Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1322: Talent? Veronica's invitation

Veronica slowly descended as her subordinate saluted her. Ash and Eco also did the same since the other VIPs also did the same.

In armor, Veronica carried a sense of pressure when she approached. Her sharp gaze sliced everything in her field of vision. That air of a warrior isn't something one could see on Silvia

Veronica lifted her head, her eagle-like eyes still brimming with rigorous vigor.

"Thanks for the hard work."

Veronica waved at them, she motioned for them to dismiss the formalities. Her cloak fluttered, revealing her shiny armor.

Then, Ash and Eco finally noticed it.

Veronica was holding her great sword.

This is the blade that made her famous as the Iron Blooded Valkyrie.

Only two individuals stayed calm under the oppressive aura of Veronica.

Rebecca and Cossette.

Rebecca stood out, she placed her hand on her chest before bowing like a noble.

"It has been a long time, Princess Veronica..."


Veronica raised an eyebrow after noticing Rebecca.

"My, if it isn't Rebecca..."


Rebecca smiled despite the sharp gaze Veronica threw in her direction.

"I am greeting you on behalf of the citizens of Ansullivan. Welcome to Ansullivan city."

"I am here on official business. With the previous incident happening inside our country, I cannot overlook it."

"I just didn't think you would still live in the shadows of this academy."

Veronica is one with power and status in Lautreamont.

Her peerless fighting skills and immense bravery made her a folk hero among her citizens. The Lautreamont's Dragonar squad answers to her. This can be seen by how the Dragonars escorted her to this city.

The Arch Dragonar that led the squad is also her personal bodyguard.

Only about 10% of the elite knights were Arch Dragonars. There is also only one Arch Dragonar among the dozens of dragonars here. Arch Dragonars are rare existences.

Rebecca is an Arch Dragonar, an exceptionally young and powerful Arch Dragonar.

Her talent and ability made her a very precious fighting force, her staying in the academy is a waste of her talent and a liability to the country.

"You cannot learn anything at this school anymore. You can even become a teacher to the teachers in the school, why are you still playing the student game in that school?"

Veronica sternly asked her.

"Join my knight squad, it's way better than wasting away in the school."

"Thanks for the praise."

Rebecca giggled. She wasn't even triggered by Veronica.

"I just want to enjoy a student's life. We will leave the talk of joining the knight squad for a later date."

"You... argh..."

Veronica shrugged, she expected this outcome.

"Since you're already a third year. You only have one more year here. I will be waiting for you. Don't you dare run away, I want an honest answer."

"And, you!"

Veronica looked at a certain maid near Rebecca.

"Cossette, it's about time you stop playing the maid game."

Veronica told her off.

Rebecca's value as an Arch Dragonar is something easily understood by many here.

However, why did she start going after the maid?

"Your talent should be used to my benefit, you can help me more than Rebecca."

She ignored the gasping noises the other VIPs made.

"Your continued stubbornness to play the role of a maid astounds me."

"The Shelley House is a house of servants."

Cossette respectfully replied.

"I already made my choice as to who I will serve."

Cossette said. Then, Veronica snorted.

"You lot and your insistence to play useless games. I find it all very confusing. Cossette, I just don't know why you like your mistress so much."


She winked at her.

"I believe Veronica should understand better than me."


Veronica turned her head the other way.

Ash started admiring Cossette for being able to stay calm under such circumstances.

He doesn't understand Cosette's background but he understands she isn't your average maid.


Eco tilted her head.

"Is she talking about Silvia or Rowan?"


Ash couldn't believe Eco's rude attitude. He tried to shut Eco up.


Veronica flinched. She looked at Cossette."

"You, you're serving someone other than Silvia?"

The maid stayed silent but her silence was the answer itself.


Veronica floated an interested look.

"You turned down offers from royals and nobilities, you even turned me down but you would serve someone other than your mistress."

"Answer me, where is this guy?"

Veronica looked around.

"I want to see for myself why you acknowledge this guy."


Cossette tried to protest but a small voice interrupted them.

"Roya-Royal sister..."

The noise instantly attracted everyone's attention.

Silvia stood near the venue in her uniform. Her gait was unsteady as visible anxiety could be seen on her face.

Wu Yan ensured she couldn't run away by staying behind her as he ushered her forward. Cossette beamed radiantly when she saw this. Wu Yan also winked at her.


Veronica's eyes lit up when she saw her sister. However, Silvia interpreted her sharp gaze as the eyes of someone out to kill someone. She stepped back slightly.

Veronica brandished her blade with apparent animosity. She swung her blade down on Silvia.

Before Silvia can shriek a masculine figure immediately stood between Silvia and Veronica.


Veronica stopped her greatsword slash.

However, another longsword came for Wu Yan even though Veronica stopped.

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