu Yan encouraged him.

Ash is still a bit nervous.

"Is he going to be fine?"

"He looks anxious."

"Not everyone can chill and talk in front of the masses like you."

Wu Yan said.

"For a commoner like him, this must be nerve-wracking."

"I just got used to the crowd since I attended many social gatherings when I was young. I was still nervous when I started out."

"More like, aren't you too calm?"

"Who, me?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I am also used to being the center of attention. I am nervous but not to the extent that it would affect me."

"Used to this?"

Silvia queried.

"Do guards need to speak in front of people that often?"

"I wasn't always a bodyguard."

Wu Yan teased her.

"For all you know, I might be a certain princess' fiancee."


Silvia turned her head the other way. She didn't believe the guy.

He's not lying. He is Sylph's betrothed and Sylph is a princess from another world.

"Next up, we have the student with incredible dragon-riding skills, the Godly Rider, Rowan Randall. He is the student council's helper."

Ash ended his speech so now it was his turn. The assembly hall echoed with the thunderous claps of many students

Wu Yan appears to be very popular with the student when compared with Ash and Silvia.

"Hi, I am the student council helper, Rowan Randall..."

Wu Yan explained.

"Actually, there is no helper role in the student council, I stepped in to fill the gap after the secretary and vice president were absent from a lot of the meetings."

"Feel free to come to see me when you guys need help. I would be happy to oblige."


The students clapped their hands in elation.

Rebecca and Silvia were happy to see Wu Yan being so well-liked by the students. They also smiled and applauded.

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