Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1326: "you're too chicken to take a bath together?"

"Oh, looks like you grew a little."

Veronica praised Silvia for managing to recover after that setback.

"Looks like your guardian is doing his job properly."

"Nah, I call'em as I see'em. I won't lick her feet just because she is a princess."

Wu Yan directed his grin at Veronica.

"By the way, if you want to recruit me then you need to think carefully. I don't care if you're the Iron-blooded Valkyrie, you will get slapped if you get out of line."


Veronica guffawed while Glenn stared daggers into Wu Yan.

"That's exactly the attitude I like to see. I don't have many that can do that, why not come over and serve me?"

"I will think about it."

Wu Yan didn't like Veronica's open attitude. He was expecting her to get angry, not happy.

"Enough chitchat."

Veronica crossed her legs.

"I think you all know why I am here. This isn't just a courtesy call."

Rebecca lifted her head.

"You're here to investigate the Necromantia attack."


Veronica's eyes glimmered.

"The report said the Necromantia was a product of magic engineering using a dead dragon's ash."


"During the attack, Ash used a temporary Arc Armor crafted by Eco. Then, he rode the dragon with his special talent and connected with its undead consciousness. He got intel from the undead dragon as to how it came to be and who did this to him."

"Special talent?"

Veronica looked at Ash.

"This nameless grunt has a special talent, you say?"

"He can ride any dragon."

Rebecca said.

"Rowan is the same, these two can ride other people's Pals."


Veronica got interested.

"I was right. There are people who can ride other people's Pal. One of them must have ridden Lancelot and beat the undead dragon. Who?"


Rebecca grinned.

"Rowan is the Godly Rider as he is known in the school. I personally think no one can defeat him as his riding skills are in a peerless league."

Rebecca's comment made Glenn take another look at Wu Yan. Veronica also pursed her lips.

"He fought Glenn to a standstill with pure strength. You're saying this expert swordsman is also a rider of superb skills? It's a waste to keep someone like this locked in a school."

Veronica felt bored when Wu Yan didn't react to Rebecca's comments.

"Do we know who is behind the attack?"


Rebecca said.

"The Zepharos empire excels at magic engineering. The only one who could have signed off on an attack like this must be the emperor."

The room turned silent.

Zepharos and Chevron signed a temporary truce. With the emperor apparently ordering an attack in Lautreamont, a vassal state of the Chevron kingdom, this might be the trigger that starts another round of war.

"We discovered a suspicious individual thought to be from the Empire. We routed that guy and took over the tool we assumed to be the controller for the undead dragon."

Rebecca said. Veronica started grinning malevolently.

"In other words, we have the smoking gun of an attack by the Empire?"


Rebecca said.

"With this, I believe we can use the evidence as leverage against the Zepharos Empire."

"Very well..."

Wu Yan poured cold water on Veronica's enthusiasm.

"We still won't get anything out of this."

Veronica, Rebecca, Silvia, Ash, and Eco looked at him.

"What do you mean?"

Veronica frowned.


"We do have the evidence from that suspicious individual."

Wu Yan lowered his cup of tea.

"However, how can we prove the identity of the unknown assailant?"

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Even if we can prove the thing came from the Empire. We still don't know who that masked guy was and how to use the sword. The empire will most likely feign ignorance and claim foul play by Chevron for trying to frame the empire."

"The undead dragon is still a dragon."

Wu Yan looked around.

"Lautreamont is the place of dragons, the country favored by the Mother Dragon. It looked like a dragon got out of control in the Lautreamont instead of an invasion by the Empire."

"Only dragon riders can command dragons. The Empire has no known dragon riders."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"People won't buy your story when you say the Empire found a way to control dead dragons."


They bitterly laughed.

"You do bring up good points."

Veronica snorted.

"So the only evidence on our hands isn't conclusive."

Veronica looked at Wu Yan.

"Where is that blade?"

"I have it with me."

Wu Yan admitted.

"I can't find a way to revive dragons with the blade. You guys have experts over in the capital, I will give you the blade so you can find ways to control it. That way, the Empire can't deny connections to the sword."


Veronica nodded.

"I am still sweating from rushing all the way here. It is high time I took a bath."

Veronica gestured to Silvia and Rebecca.

"Rebecca, Silvia, you two come with me."



The two agreed.


Veronica asked Wu Yan.

"You come along too."

cough cough cough

Wu Yan almost spat out the tea in his mouth. Cossette also patted his back.


"You're too chicken to take a bath with us?"

Veronica taunted him.

"Looks like I overestimated you."


Wu Yan's eyebrows started twitching.

"You think I would pass up a chance like this? Sign me up!"

"Let's go."

Veronica told Glenn to take Ash out.

"Glenn, go train that wimp on proper combat. Since he can use replica Arc Armor, we need to bring him up to speed so we can put him to good use immediately."

"Yes, madam!"

"Hell no!"

Ash got angry.

"What about my opinion?"

Glenn dragged Ash away while Eco shrieked behind him.

Wu Yan sighed before standing up.

Rebecca and Silvia also tagged behind Wu Yan. Their heart rates went up.

They're about to see each other in their birthday suits.

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