Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1323: A short confrontation


The sharp longsword was going to pierce Wu Yan if he didn't dodge.

Wu Yan didn't dodge. He unleashed a swift counter with his fist.


The shockwave shocked the VIPs who didn't expect this sudden aggression.

The personal Arch Dragonar escort of Veronica attacked Wu Yan while defending Veronica.

Wu Yan pinched the Arch Dragonar's blade between his fingers.


The Arch Dragonar couldn't believe his eyes. He was looking at Wu Yan like he was a demon from hell.

Veronica, Silvia, Rebecca, Cossette, Ash, and Eco were equally astounded by this feat.

That guard struck with his Arc Armor's weapon.

That was a legitimate attack from a superpowered human in an Arc Armor.

Although it was only a casual attack, the attack carried magic power. Since the Arc Armor's weapon didn't use its magic abilities, the normal stab was still far from a full-powered Arc attack.

Even so, to block an Arch Dragonar's attack like this was unheard of.

Wu Yan easily blocked the attack because the attack was only meant to deter Wu Yan, not to harm him.

He imagined the escort captain only wanted to graze his neck.

He was only trying to make Wu Yan piss himself.

However, he underestimated Wu Yan's attack.


He channeled magic power with a serious look.

That blade was immediately coated in magic power. In an instant, the blade slipped past Wu Yan's fingers.

This time, the captain unleashed his killing intent.

This blade can and will pierce Wu Yan's body if he doesn't back off.

Wu Yan's shoulder was the primary target.

Wu Yan switched arms and punched the blade.


He shattered the knight's magic-augmented blade with his punch.

He also made sure to punch the captain for trying to stab him.

He will respond in kind, if the captain is planning on dishing out damage then he better get ready to get hurt.

Wu Yan has no reason to show mercy.

The captain's hair stood on ends against his demonic power. He couldn't believe his eyes.

How did he shatter his sword with a punch?

He is just a student. He isn't even an Arch Dragonar. He isn't wearing an Arc Armor.

The captain dodged just in time despite his initial shock.


The captain felt his cheek and ear heating up when the punch went past him.

That pain angered the captain.

I can't even stop a student?

The captain stopped holding himself back. He used his broken sword as a bat to swing at Wu Yan.

Wu Yan is slightly surprised but he countered again with another punch.

His bare fist caused a shockwave when it collided with his blade.

The knight captain had training and battle skills.

Even so, the broken sword shattered into smithereens when Wu Yan punched it.

The immense shock paralyzed the captain's arm.


Staggered, the captain haggardly fell back.

The captain is looking at Wu Yan with a serious look.

Rebecca, Veronica, Silvia, Cossette, Eco, and Ash gasped.

The two started brawling in front of everyone.

They couldn't stop them in time but they knew people could have been hurt.

One of them might have been pierced while the other would have been beaten up.

A student held his own against an Arch Dragonar with his Arc Armor on.

Unlike Rebecca, the knight captain was a seasoned veteran.

He could probably hurt Rebecca if they fought for real.

Yet, Wu Yan fought on par with the seasoned veteran.

The knight captain went easy by not using his magic armament's ability and magic power. However, this isn't an excuse for losing to a student.


Incredibly terrifying

This is the only thing they could say regarding Wu Yan's combat abilities.


Ash mumbled.


"Is he even human?"

Eco raised the same query.

"That physical strength, is he imbued with draconic strength? Is he one of my kind?"


Rebecca giggled.

"You're still full of secrets..."

"Lord Rowan..."

Cossette smiled radiantly.

"You're my ace."

"That student..."

Veronica watched as Wu Yan staggered her personal guard with just punches.

"Powerful, even more powerful than Cossette or me."


Silvia's eyes rippled with emotions.

Wu Yan fought on her behalf.

"No matter what, I will protect you..."

Silvia recalled what Wu Yan said to her.

He covered me when I shied away from my sister like a scared brat.

Silvia saw the image of the big brother who gave her Lancelot when she was a kid in Wu Yan's back.

Her heart started racing...

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