Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1325: Heartless comments

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy, First Dorm

With Veronica leading the way while Ash struggled on top of Glenn, the others followed Veronica into the VIP's room.

Aside from Glenn, the other knights spread out to secure the perimeter.

Unlike Silvia, Veronica is a war hero so there are enemies out there who want her dead.

Veronica's safety cannot be left to the hands of amateurs.

Her death will mean the end of a heroic saga. The whole Lautreamont knightdom will suffer from the loss of Veronica.

Silvia told Wu Yan that her dad is actually a bad leader.

Aside from being born with royal blood, the king had nothing going for him.

The queen also passed away many years ago.

The second and third princesses couldn't care less about running the country. There are not even at the royal palace.

Silvia is still a student so she can't be expected to lead a country.

Veronica is basically the only one looking after the country.

If she died then the country will fall into chaos.

She is very important to Lautreamont. She is probably more important than the king.

This is the reason why the knights are working so hard to keep her safe. These elite knights were picked from the best and the brightest.

Glenn struck Wu Yan because of his immense loyalty. He will not tolerate anyone who stands between Veronica and her ambition.

This isn't Veronica's first trip to Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

Veronica is the guest but she led the students to the VIP room like a pro.

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy is a school for dragon breeders so there are always foreign delegates or nobles planning visits.

It is also the reason why the VIP room is so lavishly decorated one questioned the amount of money spent here.

Veronica sat down on the couch before waving at Glenn.

"Tie that run to a chair."


Glenn proceeded to tie Ash up like a hostage.

"Wh-what are you guys doing?!"

Ash wasn't sure whether to cry or laugh. Alas, against a seasoned fighter, Ash stood no chance when Glenn is still wearing his Arc armor.

"Hey, you jerks, what are you doing to my dog?!"

Eco huffed and hissed like an angry pussy. She glared at Glenn with her hair standing on ends.


Ash was moved by Eco's concern for him.

Then, that emotion dissipated.

"If you want to do anything, just ask, I would have given you the permission."

"Hey, why did you have to finish me off like that?"

Ash cried.

Glenn wasn't amused that Eco and Ash fought in front of Veronica. He said nothing since Veronica didn't mind.


Wu Yan shook his head. He sat down while telling Cossette to fetch him something to drink.

"Cossette, I need black tea."


Cossette passed him a cup of tea with a bright smile.

Wu Yan always asked for a cup of black tea when he woke up, this wasn't anything new to Cossette.

Veronica gasped when she saw this.


Veronica used her stern eyes on Wu Yan.

"Are you the other master Cossette is serving?"

Wu Yan frowned.

"No, she isn't serving me. She is just taking care of me, helping me out during the morning..."


Veronica continued.



Silvia flinched.

"I read the report about the Necromantia attack. Silvia, you got something you want to tell me?"


Silvia is still terrified of Veronica.

Veronica expected this. She lectured her.

"When the undead dragon attacked, it was reported that Rebecca mobilized first. She kept the damage to a minimum by engaging the undead dragon in combat. Then, a mysterious Arch Dragonar appeared to save the day by exorcising it."

"There were witnesses who claimed that Lancelot fought the undead dragon with incredible skills, nearly defeating the dragon at one point. As Lancelot's master, Silvia, you're deserving of praise..."


"But, Silvia..."

Veronica cut her off.

"I don't think you have those skills."

Silvia choked on her words. She trembled as her eyes dimmed.


Ash got angry when Veronica spoke down to her sister like that. He wanted to stand up but Glenn stared him into inaction.

Wu Yan observed the situation while sipping his tea. He tapped his fingers on the table.

"I believe someone helped you. That wasn't your own ability."

Veronica said.

"Tell me, you didn't stand there while someone rode Lancelot into the fray and beat the dragon back?"

"Tell me, did you sit there fidgeting while others are fighting?"

Veronica got it right.

"It seems I am right..."

Veronica expressed her disappointment.

"Some Dragonar you are... You're just a coward. You tarnish the name of the royal family."

Veronica's words cut deep. Silvia fell down because she lost strength in her knees.

Then, someone spoke up.

"How are you going to grow up if you keep letting criticisms get to you?"

Silvia's heart trembled. She found the strength to stand up once more.

Wu Yan grinned when he saw this. Meanwhile, Veronica also couldn't hide the respect she had for her sister when she recovered after the verbal setback.

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