Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1318: the reveal, talk, and 180 degrees change in attitude

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, student council room


Rebecca looked around.

"It's a bit late but welcome to the student council."

"Yes, thank you, president!"

Silvia and Ash nodded at the same time.

"No, I should be thanking you guys."

"Although the student council is famous. We are actually very understaffed. The treasurer and secretary is always absent and we are pressed for manpower. Your participation will really help around here."

"President, please don't beat yourself up like that."

Ash tried to lift her up.

"If a problematic student like me can help then I will definitely do it."

"Me too..."

Silvia interjected.

"I had always assumed I only needed to put in a little effort to do what other people could. Now, I am aware of my shortcomings. Like during the last Necromantia attack, I couldn't even help."

"P-princess, what are you saying?"

Ash gasped.

"Without you and Lancelot, I would never have been able to ride the Necromantia."

Silvia stared at him.

"You, don't you know what you did?"


Ash froze up when Silvia huffed.

"Even if it was only a Replica, you used an actual Arc."

Silvia gnashed her teeth.

"You were an Arch Dragonar."

Ash recalled what he did during the undead dragon siege.

An Arch Dragonar.

The highest status a dragon breeder can reach and the most exalted social status a resident can strive for.

A commoner, a slave, it doesn't matter, any Arch Dragonar in this knightdom is basically royalty.

Although Ash is a pseudo-Arch Dragonar at this point, he did don an Arc Armor.

He is technically an Arch Dragonar.

"You can ride other people's Pals and you are an Arch Dragonar, do you know how badly I wanted those things?"

Silvia snorted.

"Since you have so much talent, you should be continuously learning and developing your skills so that you can fully unleash your potential. For untalented people like me, working hard is about the only way to move forward."


Ash tried to protest.

"I don't think Princess has no talents..."

She leered at him to silence Ash.

"Anyway, don't go slipping back into your lazy mode."

Silvia told him off.

"Even if it's only for preserving the student council's image, you should aim for results higher than most students."

"Silvia has a point, Ash..."

Wu Yan stopped sipping tea.

"I know you don't realize the gravity of the situation since your Pal was just born. You basically got a ticket to the good life when you donned that Arc Armor. Don't recklessly charge into dangerous situations like the Undead Dragon siege. The last time you pulled that stunt, Rebecca could have been injured."


Ash showed remorse.

"I am sorry."

"Look, I get that you're trying to protect Eco but there are multiple solutions to a problem."

Wu Yan slapped him on his shoulder.

"It is as Silvia said. She has shortcomings and so do you. Keep improving and cultivating yourselves to compensate for your weaknesses and maximize your strengths."

Wu Yan glanced at Silvia.

"Don't use talent as an excuse. We all have things we are good at, I hope you guys can jot this down."

Silvia and Ash responded favorably.


Rebecca smiled when she saw how easily Wu Yan cheered Silvia and Ash up.

"With just this, I am sure you guys would do a lot of good in the future. Rowan, Ash, Princess Silvia, I am expecting great things from you all."

"I will do my best."

Silvia had burning determination in her eyes.

“I came here not only to serve the students but to better myself. Please don’t treat me as the princess, I want the president to call me by my name.”


Rebecca didn’t know if that was a good idea. However, she acknowledged her passion.

“Okay, I understand.”

Rebecca lifted her cup of tea.

“Alright, let us cheer using tea. Welcome to the student council.”


Wu Yan, Silvia, and Ash lifted their cups.

The four of them drank the tea down.

“Okay, that settles the introduction. We will leave the celebration for the next part.”

Rebecca stored her smile away.

“Next, I have something important to tell you all.”

Silvia, Ash, and Wu Yan also sat up straight.

It is very rare to see Rebecca so serious.

“It’s like this…”

Rebecca continued.

“The Necromantia incident has been submitted to the Knightdom.”

Wu Yan frowned.

“The Lautreamont and the knight squads are moving, aren’t there?”


Rebecca bitterly smiled.

“The knights are mobilizing in the name of gathering intel from the residents.”

“Lautreamont knights? Personally?”

Ash gasped.

“The royal knights?”

Wu Yan looked at Silvia and Ash, they shook their heads.

They meant the Lautreamonts themselves are going to get down to meet their constituents.

Silvia had a bad feeling.

Rebecca also looked at Silvia.

“Yes, Veronica, the first princess is coming to town.”

Silvia’s pupils shrank.

“The first princess?”

Wu Yan flinched. Ash also gasped again.

“That first princess? Isn’t she…”


Rebecca nodded.

“She is Silvia’s sister.”


Silvia screamed like she saw a ghost.

Silvia squatted down with a pale face. It looked like she was facing the end of the world.

The others were silent, they didn’t know she would react like this.

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