Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1324: Stopping the fight

The place turned silent.

The knight captain looked at Wu Yan. They stared at one another.

The captain took Wu Yan seriously while Wu Yan is ready to dismiss him. He read his data.

Glenn McGuire: Level 70

A tier 8, huh?

Wu Yan looked at the guy.

With most of his powers sealed, he only had Eternal Arms Mastery.

If Glenn went all out, he would probably need to fight seriously too.

In a real battle, the situation could change at the drop of the hat.

Wu Yan had True Ancestor body, he can't die and he had limitless stamina. In a battle of parity and attrition, the ultimate victor would be him.

Wu Yan can also take out his abilities to sink the guy in an instant.

No, he only needed a portion of his sealed power like a spell or ESP to beat the guy.

He wasn't too worried.

Glenn is at most, a guy that can give Wu Yan's sealed form a good workout session.

Glenn's assessment of Wu Yan was different.


Glenn questioned him.

"Who are you?"


Wu Yan grinned. He looked at his unharmed fist, the very same fist that punched Glenn's sword into oblivion.

"I am just a student as you can see."

"Is that so?"

Glenn turned cold.

"No matter who, those who would turn defiant against Veronica will not be allowed anywhere near her."

Glenn pointed his index finger at Wu Yan.

A magic formation appeared.

"Swift demon blade..."

The other people cried out when a brilliant magic formation spread out like spiderwebs.

Glenn was using his Arc's magic power.

Wu Yan threw a bouncing shot of broken sword fragment at a nearby knight.

The fragment bounced his heavy sword before ricocheting the sword into Wu Yan's hand.

He got into a stance as the sword started vibrating.

A halo formed around the vibrating arming sword.

With the magical halo turning brilliant in seconds, the others started making noises again.

"Is that pure sword skill?"

Veronica's eyes widened.

"That man knows of such a skill?"

She already changed Wu Yan's identity from a student into a man.

"Is he going to use that skill?"

Rebecca and Cossette resisted the winds Wu Yan is generating blocking with their arms.

Glenn felt endangered.

He realized too late that he had underestimated this unassuming student.

He used up his magic power in the attack.

Wu Yan also charged up his Return to Waltz Horizon.

Wu Yan grinned.

The halo and the rampaging magic power met first. The other knights and VIPs also wisely backed away.

The two of them are about to use their killer moves.

Veronica jumped between them. She spread her arms wide. She stopped the two from going all out.

The two combatants immediately dispelled their attacks.


Rebecca sighed in relief. Silvia ran over to Wu Yan.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine..."

Veronica also looked at Wu Yan with intrigue.

"What is your name?"

"Rowan Randall."

Wu Yan hesitated. He also teased Rebecca with an evil grin.

"I am Rebecca's personal bodyguard.

Veronica laughed out loud.

"Rebecca's bodyguard?"

Veronica's amusement was met with Wu Yan's shrug.

"Well, I am on break so I am working as the scaredy princess's guard too."

Silvia sheepishly lowered her head.

"Oh, yeah?"

Veronica looked at Glenn.

"Glenn, step down."

"Princess Veronica."

Glenn frowned.

"This Rowan guy just tried to assault you."

"That wasn't assault."

Veronica waved.

"He just tried to stop me from doing anything to the scared princess. I cannot fault a guard for doing his job. On the contrary, he should be rewarded for going beyond his job and potentially risking battery charges on a royal princess!"

Glenn didn't buy her explanation.



Veronica glared at him.

"Do you have something to say?"

"Sorry, I went overboard there..."

Glenn backed down immediately.

"I didn't think I would be given such an amazing surprise upon arriving in Ansullivan City."

She saw Wu Yan's Seikoku.

"You're a dragon breeder?"

Wu Yan beamed before nodding.

"A dragon breeder with physique so trained is rare. Very well, do you want to join the knight squad?"

That sudden invitation astonished the crowd.

Joining the royal knights is a dream come true for many citizens.

Wu Yan also didn't think an invitation would come so soon.

"Sorry, I don't have any plans to leave the academy for now."

He turned her down?

Their eyes widened once more.

Veronica didn't take this rejection kindly.

"Why do you people like that greenhouse so much? What is there to see?"

Veronica looked at Rebecca.

"Rebecca, your guard has so much potential. Are you going to hold him back from his true calling?"

Rebecca grinned. She whispered something into Rebecca's ears. That news immediately caught the princess' attention.

"Okay, we will continue this discussion behind closed doors."

Veronica looked around. She pointed a finger at Ash.

"Glenn, capture that brat for me."

"Yes, miss."

Glenn hoisted Ash up as he flailed around on his shoulder.

"What are you doing?!"

Ash squirmed around.

Veronica ushered everyone into the school's compound.

Wu Yan, Silvia, Rebecca and Cossette exchanged various looks.

This princess certainly did as she pleased, she was very much my-pace-type of girl.

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