Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1327: Rare chance to get some r&r?


Veronica brought Wu Yan & co here because she wanted to take a bath in her own airship.

Silvanus has a huge bath area that can comfortably fit dozens of people.

Although Silvanus is about as big as Fraxinus, the facilities here were centuries behind.

Unlike Fraxinus, this ship couldn't rely on Realizers to make offensive and defensive moves. This airship is an old-school ship that relied on platings and cannons.

There are guards situated at distanced posts. Anyone who wants to invade this place needs to come armed or be cut down to size.

Veronica chose her airship's bath area for a reason.

Although Ansullivan Dragonar Academy had baths way bigger than Silvanus', Veronica preferred the privacy and safety of her own airship's bath area.

Assassins could be waiting for her in common baths.

Veronica didn't mind fighting assassins, however, she had some qualms about fighting assassins without her armor or weapon with her.

Without her armor, Veronica felt vulnerable.

The lowered battle power aside, that armor isn't an Arc Armor so it couldn't lift her overall levels much unlike a proper Arc Armor.

Soon, the five of them arrived at the interior of the airship's bath area.

"Don't hold back."

Veronica placed her greatsword to the side.

"We can relax here. No need to hold yourselves back."

Veronica revealed her slightly tanned skin after removing her armor.

Wu Yan looked the other way.

Silvia and Rebecca were near him so they also blushed when Wu Yan looked at them.

They felt like they could die of bashfulness.

Even Rebecca had to think twice about entering the bath with a guy so suddenly.

Rebecca and Silvia would probably rampage if Veronica wasn't here. Silvia, as a shy princess, felt like she was a fish out of the water when a guy is in the changing room with her.


Veronica has already stripped while the others are still dilly-dallying.

"Huh? Got something to say for yourselves?"


Silvia gnashed her teeth. She turned the other way as she started stripping.

"Cosset-te, help me... the clothes..."


Enjoying the situation, Cossette winked at Wu Yan before proceeding to help her mistress out of her clothes.


Rebecca rolled her eyes at Wu Yan.

"This is a rare chance so feast your eyes."

Rebecca pulled up her shirt after saying that. She wasn't blushing anymore.

Just like that, Wu Yan got the VIP seat to the sight of three gorgeous ladies stripping in front of him.

Wu Yan gulped as he started removing his clothes too.

He had to turn his front torso to face the wall.

Otherwise, his Longinus standing proud and ready to stab would probably attract the attention of the ladies here.

Fortunately, the bath is huge.

Aside from a large bath and a smaller one nearby, there are trees planted here to give the place a hot spring in the woods vibe.

The aroma is said to put one's mood at ease.

Silvia lowered her guard after seeing the trees here. She dropped her towel when she entered the bath.

The steamy bath also gave some vision-blurring protection for the ladies here. The water is also murky so Wu Yan can't see her secret garden under the water.

Silvia and Rebecca finally let loose. Veronica is very macho so this is nothing for her.

Wu Yan is the only one who still needed some adjusting to the situation.

While the two ladies might be able to hide their Woogie land down under, he can still see the twin Howitzers they packed.

The blush from soaking in hot water made their puppies extremely hard to miss. Wu Yan is already starting to regret his decision.

What's the point if he can see them but can't touch them? Isn't this just torture?

Veronica also had a rocking body but he wasn't into her. Her personality was a deal breaker for Wu Yan.

Cossette is also present.

Cossette is pouring medicinal liquid into the bath while perched on a boulder near him. Her purplish eyes had a hint of amusement.

Wu Yan's stare didn't make Cossette avert her gaze. She silently mouthed the following line.

'Wow, Lord Rowan, talk about a well-endowed physique..."

Wu Yan is a bit angry that she silently mouthed that line.

He replied.

'I will strip you bare one day, we will talk about physique then..."

Cossette taunted him back.

'I would like to see you try.'

Cossette continued watching Wu Yan's chiseled body while he gave up.

Veronica suddenly spoke up.


She trained her hawk-like eyes on Silvia.

"I want to discuss marriage matters with you."


Silvia flinched.


Cossette and Rebecca reacted.

"Ah, marriage..."

Wu Yan knitted his brows.

Everyone knew what this meant. The mood turned heavy.

Marriage should be a joyous event.

However, for Silvia who is a princess, it carried a different meaning.

Veronica's intention in bringing this up was unknown to Wu Yan.

Silvia is probably going to be used as a political pawn judging by his past experience with marriage and politics.

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