Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1320: Can you please change into something else?

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, Epona dorm…

Silvia is scantily-clad, wearing only a negligee that covered the toppings of her vanilla twin puddings. One can see her ivory legs. She was lying in her bed with crestfallen eyes.

School is out for today.

Veronica Lautreamont, the first princess was visiting Ansullivan City.

The legendary warrior is known as Veronica Lautreamont.

She should be a princess that can’t fight since she is first in line for the throne. No, she isn’t the type of princess who worries about the temperature of her rose bathwater. She is the type who would pick up a sword and charge into the battlefield.

Veronica has led her brigade into countless wars and won almost all of them.

She took to the battlefield at the young age of 20.

Although she isn’t a dragon breeder, she honed her martial skills to become something of a folk hero.

It was rumored that her blade lopped off at least 3 heads with a single swing.

No one can verify that rumor. Those who have seen her in combat didn’t comment.

Her achievements in combats and wars are undeniable.

Fruits of her years of sword training.

There is a rumor that Veronica once routed a wyvern with her sword.

A wyvern is a vicious overgrown lizard that is the closest relative to the dragon species. In terms of combat abilities, even smaller dragons would lose to fully grown wyverns.

Veronica isn’t an Arch Dragonar, she isn’t even a dragon breeder. That just shows how powerful she is.

That highlights her experience as a warrior in her early 20s.

The residents of Lautreamont admired her for her grit and combat prowess. She is far more famous than Silvia in her school.

They call her the Iron-blooded Valkyrie.

Her power is like tempered steel and her blood as cold as her blade.

She is also the crown princess so the bigwigs in Ansullivan are preparing to welcome her arrival.

This included the dean of Ansullivan Dragonar Academy and student council members.

This is why the students got a day off.

Silvia is still struggling with her own emotions.

As her younger sister and student council member, Silvia should be attending that welcoming ceremony.

Her fear overwhelmed her sense of duty. She is struggling against her own fear.

“Am I still just a coward?”

Silvia placed her hand on her star brand.

Even Lancelot was given to her.

Silvia didn’t know how that brother gave her the dragon since only the Dragon Mother can do that.

Silvia still remembered the great favor he has shown her.

She will not let him down.

She imagined the disappointment of that brother if he saw her now.


Silvia sat up.

“I must face her.”



Imagine her surprise when someone responded in the princess’ private quarters.

“What are you doing?”

The intruder asked her. She only identified the guy when he spoke again.

Wu Yan was standing there with a helpless look.


Silvia gasped.

“What are you doing here?”

“Nothing much.”

Wu Yan crossed his arm.

“Just wondering how long the princess can hide in her bed.”

Silvia is slightly annoyed but she didn’t say anything.

“We are already past the point of endless lectures.”

Wu Yan closed his eyes.

“Are you satisfied living in Veronica’s shadow?”


Silvia wanted to retort but her words got stuck in her throat.

“You said you wanted to better yourself?”

Wu Yan looked at Silvia, his steely gaze causing her heart to skip a beat in fear.

This isn’t the first time he reprimanded her. Each time, his words cut like a surgical knife, concise and deep.

However, he still bled the bad feelings and negative thoughts from her during each verbal surgery.

Her fear of Wu Yan isn’t like her fear of Veronica.

Veronica is like a ghost to her while Wu Yan is like a stern teacher.

She is afraid of his admonishment.

“You got over your stubborn and unapproachable self. You did a great job delivering a speech at the commencement address. With the student council and us by your side, what is there to fear?”

Wu Yan sighed.

“I thought we learned this during the Necromantia attack? Your fear is just that, overblown and irrational.”

“Veronica is different.”

Silvia meweld. Wu Yan leered at her as she shut her yap.

“What happened when you said Lancelot can’t fight the Necromantia?”

Sivla turned taciturn.

Wu Yan sighed, he extended a hand.


Wu Yan offered himself.

“Grab my hand, no matter what happens, I got you.”

“That way, you have nothing to fear now, right?”

Silvia grabbed Wu Yan’s hand.

Wu Yan chortled.

“By the way, can you please change into something else?”

Silvia looked down at her negligee.

Aside from her bush down under and her twin hills, she is pretty much uncovered.

“Oh my god!!!”

She yelped.

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