Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1319: Mission, reason, and Cossette's request

At night…

The sparkling stars dotted the blank black canvas like a silvery stream across the sky.

Wu Yan is laying on his bed while looking up at the cold ceiling. He raised his hand.

A drop of blood hovered up and down.

Immature blood of the Imperial Avalon Dragon Emperor’s scion: A drop of special blood extracted from the imperial dragon emperor’s scion. Has special effects, when consumed by a vampire, the vampire will experience augmentations to his/her abilities. If consumed by a True Ancestor, the Ancestor will experience a level up. (Note: Since this was extracted by the System, only designated users of the System will experience this effect. Level up only applies up to level 89. It is useless after consumption at level 90 and above.

He got the blood from Eco. It was the key to completing Mission 2.

The extractions process was easier than the bargaining process. Compared to how he almost fought the Dragon Mother.

Wu Yan only used good food to dominate the negotiation process. Eco gladly gave Wu Yan a drop of her blood. That was how he completed Mission 2.

Character: Wu Yan

Equipment points: 61,100

Item Points: 180,000

Ability Points: 51,000

Summoning Points: 81,000

Level: 85

Transcript world: Seikoku no Dragonar

Quest theme: Procurement

Mission 1 (Completed): Enter Kurumi's Red Jade mode, use Zaphkiel's Twelfth Bullet to go back in time. Obtain the Avalon Imperial Dragon Scion's primordial blood before it is entrusted in the Albion Forest Orphan's Rite by the Mother Dragon.

Mission reward: x10,000 Equipment points, Item points, Ability Points, and Summoning points

Mission 2 (Completed): Get a drop of blood from the Avalon imperial dragon scion's immature state

Mission reward: x30,000 Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points

Mission 3: Obtain a drop of blood from the awakened Dragon Emperor Scion

Mission reward: x50,000 Equipment Points, Item Points, Ability Points, Summoning Points

With the final mission out, Wu Yan can leave this world soon.

The third mission required him to get a drop of blood from Eco’s awakened form.

However, what does “Awakened” mean?

When will Eco “Awaken”?

Wu Yan didn’t know.

For now, he decided to leave mission 3 alone.

He is still keeping an eye on Eco though.

He decided to wait and see.

He looked at the drop of blood he got from Eco. He sighed.

It had the same effect as her primordial blood.

Wu Yan was actually hoping her immature blood would allow him to go straight into demigod-tier power.

Looks like it won’t be that easy.

Secondly, he recalled what happened during the day.

He placed his hands behind his head as he wondered what was going on inside Silvia’s head.

Why did she show immense fear when Veronica’s name was mentioned?

That is so suspicious.

Silvia’s response puzzled Wu Yan.

For one, he expected some kind of hate or aversion.

Royal siblings usually compete directly or indirectly for the throne. It is a trope that is almost done to death in period dramas.

It is normal for her to be on bad terms with another princess.

But, she exhibited extreme terror.

Did Veronica do something to traumatize her?

Wu Yan mumbled.

“What is going on?”

“Let me answer your question.”

The nonchalant voice caused Wu Yan to spring up from his bed.

Wu Yan identified the royal maid known as Cossette, she gave him a naughty grin. Slightly annoyed, Wu Yan asked her with a bitter smile on his face.

“Cossette, can you use the door for once?”

“I can’t, this is the male dormitory.”

Cossette winked at him.

“I saw your troubled look and I can’t help but want to alleviate your displeasure.”

“I think you should be more worried about your mistress, she is cowering in her blanket, no?”

Wu Yan laid down once more.

“Lord Rowan knows the princess well.”

“Are maids as chatty as you?”

“I am just curious about what is in your mind, Lord Rowan.”

“That’s called minding other people’s business.”

“So be it.”

Cossette admitted with a sigh.

“Actually, Princess Veronica is the reason for Princess Silvia’s behavior.”

Wu Yan looked at Cossette.

“Princess Veronica failed her Orphan’s rite.”

Cossette said.

“To make up for her non-dragon breeder status, she trained herself into a warrior. She also held great expectations for Princess Silvia. To prevent the Princess from becoming powerless should she fail her Rite too, she trained Silvia with gruesome training.”


“Don’t tell me she trained her so hard Silvia became terrified of Veronica?”

“You don’t understand her training regime, Lord Rowan. It is more like torture.”

Cossette explained.

“She got thrown into a lake, sent into dangerous valleys in search of items, and she even sent Silvia into a haunted forest to train her courage and survival skills.”

Wu Yan’s heart stopped beating for a second.

“By the way, I was in charge of playing the role of a ghost.”

“That is how Veronica traumatized Silvia anyway.”

Cossette sighed like she watched the tragedy unfold.

“That is why the Princess behaved as she did.”

“Ah, I am not sure where to begin.”

Wu Yan shook his head.

Cossette bowed down and pecked Wu Yan on his cheek.

Wu Yan’s mouth turned into an ‘o’-shape.

“By the way, that was the bonus you wanted.”

Cossette winked like a minx.

“Lord Rowan, please help the Princess out once more.”

Wu Yan laughed.

“Give me another peck on the other cheek and I will think about it.”

“You drive a hard bargain.”

Cossette bitterly laughed before doing just that with another graceful lowering of her upper torso.

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